Jet Airways to charge for web check-in, in a twisted way

I said surprise me, and it seems I am getting all the wrong sort of surprises these days! Look, I’ve been a long time Jet Airways flier, and there are things I like, such as their social media team, and things I don’t like, such as their food. But sometimes things go south, and I have a feeling we are entering that phase.

First, we had this thing where the airline refused to put the coats of economy passengers in the plane’s closet, stating it was now exclusive to Business Class fliers. Think about it; I’ve never seen this being mentioned in their literature as an exclusive service.

Then, a month ago, they changed their boarding process, where elites are demoted to board in front of their zone rather than in front of everyone else. This means you run out of space for your bags if you give them your business often enough. Or, you can sit in the back with lesser legroom, and board first. And also risk then you won’t get your choice of a meal because high chance they ran out of those by the time your turn arrives.

And now, there is a new pain that has been introduced for non-elite flyers over the past three days or so. Let us circle back to Seat Select, a service which allows everyone to pre-assign a seat on the plane before check-in window opens. In economy, JP Platinum members get it for all fare categories, while Golds get it for Classic and Flex Economy tickets. Everyone needs to pay a fee. image

Now, all airlines get you to pay for their seats now, but my position on paying for seats is still rooted to the fact that I paid for a ticket on the plane, so why should I pay more for a seat extra? I hardly ever remember paying for seat selection.

So, a new nuance has been introduced since June 20th. Earlier, Platinum & Gold members could check-in 48 hours prior along with premium cabins, and everyone else could check in 24 hours prior. Seat Select used to shut down at 24 hours for the flight. At that hour, all seats were open, and you could have your pick. So, a first come first serve basically.

Except, now there is this innocent new line which changes everything.


This played out in real life last evening, and it wasn’t pretty. My parents are due to travel today, and yesterday, I tried to check them in. So we reached the web check-in page where a cool dude tells us nothing above the fold about the new changes.


Next, we go through the rigmarole. Still no sight of trying to get their hand in my wallet.


And now, it pops up like…. surprise!


So guess what did I do then? I closed that window and abandoned check-in. And when we checked them in this morning for the evening flight, everything on the plane was open, and they were in the 20s in terms of those who had already checked in on the plane. This wasn’t encouraging enough people to check in beforehand, and they would all now want to check in at the airport. This is a complete U-turn from a time when this same airline would pay people 250 JPMiles to check in online.

Most people will wonder, why are they not being able to select a seat for free. I had some background to this issue a few days ago when a reader tweeted to me, but I thought I would soon be able to test-drive this new enhancement for myself.



Like I said ahead, most of us will be made to pay for check-in now. And to think, there is no formal notification of this combination of the seat select feature with the check-in capability of the airline. Many will feel the pinch of this system as it inconveniences them, as in the example above. And many will ignorantly pay up thinking this is the only way they can get a seat assigned. Unfortunately, they haven’t been warned except in a footnote somewhere on the check-in page.

As a shareholder, I should be happy about this move, but what happened to the days of being transparent?

What do you think of this new enhancement from Jet Airways? I believe it is nickel and diming.

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  1. my comment has disappeared. I read the many comments about the flight and food and seating. I have return tickets from Toronto to Amsterdam to Toronto. The only thing I like to know is how to go about tickets. Some say 24 hours, some say 12 hours via a web site. Send me a note. My wife and I are in the eighties and we need to sit beside each other. The Travel agency assured me that there are no troubles with booking two seats 24 hours prior to the flight.

  2. dear sirs. I am flying Jet Airways on March 24. I read all the written comments on food, seating etc. This gives me not much hop[e. Anyway can you tell me how and when to book for seats. My wife and I need each other in the flight We are both getting 82 years old. Send me a note please.
    We have return flight tickets from Toronto to Amsterdam and two weeks later a return from Amsterdam to Toronto

  3. I preferred travelling with jet only because web checkin was free unlike other..but know its so disheartning…i think maybe they r in loss or simething made them take such drastic step…

  4. im read to pay extra charges for the seat but what happen next they deducted my fund but seat is not confirmend ,
    now im trying the same but unable to web check in and guess what i need to travel tommarow early morning i wasted my whole days in this stuff.
    I think its better to avoide JETAIRWAYS. if this all mess happens

  5. Jet Airways is going downhill rapidly. It is now below even such scum as Malindo. Won’t be surprised if they start to charge for Headphones. Maybe they should re-label themselves as a “LCC” and dispense with the pretence. I will never travel with Jet if any other option is available

      • This is cheating as they ask for more money to book seats on the web check in .The system shows no free available seats but all paid seats available.This is white-collar robbery.
        My British values will make sure this is my last flight with Jet Airways and never again I will fly with them.

        • I am just trying to check in web but there is no option for free seats , it is totally cheating with customer.

          Not mention any where about this policy.

          I think best avoid to jet airways.

          It is cheating with customer.

  6. Absolute fuckary. No logic. I wonder if they are checking their stats. I’m sure it’s only caused more pain in terms of check-in lines. It’s also negative impact on the brand.

    • jet is going to lose its clientele. I do del-hkg regularly and this is thuggery. im looking to support other airlines. jet is no longer a pleasure to fly.

  7. Pathetic. Within 24 hrs also one has to pay at web check in. Thats greedy. Even the usa airlines known for their notoriety do not charge at the time of check in within 24 hrs.

    Very few will now use web check in. This increases lines at the airport. Wonder why the civil aviation is quiet about this non sense.

  8. Number 1 Chor company . Same experience like all of you . I have had earlier Bad experiences with Them . Thats y prefer AIr India if i have a choice. Better Food , More ethical and best leg room

  9. The way Jetairways is charging for seat select that is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I just paid £15 for each seat for flight sector BOM-LHR, which is unethical (in my way/opinion), I have paid for the full fare & unable to do online check in as you must select some seats to proceed check in and to select seat you have to pay, I prefer travelling with JETAIRWAYS but looks like they have lost their mind and now started charging for seat select, there were no free seat available to select to continue web check in, I have paid this time as i have booked with them BUT IN FUTURE I WILL THINK TWICE TO TRAVEL AGAIN WITH JET AIRWAYS.



  10. I had to pay £15 for each seat as I can’t risk not being seated together as I’m flying with my child. Disgusting practice… they should just add it in the fare so it is a fare comparison with other airlines when people buy the tickets.

  11. They are behaving like some online crooks who tries to scoop out money out of your pocket in a way or other. For a Delhi to Udaipur Ticket after paying 5000 per seat – if they expect me to pay for the seat allocation as well that too 745 bucks per seat – then there is something really suspicious about the management of this Airline who involved in designing these kind of strategies.

    I would suggest to Jet Airways HR department that please check the authenticity of the degrees of their management people – you would definitely find a mole there 😉

    Great post by the way – i will be sharing this on my FB page if no one has shared it so far.


  12. Disgusting practice, my family is traveling we cant be sitting in different places through out our international travel.

  13. Hi Ajay. Very good post clear and detailed. Facing same situation myself. Your post has been helpful. Will take my chance 12 hrs before the flight.
    Thanks & Cheers.

  14. It’s amazing how sneaky ‘full-service’ airlines try to add cost. I am on a Jet Airways plane tomorrow (Sep 11) from DEL-SIN and was taken back when I was trying to web check-in. Baffled at this sneaky way to block free web checkin, I ended up at your blog – very good context. thanks for sharing. Most of my flying routes have good options (aka competitors) so I may not be flying Jet Airways after this trip !

  15. Pathetic trick…rigmarole way of saying “we are no less than other other airlines”.
    Will be losing all FFP first …greedy top management.
    As they say, “the bottleneck is always at the top”…

  16. Man, your article need to be at the top…I travelled in jet last week(JUN 20-21) and this wasnt the case and stealthily they bring in a 12h prior paid seat selection this week! Passengers travelling as a family during weekends are gonna have a tough time with either sitting separate or shelling out extra. Wondering why business needs to get this greedy!

  17. I am an JPP.

    just checked in for a flight and it didn’t charge me. even though the webcheckin page showed most seats with a star on them (chargeable).

    However, i do agree that the perceived value for being a frequent flier on jet is now significantly reduced (both for domestic and international flights).

    Wish there is more competition from FSCs (UK. AI you listening?)

  18. I am a regular Jet Airways flier. I fly between London and India and have noticed in the past few years the standard has dropped considerably. The seating is not comfortable and the standard of food is deplorable. Jet Airways ranks 77th in the best airline list. To add to the bad standards to charge passangers for web check-in is bad.
    I will consider flying by other airlines

  19. This practice is being adopted by other Airlines too like goair. They are pulling up the fundamental benefits of web check in. Why is the MCA silent on this.

  20. I am also experienced same thing last week. Surprisingly 10 B was not paid seat. JET airways wants to loose their mkt share fastly.
    Full service flt in for nameshake.Because of their highhandness I m a platinum member becone Gold member. Slowly I m switching over to OTHER AIRLINES.

  21. No more jet ! They are trying their best to put up worst show!!
    Bye bye jet and your platinum card !!

      • JET Airways is supposed to be a Full Service Carrier and not a Low Cost Carrier-meaning they provide full service like meals/snacks and seat selection. We are paying additional cost for the ticket as compared to Indigo /Spicejet or other LCC. Hence the issue of seat selection is raised. BTW I did considerably travel by Spicejet and found their seats comfortable with more leg space.
        Eventually Jet Airways may lose patronage if it continues to resort to such obnoxious practices while claiming to be a FSC.

  22. Jet is in the race to get the status of wrost airlines and running wrost loyality program for its customers.

  23. Yes,Jet airways is going downhill. There is absolutely no use being loyal to them. They’re trying their best to be voted the world’s worst frequent flyer program.

  24. All the non customer friendly actions by Jet make being a platinum member worthless. It is better to cash in the points for award tickets for the family and make the balance zero! And then switch to any low cost carrier or Air India – one travels without expectations and hence no disappointment!

  25. Platinum flyer here.

    I’m just waiting for 9w becomes part of some alliance to use the miles.

    Food wise, it’s getting worse and worse. KitKat for dessert. Sub as meal. Bad seats. I often find indigo seats better.

    Surprise fact, redemption of miles on Air France takes lesser miles than that of Jet.

    Right now, I wish they bring a diamond class above platinum and and become part of One World.

  26. Disgusting .business travellers use jet not because of their service but for lounge access and points .I have not seen a smiling jet airways personnel .sometimes there is no separate line for premier customers and we have to remind with the payments for seats it is better to switch to low cost airlines

  27. My wife and I are both Platinum members and were surprised when we couldn’t check in after Jet sent a mail reminding us to check in. Found out the new rules via phone and shocked. It appears Jet does not value its premier members. Another pain is the new boarding process. As you have explained, it is painful.
    Time to switch to Vistara or even Air India where we do not expect any special treatment!!!

  28. I am experienced these changes in last few days and they are not pleasant at all for the frequent fliers. You feel cheated. Why would an airline like Jetairways do something whi h will earn them very little extra but a great amount of bad publicity.

  29. Can we sign a petition or make a group of Jet Privilege members and oppose such stupid moves of Jet Airways. I am a Platinum member myself and such blatant practices really discourage me to take Jet now. Their food is also pathetic these days. If I can checkin early and grab a good seat then what’s the point of having platinum membership. They have also increased the number of miles required for each sector for taking reward flights.

    Please think about the group that I am proposing.

  30. After AI is bought out, I wish they come up with a ‘porting’ plan for Jet Platinum to Star Gold. Will jump over any moment.

  31. Yes, the gold, platinum membership has no value with jet. The blue membership in Emirates airline is more valuable than the platinum of jet airways. The services in jet airways is akin to Air India and they seems to be competing for the worst service possibly. I have not seen a smiling jet hostess for a long time.

  32. Now a days 9W is in news for all wrong reasons.
    It is passenger unfriendly airline.
    It can deny you boarding because they have overbooked the flight.
    It happened to my family on 04.05.2017 at Mumbai airport.
    Yes, they can do it to overcome their internal failures and meet their greed.
    Isn’t it time to stop using this airline.
    They are not worth.

  33. Btw I flew Mumbai- Goa today and they asked Gold and Platinum to board first before Zone wise boarding.

  34. I think Jet Airways sucks. I am sure that the department concerned who is responsible to introduce this sick imaginative rules have never travelled. As it is they have withdrawn the lounge access to Gold and Platinum for specific classes…I would not be surprised that they will go the Low cost airlines do….not have any lounges. The inflight food is a disaster. It is a complete pass and is absolutely imaginative as to how the food should not be actually.

    Just think of it for a minute….. What offers or privelages does have Gold or Platinum card have at this time…. Worth NOTHING.

    Wait till AirIndia is bought out by someone and all we are prepared to fly OUT OF JETPRIVELEGE.

  35. Guess it means now need to check-in 12 hours prior. No use checking in earlier.

    Definitely goes against the full service airline claim though.

  36. But at times, when I try to web -check in, most of the times they pre allocate seats to everyone leaving no option select my choice if the flight is full.

  37. The client/customer is no more important We pay to be treated shoddily There is no transparency Take it as they dish out the shit or leave it Its not going to get any better unless consumers unite and negotiate cost versus quality

  38. Funniest thing is that Jet even charges for the middle seat in any row. Isn’t this foolish, even Indigo doesn’t charge for the middle seat but for emergency exit. I am a platinum member I checking in at the airport now a days.

  39. Faced the same problem yesterday where I was allotted a seat and couldn’t do a web check in. I preferred to get my boarding pass from office to reach the security check since I hardly carry check in bags. But couldn’t do anything… had to go to the check in counter.

  40. Now, all airlines get you to pay for their seats now, but my position on paying for seats is still rooted to the fact that I paid for a ticket on the plane, so why should I pay more for a seat extra? I hardly ever remember paying for seat selection.

    My dear Ajay, some time back i tweeted this in connection to indigo charging for seat, you said it is their policy, so this is also their policy.

  41. I faced the same issue 4 days ago. Online it asked me to pay for my seat. I the counter I was told flight is wide open! Sounds like early birds pay for their worms.
    Paying for seat selection of full-fate carriers further reduced the gap between them and a low cost carrier.

    • i did mentioned in these columns six months back, it is no more behaving as a full service airlines

  42. I faced the same thing but I was told by a friend to try 12hours prior to departure instead of 24hours. I did and was able to do it like before. May be quietly they changed it to 12hours. I am not very sure.

    • Hopefully I’m not affected as a play. But I’v been concoiusly avoiding Jet since last few months and try to fly Vistara whenever possible.

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