Is Jet Airways planning more Delhi – London flights?

As we outlined in the early post, IndiGo is planning a Delhi –  London Gatwick flight. But it looks like they are not the only ones exploring expansion into London. Jet Airways has also filed for additional flights to London this summer.

Jet Airways currently operates 3x daily flights on Mumbai-London Heathrow route and one daily flight on the Delhi-London Heathrow route. All flights are operated by three-class 346-seater Boeing 777-3000ER. Chairman of the airline, Naresh Goyal, in a letter to employees on the occasion of New Year’s mentioned that London operations were moneyspinners for the airline.

Our London route remains our premium revenue earner. We are focusing on Amsterdam and Paris routes to heighten passenger loads and enhance yields in a highly competitive market.

As per the latest slot filings, Jet Airways seems to plan a second daily flight on the Delhi-London Heathrow route, when the summer schedule launches, from March 31, 2019. The flight is intended to be operated by an Airbus A330-300. The schedule for the flight is,

Jet airways Delhi to London flight

Jet airways Delhi to London flight

Jet Airways second daily Delhi-London flight

The timings seem similar to British Airways BA 256/257 on Delhi-London Heathrow route, a morning arrival at Delhi and a late morning departure from Delhi to London, to arrive there a shade after noon. Currently, the flights are waiting for slots approval.

Does Jet Airways have a free A330-300 that they can use on this route?

Jet Airways has a fleet of 4 Airbus A330-200 and 4 Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Earlier, they used to operate A330s on Mumbai-Singapore and Mumbai-Doha routes. But when the groundings occurred, Jet Airways shifted to Boeing 737 on those routes. Currently, Jet Airways operates their A330s on flights to Mumbai/Delhi-Hong Kong, Mumbai-Manchester, Bengaluru-Amsterdam and Chennai-Paris. The A330s also operate occasionally on the Delhi – Singapore route.

Jet Airways’ Business Class aboard their A330-300

Jet Airways did ground one A330-300, but that is now back in the air. At the moment, scheduled maintenance is going on some of those planes, but that is about it.  Once all A330s have completed heavy maintenance, Jet Airways will have surplus A330(s) in their fleet as entire Singapore operations will be operated by Boeing 737s.


If Jet Airways gets the slots and goes ahead with this expansion, they would extend their lead on the London market further. Jet Airways will remain the largest Indian carrier on India – London route offering 11,739 seats one-way.

What do you think of Jet Airways’ plans for a second daily flight on the Delhi-London route?


  1. Wull jet eveB survive till Mar?..Tbat is the big question..Once Indigo starts its international operations they wil kick jet from there also..just wait and watch..They bouncing back earlier is an old story..Goyal achieved tgat as there was no worthy competition and also with his political connections..but Karma has to catch up with him for his misdeeds..

    • @Surferraj funny that you don’t know IndiGo has been operating internationally for many years. Your comment is a rant, could you bring some facts on the table please. Thanks

      • It is not a rant..I know they have bEen operating to asian sectors ..What i meant was with their new interline with TK and their europe flights planned and their huge reserves of cash they wil soon get competitors like jet(who benefits with pilitical games) off the sky…Goyal’s time is up..

  2. have ppl just forgotten the fact that jet are failing big time and as of yet, there is not much of capital injection and that there are no foreseeable solutions?!!!

    it seems like everyone (not just this blog) is talking as though jet is guaranteed to survive 2019!

    • @VK and it seems you are assuming they will fail. Till an organisation fails, they fight to survive. What basis are you even calling Jet “failing” by the way? I know they are a financial mess, but they came back after so many times in the past, so why not give them a shot at surviving as well?

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