Jet Airways updated terms notify paid check-in

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how Jet Airways had moved to make a lot of web check-in options paid. Nothing changes for Platinums travelling in Economy, but for everyone else, the terms and conditions of check in have changed. Essentially, now, if you want to check-in before 12 hours while not being a Platinum, you need to pay for your seat selection. This is an inconvenient situation to be in.

This change is now reflected on the website of Jet Airways as well. Here are the new rules:

a screenshot of a white table with black text

Jet Airways check-in charges

This essentially confirms their position on the issue. You can now check-in 48 hours prior as well, to have the pick on the best seats, but you need to pay for them. Earlier, the window for Platinums and Gold members of their frequent flier program was 48 hours, while for Silver and downwards and non-members flying in Economy it was 24 hours.

Jet Airways charges INR between INR 149 to INR 749 for domestic flight seat selection, and for international flights, anywhere upwards of INR 600 to a few thousand rupees depending on your segment.


One more reason to be an elite member of the airline now. I do love to check-in and get that out of the way much ahead of time so that I can focus on the other things that matter closer to a trip, like getting ready for the actual contents of my meetings.

What are your views on the new (official) changes at Jet Airways for check-in policy?

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  1. I flew Jet in Economy on 10 July (BDQ-BOM). I normally select an exit row at purchase, but hadn’t this time. I got an email advertising 48 hr check in… and followed the link, just after the 48 hr window opened. Not only did I not have to pay, I also didn’t have to pay to select an exit row window (normal 700 INR). I’m only a Silver. I don’t understand how this happened, but I’m not complaining!

  2. For connecting international flights there should PROVISION for luggage of at least 30 Kg per person. Or for all domastic flight’s it should be at least 25 kgs per passenger.

  3. This is absolutely short changing loyal customers. Having withdrawn lounge access to certain booking classes, curtailment of priority boarding, price for seat selection. What next JetAirways. Might as well shut the frequent flier program. It is not worth to be loyal customer. (Just as an information, I am a Gold Member)

  4. Stupid Call ! They might as well start charging for the meals and instead of a full service airline be a full services paid airline . Will switch to other program after utilizing all the miles. Feels stupid to stick to them

  5. I have jet amex platinum card. Milage good but still blue plus. Whether i will get free checkin or paid?

  6. jet airways is the worst airline in terms of customer service and always harrassing the fliers to make more money i have travelled recently with them delhi bangkok delhi and realised not to ever travel with them

  7. This is pathetic decision, in this era of customer service and online web check in this kind of decion will surly put in south jetairways.

  8. I am gold member but I will now not fly anymore with jet unless required. You can not charge for seat on the likes of indigo and SpiceJet….what is the differentiation then. I hate it. I will choose any day vistara as they have already upgraded to gold .

  9. I have jetprevilage world credit card and was would always opt for Jet Airways as i can select my comfortable seat for free and I’m about to reach silver tier but after this seat chargings, i would opt for Indigo itself as they sell tickets a little bit cheaper and can select seats at rear end of flight. Just that there won’t be frequent flier program.

  10. Now in flight robberies are taking place Jet Airways. During flight from BOM-DXB on 28.05.2017 the thief a fellow passenger onboard systematically cleaned $7000 from my bag kept in overhead compartment in 36th row.

    • I face a similar instance where my card wallet was purloined 2 years ago on 9W from BKK-BOM. Quite a shame no response to an elite tier after making complaints. Time to slowly ditch the airline and treat it on par with Indigo / SpiceJet / GoAir. Although, Vistara still takes a cake albeit with limited network.

  11. Most stupid thing to do. All we check in is 24 hours and now we have to pay for the privilege though I’m a silver member. They are reducing benefits. I’m planning to switch to other loyalty plans.

    • Sad part is there is no other option apart from JetPrivilege. Air India FR is downright horrible and the airline itself does not even serve non-veg meals now. Club Vistara has limited routes. So where does that leave us?

  12. Jet is giving more and more reasons to avoid flying with them.

    Instead of providing facilities in a competitive and service oriented market, jet is becoming useless with their services and finding ways to suck money from our pockets.

  13. I have stopped flying jet unless there is no other option:

    JET totally sucks…
    Delay: pay more and reach late
    Food: SUCKS
    Crew: tries to be over friendly
    Leg room: SUCKS
    seats: so many seats are broken
    Boarding: no consistent process
    Loyalty: reducing privileges
    Award availability: SUCKS

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