Jet Airways’ Amex offering sign-on bonus of 15,000 JP Miles till Dec 20

That time of the year when American Express needs to meet its target. It has been two years since Amex has offered the co-branded card with Jet Airways, and they recently added some more lounges and some new features to this card.


Earlier this year, to make the card more accessible to people, they made a special First Year fees offer of INR 5,000 (plus taxes), where they offer you 10,000 JP Miles + 1 way free ticket.

However, if you now apply for the card by December 20, 2014, you should get 15,000 JP Miles as your first year bonus, apart from the 1-way ticket, which I feel is a great deal for INR 5000. I feel the cards pay for themselves by offering the free ticket on Jet Airways.


This is a universal offer available on the Amex sourcing website and available for everyone!

So, if you have not applied for this card in the past, right now is a great time to get the card. It offers:

  • 1 way free ticket on 9W.
  • 15,000 miles under the special offer.
  • 8 miles per INR 150 spent (5.33 miles/INR 100 spent). Double miles of that on booking on 9W’s website.
  • Access to the American Express Lounge in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • 5% off on Jet Airways bookings via the website.
  • 10 kg extra baggage on 9W flights around India
  • Trident Gold Tier Membership & two upgrade vouchers
  • Lounge access at 10 airports in India

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  1. Dear AJ,

    I have been reading your blog for the past couple of days now. Thank you! You are doing a great service to miles & points enthusiasts in India.

    I am new to the M&P world and would like to get the Jet Amex card during this offer window.

    However, I have some questions regarding how Amex works and feel that your experience may help out here:

    1. Upon clicking Apply on the Amex India website, it says that the recommended income is more than 6 LPA. I am assuming that this is gross income. However, on following the instant decision link, the subsequent form says that ‘net income’ must be more than 6 LPA. This is so contradictory and confusing! Q. How strict is AMEX with its income criteria? (does it want new customers or not?)

    2. The downloadable MITC pdf and the website are inconsistent. The MITC states an annual fee of 10K, while the latter advertises 5K. The MITC also refers to certain discontinued cards but claims to be updated!

    3. Again, if I go over to the Gold Card, it says the Minimum income should be 7 LPA. This seems adbsurd, considering the 1000 Rupee fee and way lower earning rate on this card, plus the 2:1 point to mile devaluation I get using Membership Rewards. Can you explain Amex here please?

    3. Lastly, I am abroad on govt. assignment for a couple of months (with foreign allowance, of course!) and do not want to miss out on this offer. Can I go for it, and will Amex count the foreign allowance towards my application?

    Those are a lot of questions and I hope you are able to help on some of those!

    Thanks and Regards,


    • @PGupta i wont comment on the paperwork. As long as you sign the pricing document at time of applying which says 5k year 1 you are good to go. Amex would be the only one who can comment on gross or net 6k. Amex will only count what is on your salary slip and/or ITR towards your income.

  2. @bluecrabs
    I haven’t received the mailer. I was just checking on american express website where they have not mentioned about the base fare waived one-way domestic ticket

    And just for clarification, miles earned through credit card spends or welcome gift on credit cards expire in how much time? (3 years like normal miles or 12 months?)

  3. • 10,000 Bonus JPMiles on the first charge plus an additional 5000* JPMiles
    • Base fare waived off on a one-way domestic ticket on Jet Airways
    • Get rewarded with 8 JPMiles per INR 150 except for spends at Fuel, Insurance and Utilities# and Cash Transactions
    • Complimentary access to 10 domestic airport lounges in 10 cities
    • No limit to the JPMiles you accumulate on the Card

  4. @Vishal the mailer says so
    • 10,000 Bonus JPMiles on the first charge plus an additional 5000* JPMiles
    • Base fare waived off on a one-way domestic ticket on Jet Airways
    • Get rewarded with 8 JPMiles per INR 150 except for spends at Fuel, Insurance and Utilities# and Cash Transactions
    • Complimentary access to 10 domestic airport lounges in 10 cities
    • No limit to the JPMiles you accumulate on the Card

  5. Hi AJ,

    There is no mention of 1 way free ticket on the website under welcome gift.

    Have they added 5k miles as welcome gift and removed 1 way free ticket?


  6. Dear AJ
    As long as the AMEX interaction is though a bunch of sweet talking call centre executives,with no real idea of what their employer really wants ,this kind of experiences are bound to happen.The entire emphasis of the AMEX executives is on the highly accented sweet talk with no real knowledge of either the complexity of the problem or a solution to it.

    I did not ask for a waiver,I only asked to given the calculations of interest,which they not done.Further a day earlier at the AMEX lounge the crowd was so much that leave alone getting fried eggs, I could not find a seat to the boiled eggs ,I had got from home.

    A call to Citibank may not get you the highly accented sweet talk ,but your query does get answered by an articulated executive who appreciates that the caller is also a person with some intelligence and not some moron who can be palmed of any hog wash


  7. Dear AJ,
    I must share my experience with the JET AMEX Card.I got mine in the first round about 2 years ago.Though I was platinum,I chose to pay the fee and get the miles which were a part of the deal.The first year was good.Not many MEMBERS, so the lounges were free and you could fried eggs fast enough to eat them and still catch your flight.The free ticket code also arrived promptly.

    The problems started from the 2nd year onwards.I slipped from Platinum to Gold with Jet. The free ticket code did not arrive till I made umpteen calls to AMEX who finally dumped me on Jet ,who again gave me code only in November with about 2 weeks to use the code.

    I am a very prompt person with system in place to ensure all my bills including C Card bills are paid before the due date. On one occasion this year an outstanding of approx Rs 1,00,000/- was credited to their account 2 days after the the due date.I was given an interest debit in excess of Rs 4000/- . I thought this was unfair and asked them to give me calculation detail.Any number of call only gave the response ” Our team will send you the details, but nothing came . I waited to get my ticket code ,used it and cancelled my account.MORAL OF THE STORY: AMEX OFFERS ALL SOPS TO ATTRACT CLIENTS BUT DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO KEEP THEM!

  8. Hey Ajay, Do you think you could answer this?

    What is the logic behind the criteria set by the banks for getting a credit card has to be a minimum age 23? Especially for self-employed people.

    I don’t really understand how it makes it any different if the age is 23+.

    A person who is not yet 23 and who has been paying their income tax for couple of years, is in full capacity to pay the bills and running their biz successfully is not considered eligible to get a simple credit card.

    Maybe by the age of 23, the person would be employed and start making a fixed income but isn’t an entrepreneur who isn’t 23 yet making enough money or even more than a salaried person better (financially)?

    If you have insights, please share! The banks weren’t able to answer this, So thought I’d post it here and maybe you could share some knowledge.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S This is not regarding Amex though but more in general eligibility. Also, Not all banks provide CC against FD, that’s another story.

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