Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege program is making it easier for you to become an elite!

It is Friday evening, and that time of the day when loyalty programs roll out enhancements. But this time they are real enhancements!

One of the programs under restructuring, and in final laps of restructuring perhaps is the Jet Airways loyalty program JetPrivilege. Over the past 6-8 months they have launched a lot of changes, including the ability to earn higher JP Miles for flights.

Coming to today’s changes, JetPrivilege is making some solid enhancements in my view. Until now, to qualify for a tier upgrade, you either could earn it by doing segments (earn tier points) or by miles. In terms of tier points, you had a very flat structure in terms of earning, you got 1 tier point for domestic or international flights in economy, 2 tier points for domestic business class and 3 tier points for international business class, 5 tier points for international first class.

Jet Airways is now going to add more tierpoints for more expensive flight codes, with effect from February 16, 2015.


This means, if you bought a last minute full fare ticket on a domestic segment in the traditional full fare class Y, you are now going to get 4 tier points rather than 1 you would have got in the earlier system. Also Business Class domestic moves to 4 tier points as compared to 2 earlier.

For international segments, if you buy more expensive ticket classes compared to the deep discounted ticket buckets, you get more tier points for economy, as well as business class as compared to the earlier setup.

These tier point earnings change for Jet’s own flights, and those they sell with codeshare on Etihad Airways.

As a result, you can now get faster to your elite tier.

For example, if you earn more tier points for a more expensive ticket, you also get to move to the next level faster. To use the example Jet is using in its communication material right now, if you needed 40 tier points to move from Silver to Gold, now, you can earn it with 10 domestic segments itself rather than doing 40 segments to get to the next tier.


Tier Bonuses are being enhanced for all elites

Earlier, Platinum guests got a 30% bonus for being a Platinum, now they will get 50% bonus from 16th Feb 2015. Similarly, Gold bonuses move from 20% to 25% and Silver bonuses move from 10% to 15%.

JetPrivilege Platinums will be allowed to guest one person

One of my favourite benefits for Jet Gold and Platinums  used to be +1 lounge access which was killed when the economy was in the doldrums. Now, for Platinums, they can again guest one passenger along with them, as long as they are on the same flight as them.


Just WOW! When I scanned through the entire communication, I could not find fault with Jet Airways and Jet Privilege for even one time. While they have introduced an element of rewarding for revenue generation, they haven’t devalued the tiers or done any such things which would take away anything from existing members.

Now that is a real enhancement!

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  1. Sir

    I have jut up graded from Silver to Gold, is there down grade form gold to Silver again if the upgrade / renewal point not is not collected

  2. you have to be a bit dumb not to understand that jet has dumbed down the entire program me- mileage points accrual is down on everything- booking on site-ticket class that you buy( how often does one buy full fare) -redemption is expensive-lounge access denied in most cases- basically a program fit to be thrown to the dustbin

  3. Jet upgraded me from silver to gold with just one trip to US. Not only that, they upgraded me to business class from Brussels to Newark. That was quite a surprise..Any idea what’s the condition to go from gold to platinum? How many jpmiles I need to add ?

  4. Hi. Do codeshare flights (operated by partner airlines with 9W code) also earn the same Tier Points?

  5. So just earning 40 tier points but not 60000 tier JP miles (30/45000 with fast track) is enough to move to Gold ?

  6. Agreed… In fact, this is a refreshing and a very tangible change to the JP program. I was also hoping they would open up last minute upgrade to business class for Platinums especially when Business goes empty. Delta, United continue to do that (unlike the stingy SQ – Singapore Air wouldn’t allow upgrades for PPS members when they happen to fly coach!!) In addition to the 5 upgrade coupons, it would be great to see free upgrades for Platinum flyers from Jet Airways.

  7. Yes, this is a real enhancement. Wish they had done a month earlier, I took almost 15 flights in J on last 2 months or so, would have probably earned double plat with this new structure.

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