Jet Airways / KLM – Air France – Delta stop selling codeshares (for now!)

Jet Airways is currently operating a couple of ATR 72-500 and a single 737-800 (VT-SJI). Having an operational fleet less than 20 aircraft, meant international operations getting cancelled. Slots at London Heathrow were transferred to Etihad probably to protect them in the meantime due to 80% operational rule. International departures are officially cancelled till April 18, 2019, at least.

Jet Airways Air France

Grounded Jet Airways 777-300ER at Mumbai airport

Air France-KLM which started codesharing with Jet Airways in 2014, made a metal neutral pact with Jet Airways in 2017. In light of the current situation, Air France – KLM has stopped selling codeshare flights effective immediately. There isn’t anything left to codeshare basically. Jet Airways is only operating a handful of domestic flights out of Mumbai and Delhi.

Jet Airways Air France

Mumbai-Paris Jet Airways codeshare flight not available on Air France website

Jet Airways Air France

Amsterdam-Delhi Jet Airways codeshare flight not available on KLM website

While it isn’t officially confirmed if codeshare agreement is dropped altogether but Air France and KLM have both pulled out all Jet Airways inventory from their website for time being since they are awaiting clarity on Jet Airways situation.

Also, Jet Airways isn’t selling flights operated by Air France-KLM at the moment. Jet Airways cannot codeshare on international flights if it is isn’t eligible to fly international routes. If it was allowed, Vistara would have long back put its UK code on its codeshare partner flights: Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, British Airways and Japan Airlines.

I compared the same day flights on many dates to come to this conclusion.

Jet Airways Air France

Mumbai-Paris Air France codeshare flight not available on Jet Airways website

Jet Airways Air France

Delhi-Amsterdam KLM codeshare flight not available on Jet Airways website

Airlines are still honouring Jet Airways codeshare passengers who had booked their flights earlier. Since Jet Airways stopped London, Paris and Amsterdam flights all of a sudden, it created a huge mess. A lot of passengers were stranded.

It had a huge impact on Air France, KLM, Delta and Virgin Atlantic also which placed their codes on Jet Airways flights out of London, Paris and Amsterdam. Jet Airways operated 3x daily 777-300ER flights to London, 12x weekly flights to Paris and 4x daily flights to Amsterdam.

Jet Airways Air France

This 2017 photo might have a new meaning today

The same situation can be witnessed with Delta, who earlier used to sell Jet Airways tickets to Amsterdam, Paris and London Heathrow. Now, those flights live in the systems of Jet Airways, but you won’t be able to find them on Delta’s options.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Similarly, Jet Airways can’t sell these codeshares either.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

To help stranded passengers, Air France operated a 777-300ER instead of A340-300 on Paris-Mumbai route on April 14, 2019. In addition, Air France operated an additional flight, AF4142 on Paris-Mumbai sector with a 787-9 on April 14, 2019. KLM operated a 777-300ER instead of a 787-9 on April 15, 2019.

Have your international travels been impacted due to practical shutdown of Jet Airways? Do share your experiences with us. 


  1. Our flights were cancelled without any notice from jet airways, due to fly out on the 19th April, from Amritsar to Mumbai, connecting flight at Amsterdam to Manchester, jet airways office was closed at Jullander with 100s of stranded passengers, we then had to rebook new tickets which cost £2000, we then had to fly from Delhi airport to Doa then to Istanbul, where we had a 12 hour stay until the next morning flew back on Turkish airlines to Birmingham, my car was stranded in Manchester so I had to do another journey from Wolverhampton to Manchester to pick up my car. This caused alot of anxiety and stress, please anyone who has jet airways flights booked for the future get another airline!!

  2. I have ticket booked from BLR-CVG via CGD. and all the flight in the itinerary . is operated by Airfrance and Delta. but I booking was done from (eTicket number is generated by Jet Airways). will it be a problem at the airport while checkin?

  3. I have a unique situation and not sure what’s the resolution for it.

    I had a Jet Airways ticket from SFO-CDW-BLR-AMS-SFO in Jan ’19 for ~$2K.

    My plans changed and I had to cancel it. So I have a $2K credit with Jet Airways that could be applied to another Jet Airways marketed ticket in the next 12 months minus cancellation charges and other fees.

    What now?

  4. I had a MAA-AMS-LAX ticket for 23Apr booked through KLM website, in which the MAA-AMS route got canceled because of Jet airways being the operator. I spoke to KLM and they arranged me an alternate flight through Air India on Apr26 for MAA-CDG(Paris). The layover is 14hours which I am fine with because I got no other option. Sharing this as it might be helpful for someone.

  5. If the tickets are booked thru Air France Web site, will Air France take care of re-booking. How long will it take to reflect in the PNR?

  6. I have booked my Atlanta – Paris – Mumbai – Hyderabad flight on Jet airways. Now jet airways has only canceled the Paris – Mumbai flight and said it will issue me a partial refund as ATL – CDG which is operated nby Air France is still valid. But I can not use that ticket without finding a connecting flight. There are no connecting flights for my date/time as of now.

  7. My return flight from Rome is booked through JetAirways through Amsterdam-Bangalore for 16th May. Cannot connect to Jet.
    I have booked through a third party Travelgenio. They are not ready for a refund as the flight is still not cancelled according to them.
    Can anyone suggest what should be done here.

    • We have booked 2 tickets SFO to Mumbai by KLM with one stop at Amsterdam on 2 May Their flight from Amsterdam to Mumbai is operated by Jet Considering the Jet crisis is what arrangements are done by KLM for the same

  8. I have my booking with AirFrance on 29th May. Paris to Bom is Jet and Bom to Blr is Jet. But the booking is made with Air France. Can anyone please let me know what will be the current situation?

  9. i have my reservation of 29th may 2019 from Mumbai to Boston having one stop at London .I made this reservation through Delta airlines .The Flight from Mumbai to London is operated by jet airways .So will Delta take care of this situation?

  10. I had a return flight book on Jet Airways from Amsterdam to Toronto April 19 to May 4. It was booked through Delta codeshare using Delta SkyMiles. Delta rebooked me on KLM; same dates and similar times, at no additional cost.

  11. I had a return flight book on Jet Airways from Amsterdam to Toronto April 19 to May 4. It was booked through Delta codeshare using Delta SkyMiles. Delta rebooked me on KLM; same dates and similar times, at no additional cost.

  12. Our return flight on 12 May is from BLR to BOM by Jet Airways; on 13th May from BOM to AMS is by KLM; followed by AMS to IAD (Washington DC) is by KLM. Now we are struck with Jet Airways since Jet is not flying. Nobody is helping us. Air France says there is still time and your domestic flight (dep at 10:50 pm from BLR to BOM) is not yet canceled. AF insists that it will inform me of a day or 2 days before departure. If I need to change it now to AF for a direct flight from BLR to Paris to IAD, then I need to pay from my pocket. Jet has created a mess. AF is not listening. What should I do now? Jet is not speaking the truth.

    • Even I am facing similar situation with KLM and Jet. What are we supposed to do now? Kindly inform me if you get any response or solution on the same.

  13. I have parents tickets booked through delta on 3rd June from Mumbai to JFK where Mum to London sector is operated by Jet Airways. Would delta take care of the Jet Sector?

    • Update. Since my ticket was booked with Delta , they changed my JET Sector to KLM. Posting just incase if it helps somebody.

  14. I am traveling via delta to sfo from Mumbai on 4th may. I have one stop at London. So my Mumbai to London flight is operated by jet. So what will happen ??

  15. I had booked a TRN-MAA-TRN via CDG flight on Air France where the CDG-MAA-CDG sectors were to be operated by Jet Airways. Since Jet Airways cancelled the flights on these sectors, Air France rerouted it as TRN-FCO-AUH-MAA and back wherein Alitalia and Etihad stepped in for Jet. It would have been nightmare if the tickets were issued by Jet instead of Air France!

    • Encouraging to hear of this help from AirFrance. I am in a similar situation for a round trip ATL-CDG-BOM-AMS-ATL starting in mid May with ticket from AirFrance but purchased through an agency. CDG-BOM and BOM-AMS is JET operated but flights coded as AirFrance and Delta respectively.
      Would you be kind to share your approximate travel dates for which AirFrance did it. Just want to get an idea on how close to travel date AirFrance provided this assistance. Also did you purchase ticket directly from AirFrance or through an agency.

      • An update to above.
        Putting the booking reference in showed JET operated flight canceled and at the top it showed a message to the effect that AirFrance is doing all it can to re-book travel.
        Not sure when AirFrance will get to re-booking, called AirFrance and the agent could not locate my booking reference! Was able to lookup using the ticket number and said right away that it will be worked on only prior to 72 hours of departure.
        Can not wait for another 4 weeks so called travel agent – Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel. Chase could not do anything automatically, needed to call AirFrance to get some approval code and what routing will be allowed and then re-booked with a different itinerary.
        ATL-AMS-BOM-CDG-ATL using KLM, AirFrance/ZOON and Delta.
        Took about two hours. AirFrance is honoring their commitment. That itinerary is going for about $1700 but no extra cost to me – I paid much less when booked in January.
        Heard lot of complain about Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel – but my first experience is excellent – may be for being a Reserve card holder.

        • same experience here. I booked my flight for travel from Pittsburgh to Chennai through AF and the connecting flight is JetAirways from Paris to Chennai on May 31, 2019. I’m worried now 🙁 that current rates are going at USD 1700 to 1800.

  16. Hi,

    I have a flight for Mumbai on 4th May from Amsterdam to Mumbai [Booked from KLM website] operated by Jet Airways, what will be the possible case, will KLM will rebook me in case of any cancellation [which is most likely], also if yes then will they book on same day ?

  17. I have booked Mumbai to Paris with AirFrance (AFR 6793) for June13th, which is operated by Jet Airways. Should I be worried or AirFrance would take care of it?

      • i have mumbai – paris flight 9W4947 booked through Jet Airways and operated by Air France, the air france portal is showing it as a confirmed ticket. the date of journey is 28th April 2019, will air france dishonour the code share or i am good to fly with my family?

        • Hi Bhairav, I am in a similar situation, bought tickets to Mumbai – Paris flight 9W4947 for 27th April booked through Jet Airways and operated by Air France, but I am not able to locate this in the Air France portal at all. How did you get to see a 9W ticket in the Air France website?

          How can I find out whether or not Air France will honour the code share? Can anyone help? My mobile number is (+91) 9830650002, if anyone can answer this please leave me a message, I can make a quick call. Really keen to resolve this today..

  18. I have New Delhi to Amsterdam flight tickets for travel on 19th April. This flight is operated by KLM via Jet Airways. Not sure if these would be valid. Even Jet customer care is not responding. Does someone have any idea about these flights status?

  19. Could you address some of the best ways to use JP Miles. I have about 35,000. Should I be rushing to use my miles? What is likely to happen to JP Miles if the Company files for bankruptcy or liquidation

  20. My parents had a Mumbai-London-Mumbai for travel on the 13-25th April 2019 and the despite issuing the boarding pass in the afternoon they informed us of cancellation only a few hours before the flight.. we had to purchase air tickets and Lufthansa at 2 times the cost and also couldn’t fly out till the 15th April 2019. We lost money on hotels and also onwards connection flights to Lisbon and are still unsure if we will get full refunds for the amounts paid to Jet Airways for the original tickets. Even today they are announcing cancellations on a day to day basis and not in advance. The regulator needs to step in to protect interests of passengers.. my future travels are only booked on Air India now no chance of bankruptcy here..

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