Jet Airways free web check in window becomes smaller!

There are things I like about Jet Airways, and then there are those I don’t. Amongst the things I love, include a robust loyalty program, prime slots across airports, a network that I can use, a social media team which is responsive, a 24-hour free cancellation period, and so on.

However, there is that half-thought through measures which I can see the logic for, but have just not been implemented well. For instance, the zone-wise boarding last year which took away privileges from elites, and was subsequently recalled. I also see the logic of not taking in economy class jackets in the closet [one too many],  and for cutting away cheap tickets from lounge access [those lounges cost more money than the fare you fly on]. I don’t know yet about how the new piece concept in domestic will fly with people.

Last year, Jet Airways changed their web check-in process to align closer with a no-frills carrier. They wanted people to pay for economy class seat selection until 12 hours out. Platinum got a waiver and could get any seat free anytime,  Gold got it on limited fare categories, but everyone else eventually had to pay.

This meant, if you wanted to check-in 24 hours out, you get this as a non-elite:

Jet Airways Free Web Check In

Where this began to become inconvenient was for flights when free check-in window would be middle of the night. For instance, for a 2 PM flight, the open seat assignment would be available only 12 hours prior, i.e., 12 AM.

It now turns out, Jet Airways has further shrunk the Free Check-in window and made it 10 hours in the case of their domestic flights. As per the Jet Airways Check-in information page,

Class Category Check-in *Domestic flights Check-in International flights Charge
First Class All N/A 48 to 2 hours prior departure Free
Première All 48 to 1-hour prior departure 48 to 2 hours prior departure Free
Economy JetPrivilege Platinum / Gold 48 to 1-hour prior departure 48 to 2 hours prior departure Free

JetPrivilege Gold

(For W, O, H, V class)

48 to 10 hours prior departure 48 to 12 hours prior departure*** Paid
All other guests 48 to 10 hours prior departure 48 to 12 hours prior departure*** Paid
All guests 10 to 1-hour prior departure 12 to 2 hours prior departure** Free

*Domestic flights– Indicates flights within India.

**Between 24 to 2 hours before departure for direct flights to and from Amsterdam, London, Paris and Toronto. Between 10 to 2 hours before departure for direct flights to and from SAARC, ASEAN and Gulf(except Bahrain and Abu Dhabi). Between 72 to 2 hours before departure for flights departing from Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

***Between 48 to 10 hours before departure for direct flights to and from SAARC, ASEAN and Gulf.

To simplify it, for domestic flights, if you are not elite, you won’t be able to get a free seat assignment until 10 hours before flight now. This timing used to be 12 hours earlier but has recently been updated to make it ten hours.

While it personally does not affect me, and I am almost on my way to accomplishing my JetPrivilege Platinum again, it does affect most of their passengers. But still, it is much better than Air India, which has recently started charging for seat assignment and does not even give their elites a free seat assignment.

What do you think about the new free check-in window for Jet Airways? Have you had a run-in with it yet?

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  1. Jet is going downhill everyday, right from the piece concept to this non-sense 10 hour policy which seems pretty draconian. Earlier the Upgrade vouchers could be used on any fare class, but now for non-Platinum, they have restricted it to higher classes only. If you are going to upgrade on a limited basis (5 times a year for Platinum vouchers), then how does it matter if I use it on a cheap ticket or a higher fare ticket. This forces me to unnecessarily book my wife on a higher category fare when a lower one is available, in case I want to use an upgrade voucher. I find this upgrade voucher change absolutely rubbish.

  2. My experience with their Social Media response system ( no reply to Twitter) and Customer Grievance redeessal is pathetic – after years of top level loyalty, have moved to Vistara & Air India…Jet still ranks way above Indigo though – the worst .

  3. Robust loyalty program…It is a Joke isn’t it

    BLR-SIN-BLR round trip redemption costs (OC and XT is out of the roof) around 70% to 80% of amount as what revenue ticket costs in addition to the 45K JP miles. So i do not understand why to promote as such…

  4. Jet is following AI. Thankfully, Jet is still allowing us economy passengers to eat chicken, rather than force the right wing vegetarian diet on us.
    Now that the Citi Premier Miles and Amex Plat Reserve with their allied bonuses have come in, im not stressed. Im going to try out Vistara on my next trip

    • Incorrect comment – Rationale for AI all vegetarian was to move to a Single Menu as a Cost Saving measure . And the AI meals are still quite good ( compare to Jet)

  5. Wow! Jet Airways is going the Etihad way. Good luck to these cost cutting measures. Most people now rank Jet along with the other LCCs. Honestly even SpiceJet or Go is better than these hare-brained Jet people. Anyway good for the competition. Indigo and Jet are trying to improve profitability but sadly will not happen if these sort of things happen. Their languishing share price would be an indication.

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