Jet Airways contemplating all business Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai flights?

This has the whiff of an interesting and creative news about it, but there is no way I can validate this news till it is officially announced. Aerospace Diary, the blog of Indian aviation journalist Neelam Matthews, wrote last night, that Jet Airways is configuring a Boeing 737-9 series plane to make it an exclusive Business Class flight, launching it next month on occasion of Jet Airways’ 21st anniversary. Here is what she says:

AerospaceDiary has learnt an all- business class service on B737-900 could be started between Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai.

She clearly has some Ministry as her source, as she states further:

While many would look at this as a gutsy step given that it were to happen, and with the economy not having bounced back, a ministry official here informed us the seats could be between 78- 92. Presently, Jet Airways has 28 business class seats on the sector.

This is an interesting possibility to consider, since it has not been ever done in India before. Mumbai – Delhi and reverse is the busiest route in India, and most flights I’ve ever been on this route have been usually above 80%. While configuring one plane may be a smart strategy, it also makes it a risk because Jet Airways may not have a similar back-up plane in case of need.

The possibilities with this plane are endless. For instance, there could be more than one sector served with this plane. So, rather than just Mumbai – Delhi turns, this plane could also be deployed on Mumbai – Bangalore turns during the day which is also full most days I’ve been on the route. The prime slots could be used for Delhi flights.

What beats me, if this is true, is how Jet Airways would take care of so many elites in their airport hold at the same time. While there is a bigger Plaza Premium lounge in Delhi to take care of the passengers, Mumbai continues to be a small lounge (Carnation Lounge).

There is no indication of a similar flight on the Jet Airways website or in the GDS systems yet.  As for pricing, Jet Airways might get away with a reasonable premium for the flight as well, but this is my personal view.

What do you think? Is this similar to the existence of the Unicorn, or is this a realistic case. Do share your views.

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  1. Hi AJ,

    You are right, it has never been done in India before ..but on domestic sector. On international sector, Lufthansa was operating Full Business class Boeing 737-400 on Pune Frankfurt sector with a Code share on Air India and United Airlines. The aircraft was actually not Lufthansa but Privatair SA.

    Now this flight operates as 50% Business & 50% Economy configuration.

  2. Hi AJ,
    You are right, it has never been done in India on Domestic Sectors. But on International sectors, Lufthansa had a scheduled service of Full Business Class Boeing 737- 400 operated by Privatair SA on Pune Frankfurt sector.This service now has been converted into 50% Business Class and 50% Economy now.

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