Jet Airways upgrades catering with Subway & Krispy Kreme

For long, one of the weak spots for Jet Airways has been in-flight catering. They do an amazing job in Business class, but Economy is patchy and how. Sometimes back, you used to get big meals and they got progressively smaller.

One of the areas of improvement for them all along has been the smaller flight sectors, where there is not enough time to serve up a hot meal. For a while, they have been serving cold sandwiches or some bland rolls on short segments, flights between 45 to 60 minutes flying time usually.

For instance, here is a cold sub I’ve been served frequently on Jet Airways’ short flights.


And here is a Vegetarian roll that came to me again and again. We met last weekend, albeit on a longer flight to Hong Kong.


Jet Airways has just announced that they are changing the meals in a tie-up with Subway and Krispy Kreme. From the announcement:

Subway’s trademark submarine sandwiches, available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and Krispy Kreme’s lip-smacking doughnuts will be available to Jet Airways guests on select flights of less than 90 minutes in duration. In the first phase, these offerings have been introduced on flights departing from New Delhi to select destinations. They will shortly be extended to short-haul flights from Mumbai and subsequently from other metros.

This is wonderful news. Although I am cutting off the carbs on my diet, I can always make place for the Krispy Kreme Donuts, which, incidentally also has my favourite filter coffee from a quick service restaurant around India. I believe it is a win-win for the brand as well as Jet Airways.

Because while Jet Airways is getting better catering with these established brands as compared to the cold sandwiches served earlier, they also have a better brand to reckon as compared to the meals sourced from Café Coffee Day on most no-frill airlines for sale. Alongside, the brands get exposure with a captive audience as well.

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I sure do look forward now to the short hauls on Jet Airways as well.

What do you think about the change of catering on Jet Airways short-haul flights?

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  1. yes the food on the short flights is not very good, even food on longer flights seems to be going down in quality/quantity compared to air India, air India looks to be giving the best food quantity as well as quality in the market currently.

    on shorter flights they should rather start the Palak Paneer roll or similar which is given on indigo flights. not sure why indian flights keep serving this western crap. somehow we Indians will cringe at the thought of eating a cold roti (much much helathier) but will eat 1 day old bread as if we are English viceroys…..

  2. True and thanks once again. But still I would request you if feel appropriate you can share this information that upgrading against voucher jet ff members should get there mlies and points included by telephoning jet airways.

  3. I upgrade to business class against voucher today Blr Delhi departing 10.30 am.the vegetarian breakfast was horrible. Two small cold patties two pcs. Of paneer an some chana. Vegiterian no other choice. I think nonveg had an alternate.
    Secondly upgrade against voucher is total rip off. What you loose in the bargain. 1. You should have an higher class ticket means if a ticket is available at Rs. 4000 you should buy a ticket costing above Rs.8000.2. Your tier points and miles both gone, I lost two tier points which were very precious to me at this point of time as I was some where near touching my platinum status and of course the miles also to the tune of 2000app. 3. In the domestic sector business class I do not find any major value except your bum gets little extra space.
    With your proximity to jet airways management I would request you to suggest Them the following: any upgrade against voucher there should not be any change in the benefit of the ticket. I lost two tier points which were very precious to me at this point of time as I was some where near touching my platinum status And unlike mile you can not buy it.
    2. Against an upgrade voucher one should be upgraded, subject to seat availability, Unless they want to keep business class lite.

      • If you are sure I am travelling Delhi Bangalore in Q class where I will get 3 tier points. I will get it upgraded

          • Thanks ajay for the information, on your advice I got my seat of Q class upgraded.on telephoning jet airways credited the point as well as miles for travel of 26th may. I also understand but not very clear jet privelage told me that one have to telephone the customer care for getting the credit of D class. Now for my travel of 27th Friday I have not got the credit till now which should have been credited by now. I will telephone them tomorrow for this. Credit of points and miles of D class you may share on your regular blog. This will help the travellers.

            • @When you redeem a ticket, D class is used for mileage redemption and no points/miles are due. When you use it for upgrades, then miles and points per original class are due. Hence, this is the reason you got the points

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