Jet Airways offers 20% transfer bonus to transfer to JP Miles (India, UAE and Sri Lanka)

Jet Airways is back with a transfer bonus for you to transfer your credit card points to Jet Privilege miles. These offers were not usual from Jet Airways, but last year they offered a 25% bonus, which has gone down to 20% this year.


Between June 15, 2013 to July 15,2013 (both dates inclusive) you can transfer your credit card points to your Jet Privilege account, to get a 20% bonus if the points hit your JP account between this duration. The bonus miles will credit into you account within 10 days of the transfer being completed. The following cards qualify:

  • India
    • American Express
    • Axis Bank
    • Citibank
    • HDFC Bank
    • HSBC
    • ICICI Bank
    • IndusInd Bank
    • Kotak Credit Cards
    • Punjab National Bank
    • SBI Card
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • Tata Cards
    • RBS
  • UAE
    • Citibank
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • RBS
  • Sri Lanka
    • Standard Chartered Bank

Since the transfer is not instantaneous, and it takes a little longer for some banks such as HDFC Bank to transfer miles than American Express which will be usually a 24 hour process, you should look to transfer your miles early enough to get the bonuses.

My opinion: While American Express and Citibank points can usually be used with multiple transfer partners such as Cathay Pacific and British Airways, which may also give you better transfer bonuses at some point of time during the year, some other cards will not have too many transfer options, and hence you should redeem your points to JP miles if you intend to receive a transfer bonus.

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  1. CITI PM is one of the worst in terms on redemption against Jet Airline tickets.
    1 – Points can never be transferred to Jet.
    2 – Partial or full redemption against Jet thru PM website, not allowed. Though it works for other airlines.
    3 – Partial redemption thru phone, not allowed.
    4 – Poor customer service and arrogant support executives.

  2. Hi,

    I have 120k miles in my PM a/c. Miles vaue is 50p/mile on the PM website so wondering whether it makes sense to transfer it all to Royal Orchid/Thai. I believe transfer ratio is 1:1 & miles value in ROP is > 50p/ mile. Also, would anyone here know the frequency of transfer allowed between PM & partner loyalty programs? Can we transfer any number of times or once/year etc.? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi AJ,
    You think its a good idea to convert points from Amex Travel Platinum card to JetMiles.
    I have 40k Membership Reward Points which can used on Indigo for 20k worth of Tickets. Amex gives a conversion rate of 1.6 MRP = 1 JPM . Now with the 20% bonus it goes to 1.33 MRP = 1 JPM.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. hi aj
    i have 210k PM, which will become 250k+ if i transfer to jet.
    i need to travel to USA in next 1 month, and want to use the miles for redemption. which would b the best n cheapest option.


  5. I have about 12k mr points on my Amex gold charge card and platinum travel credit card. Will I be getting better value here or should I be redeeming them thru the mr rewards catalogue?

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