Jet Airways Codeshare Partners still honouring tickets

With the rapid decline in the state of Jet Airways, most of their flights are cancelled at the moment. On international routes, that is a huge cause of worry (on domestic as well, I know!) because people may have planned work or leisure travel abroad months in advance, and now they are not sure if those flights are operating or not. Jet Airways flights overseas are currently suspended. Singapore, London, Paris and Amsterdam were plugged out last week, and London slots are being handed back to Etihad Airways (and Delta).

In this situation, people are wondering what will happen to their travel plans. While I am trying to address as many queries as possible on Twitter, Instagram and here, I just thought I’d share one of my experiences today with all of you, and basis all the other data points I am receiving.

Jet Airways has the following codeshare partners, which means Jet Airways can sell tickets on these other airlines with a Jet Airways flight number, such as 9W, but the operating airline is someone else. Jet Airways has the following codeshare partners:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air Canada
  • Air France
  • Air Seychelles
  • ANA
  • Bangkok Airways
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • Delta
  • Etihad Airways
  • Fiji Airways
  • Flynas
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Jetstar Asia
  • Kenya Airways
  • KLM
  • Korean Air
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic

Now, there are various routes on which Jet Airways would typically sell flights. For instance, I bought a Jet Airways ticket last year to travel to Japan. But Jet Airways does not operate a flight to Japan. So, in this case, it was Jet Airways selling me a ticket on ANA but sold with a 9W flight number and issued with a ticket number started with 589.

tail tails of airplanes in the sky

Of course, with a ticket booked so far back, I was concerned last week if the tickets would be honoured by the operating carrier ANA at this moment. Typically, codeshare flights are paid for by the marketing carrier after the flight is completed. And I am glad to report they were honoured without the bat of an eyelid.

I just got off the plane from Tokyo a few hours ago, and there were a load of passengers who were booked by Jet Airways on this flight from Tokyo to Mumbai. And not just that, I talked around to a few people who have been travelling recently, and they have all been able to board other flights booked by Jet Airways and operated by KLM, Air France and other airlines too. The demand on the European segments have been indeed very high, so, KLM/Air France is going to operate bigger planes to have the passengers booked by AF/KLM on Jet Airways flights, and not being transported by them at the moment.

What has been your experience flying Jet Airways’ codeshare partners these past few days?

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone have an answer as to how refund for the ticket will be done. Or have you taken up the matter to IATA or anyone else

    Will be great if someone can throw light on this

  2. Hi Ajay,

    I have a ticket from Houston-Frankfurt-Banglore on july 9 . All the flights are by united.
    The return trip is from Banglore-Bombay-EWR-Houston on July 25th. All the flights are by united except the Banglore – Bombay leg. The ticket is issued by Jet airways and has a ticket code that starts with 589. I got the email last week on April 23 rd from Jet airways saying that Banglore -Bombay leg has been cancelled but the rest of the trip remains. When I called today they are saying that the whole ticket is invalid as it is a jet airways ticket. Has this happened to anyone ? Will be able to fly united ?

  3. Hi Ajay!

    I have a flight from Zurich>Paris>Mumbai on 14th June 2019, and Mumbai>Paris>Zurich on 29th June. The Paris>Mumbai>Paris flights are AF-6794 and AF-6793 have codeshare with Jet. I could contact AirFrance customer care, and they confirmed that these flights are indeed cancelled. And, they can’t do anything to accomodate me in some alternative flights. I am not able to connect to Yatra yet (I booked my tickets through their website). Yatra didn’t send me any notification, nor can I submit any refund claim in their portal. What should I do?

    Thanks a lot! Finally I found some useful information here, thanks everyone!

  4. I have a ticket booked for BOM-CDG-ORK from travel agent and it was issued from Air France with BOM-CDG leg operated by Jet Airways.
    I got an email from my Travel Agent about cancellation/modification of my flight and was told to contact Air France for any alternative flight and Travel agent only if refund is needed. I contacted Air France to get alternative route but was told that I should contact Travel Agent to request any alternative flight. πŸ™
    I have submitted a request to my travel agent over call and was informed that I should receive a response within a week. I hope I won’t be charged extra for this re-arrangement.
    Has anyone else been in this situation?

    • yes, travel agent is supposed to help with rebooking. I got the same reply from Air France and my travel agency did the re booking.

  5. Hi Ajay,

    Was very stressed out and thank god came across your blog.

    I have booked 3 tickets from Mumbai to Birmingham and return for the same via Amsterdam with KLM.

    The Mumbai to Amsterdam and return, this leg of the journey is being operated by jet airways.

    A couple of days earlier when i checked my ticket on KLM’s website it atleast showed the jet airways operated leg but now when i’m checking it, the Mumbai-Amsterdam and return leg of the journey just doesnt show up on the website.

    When tried communicating them all they say is we will try to rebook you on another flight and nothing else. For any other question all they answer is contact your travel agent.

    What to do in this case ajay?

    Thank you.

  6. I had booked a ticket Chicago-Amseterdam-Bangalore (KL612 & KL3812) on KLM booking and Banglore-hyderabad 9W919 on Jet booking and Return by Hyderabad-Mumbai-Paris-Chicago (AF6919, AF6793,AF136) on Air France booking.
    But I got email from Jet airlines that my flights got cancelled and now only the Chicago to Amsterdam and Paris to Chicago are still valid, rest all are cancelled.
    I had booked the ticket from CheapOAir but was on-hold for 2 hrs and no rep answered. Finally the call got disconnected automatically. I had sent email to but no response since 28 hrs .
    I have no information as to what will be status of my tickets.

    • I also booked through cheapoair and couldn’t get through anyone after holding for 1.5h. Call the number and select the other option than schedule change you will immediately find a rep to talk. Then when I told my problem, they suggested to forward a call back request from schedule change team, i said yes & my request was taken. That’s what I did. they will call you back in 48 hrs and discuss availble options. I havnt got a call yet but thats what i did.

    • @vikram,
      Did you ever hear back from cheapoair ?
      I finally got my case addressed when I put my foot down! Satisfied with end result.

  7. My parents are supposed to travel indore-Mumbai-Ams-Atlanta and return route is Atlanta-Paris-Mumbai-Indore.

    the sector Amsterdam-Mumbai and Paris-Mumbai was operated by jet and suddenly stopped showing on website when try to see My bookings using PNR. Air France is operating rest of the flight and is codeshare partner. I booked teh ticket through cheapoair. When I called air france directly today, they asked me to contact travel agency I ooked through as they have been given instruction on what to do. Thats all Air France had to say. i am yet to hear from travel agency as due to sudden issue with jet, there are multiple scheduling change requests from passengers and not able to reach them. I was literally on call for 1.5h when line got disconnected on its won. Its so frustrating and worrisome to not get an answer.

    • Ajay,
      I got a call back from cheapoair customer care team & they said they havnt got alternate options from air france yet but their team is working & requested to get back in 4-5 business days “hopefully”. I told them that we are flexible with dates but there was a reason we booked this itinerary for parents considering # of stop & travel time as they are senior citizen and starting their travel from Indore so it a long journey & we don’t want more than 2 stop. I was told that they would pass along this information to the team who is working with airline on alternate option.
      I was pretty uncomfortable to wait for another 4-5 days that too not confirmed if they will sort out within this timeframe as they keep saying your travel date is a month away, don’t worry.
      Please advise!

  8. Are the codeshare airlines still honoring the tickets marketed by Jet Airways? I have a ticket, bought on jet airways website, from Mumbai -> Paris -> Seattle and Chicago-> AbuDhabi -> Ahmedabad. But none of the legs are operated by Jet Airways. Mum-> Paris is by Air France. Paris -> Seattle by Delta . Chicago -> Ahmedabad by Etihad.

  9. Hi…. I have flight for 24th April from Mumbai to Atlanta via Paris . Ticket issued on Jet Code 9W4947 operated by AIR FRANCE. As of now on website of Air France it shows confirm PNR . We are unable to get in touch with AIR France call center .
    Not sure what to do now

    • if you are able to see confirmed PNR on Air France, you are good! when I checked on their website, the leg operated by Jet airways was cancelled & rest of the legs were showing up!. btw I called up Air France today, didnt even take me 1 min to get in line with a customer service representative. Its fairly easy to get in touch with air france. Try again.

      • Hi Akansha, I have a booking from LAX-AMS-BLR through Cheapoair as wll. After waiting for hours on the phone, they finally told me they are working on it & will get back in few days. My flight is in June, Jet Air operated by KLM. KLM was no help, they just wanted to refund my money. My return flight Air France. Did going through Air France resolve your issue?

  10. Hi Ajay,
    I have an onward Jet Airways flight from Bangalore to Amsterdam with a lay over at Paris on 25th May. It’s operated by Air France. I’m not able to reach neither of Air France or Jet Airways.
    Will the PNR will hold good until my journey or there could be chances of codesharing to stop for existing booking?

  11. Hi Ajay,

    I booked my parents ticket (June 2019-Oct 2019) via Expedia BOM(Virgin operated by Jet)-LHR-(Virgin Airlines operated by Virgin)ATL
    ATL-(Jet Airways operated by KLM)AMS-(Jet Airways operated by Jet) BOM

    When checked with Virgin customer service, the ticket is booked on Jet’s ticket.
    What do I do now?
    Expedia is saying to book at current rates, I had booked this long time ago and all tickets now will be more than double for which I had booked.

  12. Hi Ajay, Going through your forum has been some sort of a solace. Still, like all fellow travelers linked to Jet I too have my worries. My wife and I (both Sr.Citzns) have tickets for Bangalore Paris Atlanta (out bound on 30-04-2019) & Atlanta Amsterdam Bangalore (return on 16-10-2019). The tickets were bought through Make My Trip and were issued by Jet Airways. The outbound sectors BLR/CDG and CDG/ATL are both operated by Air France. While returning on 16th Oct, the ATL/AMS leg is operated by Delta and AMS/BLR is operated by Jet. So, as I see it, the last leg (AMS/BLR) will be critical as it will be on Jet’s own aircraft. When I called up the toll-free Delta number yesterday I was told that if I get a cancellation notice for the AMS/BLR leg then Delta will take care of the matter and put us through (how, he was not forthcoming). All four sectors have 9W prefixes for the flight numbers. Can you kindly tell me your opinion as to how we are placed ? Do you think Air France or Delta will repudiate the tickets already sold under codeshare with Jet ?

  13. Hi Ajay…. I had a harrowing time today calling up jet, KLM and MMT. I am flying with 2 kids mid May and returning mid June from del to SFOvia Amsterdam. The entire sector as per my ticket is operated by KLM except the last sector Amsterdam-Delhi. I have been getting mixed responses to the extent that KLM told me that they may not let me board the flight on jet ticket? Is that right?

    • My wife is also flying to Delhi to Amsterdam(KLM) and back (Jet). Tickets booked by MMT. The aircraft are operated by KLM. On KLM website when I type the PNR the tickets for the return leg are showing Jet flight number and still says confirmed.

  14. I have jet airways flight tokyo to delhi via bangkok during august. Booked through
    Could you please give me some options how to deal with this?

  15. Hi Ajay, I have a Boston – London – Mumbai, booked via Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airways. The first leg won’t be much of an issue. What could be my options for my second leg?

  16. Hi Ajay, I have booked Mumbai-Paris-Zurich journey on 06-May with return on 14-May through jet airways. The Paris-Zurich and Zurich-Paris-Mumbai flights are operated by Air France and Joon however Mumbai-Paris flight is operated by Jet Airways. Will Air France/ Joon accept the tickets issued by Jet airways but on their flights through code share?

  17. Hi Ajay,
    I have a Mumbai – Paris flight booked for 13th June with which is AirFrance flight operated by Jet-Airways, In this case, who would make alternate arrangements? Is it AirFrance or JetAirways?

    • @Girish, Air France will perhaps put you on their own flight instead, but closer to the date. Try calling them right now and see if you could be switched

  18. After going through lot of sites, finally i found this where i got very useful info on whats happening on the ground with Jet airways customers like us. So, first i would like to thank each one of you for sharing your experiences.

    I have a jet airways flight 9W4771 from Bangalore to Paris on 6th may and return same flight 9W4770. This is a codeshare flight of Air France AF 191 & 190, which is flying daily.

    If anyone can share, if they have boarded a jet airways code share flight on this sector and whether they faced any issues, if yes how was it resolved?


  19. Ajay, I am glad to come across your website. Only here I am getting some useful information about how some scenarios in this Jet Airways messy situation are handled (or expected to be handled).

    Describing my situation and what information I have gathered so far. Doubting the information from airline customer service reps and hoping you or other in similar situation can validate/invalidate my information so that I can be prepared.

    My family is travelling on two itineraries.
    1) ATL-CDG-BOM-AMS-ATL – outbound mid May and inbound mid June.
    2) ATL-CDG-BOM-AMS-ATL – same outbound, but inbound in early June.

    These flights are using AirFrance/KLM/Delta/Jet hardware.

    Both are booked through Chase ultimate rewards travel services and tickets issued by AirFrance.
    Outbound, CDG – BOM is on JET hardware, AirFrance (and also Delta) coded flight.
    For 1st itinerary, BOM-AMS is in KLM hardware, Delta coded flight.
    For 2nd itinerary, BOM-AMS is in JET hardware, Delta coded flight.

    Talked with AirFrance, Delta but got nowhere with JET (don’t blame JET employees much knowing they are not paid for over 3 months.)

    To AirFrance, my question was what will happen if JET cancels our flight when we are at CDG. AirFrance rep assured that since it is AirFrance ticketed itinerary, they take the responsibility to find and make alternate arrangement to get us to Mumbai. I understand EU has various laws that the EU airlines have to abide by – so I think there might be hardship but we will reach Mumbai – may be a day or two later!

    Could AirFrance charge extra money while providing the alternate arrangement?
    Are they bound to provide alternative travel arrangements?

    Inbound BOM – AMS for the 1st itinerary is in KLM and thank God for that.

    Inbound BOM – AMS for the 2nd itinerary is in JET – and this is where I am worried.

    2nd itinerary, BOM – AMS is Delta flight and operated by Jet.
    Called Delta and one Delta rep said it is JET who is responsible for making alternate arrangement in case of cancellation (Well, I doubt there will be anyone at JET working!)

    Called Delta again and another Delta rep said, it will be AirFrance (aka. Delta since AirFrance/KLM/Delta are together it seems) who will make alternate arrangement.

    Can someone elaborate what of the above to be valid?

    JET being their ground service provider, wonder whether Jet will have any effective presence at airport to aid in case cancellation happens while at airport in the same way as it is happening for past few days..

    Now with respect to travel insurance etc. – it is so confusing.
    Bought travel insurance within 30 days of purchasing ticket – but there is fine print. Some insurance as mine from travelex has a specific clause for purchasing within 15 days to protect against cancellation from airline defaulting.

    Not sure whether this travel insurance is any good for protecting against cancellation since the tickets are sold by AirFrance.
    Nowhere in these tickets for BOM – AMS leg, any reference to JET flight numbers – only Delta flight number and “Provided/Operated by JET Airways”.

    Delta told me that once cancellation happens, it is ticket holder’s responsibility to contact airline (AirFrance) and ask for alternative arrangement. But, AirFrance told me, it would be responsibility of booking agent (Chase Ultimate Rewards travel in my case) to make alternate arrangement. And, I am confused – seems like they just passing buck! Or may be if in airport and sudden cancellation then re-booking is done by airline, but if cancellation is with some lead time then re-booking done by agency (God help me with Chase Ultimate rewards travel in that case!)
    Can someone give/validate this information?

    I have complex in country travel after reaching India in AirIndia and then coming back to Mumbai using Jet – those travels were purchased within the 15 days window of purchasing the travel insurance. So this will be another experience with travel insurance!

    I will update here as my travel date approaches but as AirFrance/Delta said nothing will happen till JET cancels my flights.
    Hope others finding information will help out here.

    Sincerely hope that Jet starts and continues operating in this busy summer season – so many families with young children have made travel arrangement to make use of the summer recess.

    TAG: AirFrance Delta KLM issued tickets with JET airways operated flight segment cancellation.

    • Please reach out to airfrance directly.they will help you with alternative arrangements. I just got alternate tickets from Air France in KLM for a flight from Chennai to toronto.youhave to push them.they will help

  20. Have a ticket booked on MMT, issued by Qantas with BOM-SIN on 9W codeshare.
    Though 9W confirmed on Twitter, the flight has been cancelled and eligible for full refund, MMT is stuck on the point that their systems yet show the flight as confirmed, and until that changes there’s nothing they can do.
    Qantas has been an very friendly and helpful. They took over the control of the ticket from MMT and re-issued ticket on CX and QF. On other hand, MMT has been absolutely terrible and pathetic with the service. One of the “specialists” even mentioned to me as to why I was making this fuss, when my travel is on QF and not 9W :). Btw, they are yet working on the case on priority since 12/04 with no resolution yet πŸ™‚

  21. Ajay, Need your inputs please.
    We(Me, My wife and My son[6 months infant]) had a confirmed return booking with Jet airways on April 12th from Bangalore to Amsterdam and then Amsterdam to Toronto.

    I received a call from Jet Airways 5hours prior to departure from Bangalore that the flight is cancelled for the whole journey. When I asked for alternatives, the rep just mentioned that I can apply for refund in Toronto airport(jet airways counter) and no alternative can be provided. He was even rude telling me that Jet airways is not able to pay his salary then where will they arrange an alternate flight for my family to fly.

    I was clueless and tensed as I was traveling with my an infant and I hope you understand amount of preparation goes in to get things in place before we fly.

    I re-booked for this Wednesday(April 17th) with Air France(Delta Airlines) at 4 times the price I had Jetairways ticket at as I thought its the only option left and I had run out my leaves at office πŸ™ But when I started reading your articles I realized they have provided some alternatives to some people, which made me to write to you.

    Can you suggest what I can do in this regard? Any suggestions on the refund? Do you think I can claim any additional amount to cover-up the lose I have now?

    • @Adithya, I can’t spot where did I say that Jet airways provided options. I just said that if you were booked on a code-share partner (KLM/Air France/Delta) your tickets were still being honoured, v/s if you were booked on Jet Airways itself, you don’t get to travel because the international operations are shut down for the moment. The refund should not be a problem, but don’t expect any additional amount. You should ideally have insurance to cover these excess costs.

      • Thank you for your quick reply! Yes you are right, I got it wrong.
        It was through Jetairways website without insurance. For refund, you suggest me the same of visiting Jetairways counter in Toronto? Or any other link which you know about?

  22. Thanks for this update Ajay – in case you get any info on if partners are honouring JP award tickets, that will be most appreciated. Thanks.

  23. Thanks Ajay. I have been worried. What about cases where I have domestic connection till Mumbai and then onward codeshare flight in a single PNR? How will the domestic leg be handled?

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