Jet Airways moving check-in baggage to piece concept

Jet Airways has rolled out a new change for baggage allowances for their guests. Airlines in India work on the weight concept so far for check-in baggage, and all airlines provide a minimum of 15 kgs baggage allowance to fliers. Air India is the only exception to this rule, and they offer 25 kgs baggage allowance to all customers. What this means is, that you can check in one bag or ten, as long as the weight is within the weight limit assigned by the airline.

New Jet Airways Check In Baggage Concept

Now, Jet Airways seeks to break away from this tradition and move to a universal way of baggage allowances. This morning, they have started to notify everyone on their mailing list about the change.

Jet Airways Check In Baggage

Under the new baggage rules, which will be valid for tickets booked today and onwards, for travel after July 15, 2018, the airline is shifting to a piece concept instead of a weight concept. However, the piece concept also marries with the fare categories that Jet Airways launched a couple of years ago and your frequent flier status. As usual, frequent fliers get more.

Jet Airways Check in baggage

This is a smart move from Jet Airways, and it does not take away anything from anyone, except putting out a new restriction on the number of bags for people. So, everyone gets their 15 kg baggage allowance, but he or she don’t get to bring ten bags along for this now.

Co-brand cardholders, such as the Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Card and the American Express Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card continue to get their five kgs extra, but in the same bag except for two bags. Same for the silver members. Gold Members get ten kgs extra, and Platinum members get 15 kgs extra in Economy Class.

For people connecting to international flights, they get a higher baggage allowance if they book on the same ticket. For instance, if you fly Goa-Mumbai-Amsterdam-New York, you get 23 Kgs instead of 15 Kgs

I see two reasons why this helps the airline:

  • The loaders get less stress with loading and unloading bags (think fewer hand movements)
  • Airline gets more belly space for cargo

However, it foxes me no ends why the airline wouldn’t consider one standard measure as it works internationally. For instance, airlines around the world with piece concepts implemented allow for 23 kgs of baggage allowance per piece. For elites, that allowance goes up to a maximum of 32 kgs per piece.


There is still one month for this change to take effect, but all tickets issued today and onwards on Jet Airways will enlist the new baggage allowance in the piece concept. Hence, time to buy new bags if you need one! I do expect other airlines to follow suit sooner than later.

What do you think of the new Jet Airways baggage policy? Personally, since I don’t check-in bags much, I don’t see this affecting me much. 

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  1. Ever since airline companies started charging for luggage they have abused the costs in the last couple of years it’s exhausting.

  2. I find this absolutely damaging to Jet business. As somebody mentioned, unless other people follow suit, a lot of people will switch. Personally, I am a Jet Platinum, so doesn’t impact me much for at least this year (most probably would be downgraded next year) but not having the option of splitting weight across multiple bags is something that will be very difficult to get used to.

  3. They should’ve either limited the size of bags (i.e. no odd/big sizes) or should’ve reduced the number of bags to 2.
    A lot of people will switch to other airline(s).
    Also, there are a lot of parents of newborns who have strollers, senior citizens who can’t lift one single heavy bag, etc.
    I am sure they’ll revise their decision or revise it.
    They are a partner to UPS, DHL and other companies and handle quite a lot of their loads.
    Though done for profitability, they’ll lose more than what they plan to gain.

  4. It is like the Income Tax Department of the Govt of India.
    You will be penalized for even minor lapses and not vice versa.

  5. Jet will not get away lightly with this. There is no way they would get my business henceforth unless, of course, other guys follows suit.

  6. I am a photographer who has his bag along with his tripod but both wieghing together under 15kgs. so what happens here? time to switch to another airlines

  7. What happens now to the “Special Baggage” like Golf Sets, which though a separate piece where allowed within the checked Baggage Limits ? Wonder if that is being clarified..

  8. I received this email in the morning. However I am not sure I understand how it works for platinum. Its says in the table above Gold Members get 1pc of 25kg on saver fares. But for platinum it says 2 pcs for 30 Kg total (15kg max per bag). Does that mean Gold Members take to check in 1 bag upto 25 kg but platinum members will need to check in 2 bags for the same weight?

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