Jet Airways’ new Check-in platform brings in new features

Earlier this week, I was on a round trip with Jet Airways, and I happened to notice that on April 16, 2014, there was a new interface for web check-in, and self hosted on the Jet Airways website (they were earlier using a Sabre solution).

I found multiple good things happening with this interface, as compared to the old one. First and foremost, as compared to the earlier interface, the current one has multiple options to check-in. All you need is your name, your departure station, and either of your reservation locator, your frequent flyer number or your e-ticket number. Earlier, while you could only get through with your Jet Airways PNR, now you can use your PNR with the other airline (if a code-share such as 9W/S2 or booked by another airline) to check in.


Web Check-in Options

Since I had already checked in for this particular flight, I was glad to see there is now an option to change seats after checking in.




I decided to try out to change my seat, and was welcomed by a much better seatmap than the earlier one I was used to seeing for so long.


There were multiple options to receive the Boarding Pass, including receiving it on email as a PDF or a Mobile Boarding Pass as well.



Also, the PDF Boarding Pass that is generated, now has way more information than earlier, including your status and e-ticket number.


This interface is also going to solve a problem with Jet Airways/Jet Konnect so far, of being able to check-in for codeshare flights. Though, there are more things on my wish list I wish Jet Airways would implement soon:

  • Show all my upcoming flights as well because now they have the ability to scan my frequent flyer number to get access to my reservations.
  • I really wish they made better products for Apple users. For instance, they still have a very tardy mobile app for Apple iPhones, and yet again, they are not using the Passbook feature to generate boarding passes while airlines around the world have moved to generating PassBook compatible mobile boarding passes.

In India, the mobile BP is still irrelevant because you need a physical boarding pass to get through security, but once this requirement changes, they could be top of class.

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