Jet Airways launches Priority Advantage

Jet Airways is following up the Fare Choices launch with tonnes of monetization opportunities for themselves. They recently made all seat selection payable, except for Platinum members. Now, they are in for a new opportunity, something I noticed last night at Ahmedabad Airport. Called Priority Advantage, this is Jet Airways’ selling Priority Check-in and Priority Baggage Handling to economy passengers.

Remember, Jet Airways already has Priority check-in counters for their Business Class/First Class passengers, and Platinum & Gold JetPrivilege members can also use the same counters. Now, for a fee of INR 400 per passengers, other passengers travelling in Economy can also use these counters. You also get to have your bags tagged for Priority Handling if you buy this service. image

Like the text above shows, this service can be booked online up to 24 hours prior to flight time, and is available only for domestic flights at the moment. JetPrivilege Silver members get Priority Check-in at 6 metro airports around India.

Any Good?

I have to admit, Priority Check-in and Priority Boarding saves me a hell lot of time at airports. However, this is only Priority Check-in, and Priority baggage handling does not exactly work all the time.


This is a case of your mileage may vary. If you are an infrequent traveller, you don’t really mind the queues to check-in, or you do a check-in ahead and pick your boarding pass at home, or on the self-service machine at the airport. So, there is no purpose served here. Bags I won’t comment on since I see a 50/50 chance of your bags being first on the belt when you buy a priority baggage handling. So would I buy this without status, not really. Would you, I am interested to know…

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  1. Paying for priority doesnt actually make sense because only checkin will be faster and boarding will be priority but there are 3 issues
    A – Priority Bags dont always come first. Specially at Ahmedabad airport, despite numerous complaints to ground staff and jet emails no changes
    B – Smaller airports like Ahmedabad have only 1 counter common for handling premiere, platinum and gold. In early mornings despite being a platinum have to wait atleast 15 minutes. You dont want to pay 400 and end up waiting like that
    C – Although boarding is given priority. Deboarding the plane will be after Premier, hoarders from economy and then seat sequence wise. So its going to take time anyways.

    Personally I wouldnt want to pay 400 just to skip the queue for checkin.

    • You are absolutely correct. Paying Rs.400 every time and for small airports does not make any sense. My luggage didn’t arrive first even after being under Priority in Nagpur airport. Obviously there are many airports in India where you can’t even rely. But personally I feel Jet will take this issue seriously more now as they would not want any complaints from the Economy passengers who are paying for this.

      As I explained when there is a long queue and to beat that, now economy passengers have the option.

      I believe, it’s always good to have options open.

  2. This service is fantastic. I know lot of people will say it’s just another way to earn money.

    I do know many people who don’t really go by frequent flyer program but they travel for work a lot. Sometimes Jet prices are so high compared to Indigo, they prefer to take a cheaper airfare. These travellers travel in different airlines depending on the right price for their right time.

    Rs.400 per passenger is nothing when it saves more than 15-20mins odd time. Remember, sometimes there is a huge line for check in. Here it easily saves your good 10-15mins time when there is a lot of rush.

    I have learnt that while I’m at baggage claim and baggage is under priority (since I’m Platinum member) I have just zipped pass once the baggage comes first. It saves lot of time. I remember those days when I use to wait for my luggage.

    We are already spending extra time on security check line, booking cabs (Tabcab, Meru etc).

    With growing number of flyers these days, it makes sense to save these odd mins and get to your work, home or wherever you have to go. Sometimes it can even save 30mins.

    I have a personal experience. Once I was flying from Bombay to Goa via Jet and I wasn’t Platinum that time. I had to stand in check in line for 30mins. It was an early morning flight. It was like a train station.

    So yes, at Rs.400 is not very big to ask if it can save much of your time. At least it’s better than paying Rs.600 or whatever it is for Seat Select, unless you need to sit at Window or Aisle which I don’t have anything like that. I always prefer Aisle but it’s ok. No big deal for me.

  3. apart from free food (with variable quality) and a (recently messed up) loyalty program, i don’t find much value in jet anymore. Its virtually the newest Airasia in the sky now… can arguably say Vistara is by far the best Indian airline in the sky at the moment!

  4. 1.Other than providing food,blankets and pillows and points to frequent flyer I do not find any difference.some time back the food quality was also poor and buying of your choice was better.
    2.Aircraft maintenance is poor, I have written the same on your Air India aircraft blog.
    the leg rest in business class were not working there were no coat hanger in the aircraft (S2 4813).
    3.Indigo/ Spicejet also have separate counter for baggage drop.
    4.they have business class for which pay and use is very high and upgrade benefits have been curtailed.
    I shall be thankful if you can let me know things the provide above LCC.

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