Jet Airways American Express Credit Card to be discontinued; American Express Platinum Travel Card to be changed

It was one of the remaining linkages to Jet Airways, and it will now be going away. In 2014, Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege collaborated with HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and American Express to launch a slew of co-branded credit cards after breaking up their exclusive contract with Citibank. For whatever it is worth, the HDFC Bank credit cards signed up a contract to put JetPrivilege on their card, and the rest of them signed up to put up Jet Airways. With Jet Airways being done and dusted in 2019, JetPrivilege has been working with the co-brand partners to convert to the new brand, InterMiles.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

However, American Express seems to have opted out of this new relationship. Today, all cardmembers who still are holding the Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card, such as myself, have been informed that their existing credit cards will be discontinued w.e.f. January 22, 2021, and will be replaced with a American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card. The new credit cards will be automatically sent out after January 22, 2021, and will make its way to your address.

If you would not like to have another credit card to replace this one, then you should contact Amex before January 21, 2021, to let them know. Some members, like me, who held the card free of cost due to our Platinum status with Jet Airways get this new card free of cost. Others, who used to pay for this card will be offered a discounted fee. You can find more information in the FAQs (free version/Paid version)

Personally, I think discontinuing this partnership clears the decks for American Express to be able to launch other airline co-branded credit cards, something which is an integral part of Amex portfolios around the globe, from USA, to Singapore, to Japan and most markets they operate in.

American Express Platinum Travel Card Changes

a credit card with a picture of a man

The American Express Platinum Travel Card will also be undergoing some changes w.e.f. from January 22, 2021, onwards. The card provides the following travel-related milestone benefits every year:

  • INR 6,360 voucher on spending INR 1,90,000
  • INR 9,440 on spending INR 4,00,000
  • Taj Vouchers worth INR 10,000 on spending INR 4,00,000

Now, American Express will start to credit bonus Membership Rewards points that get you the following benefits directly on the Amex Travel website.

a table with numbers and text

These points will be credited once you have cleared the milestone and reached out to Amex to claim the points. The Taj Voucher at INR 4L mark continues to remain.

Since I am not a holder of this card, I won’t be commenting on whether this is a good thing or not, but I’d look forward to the LFAL reader community’s collective wisdom to tell me how this works out for them.

What do you think of the Platinum Travel Card’s changes and the discontinuation of the Jet Airways co-branded card?

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  1. Rs 4 lakhs spend on Amex platinum travel card currently gives 7500+10000=17500 bonus MR points.
    Post this change, Rs 4 lakhs will give 7500+7500+10000+15000=40000 threshold + bonus MR points! Sounds great for conversion to Marriott!

  2. I got the platinum travel card for free after jet closed since I was holding the Jet card, even split my limit in half between the two cards. Both the cards were free for me since I was a platinum with Jet.

    I’m going to be calling amex today, regarding the annual fees and the credit limit for the same. Will update you all.

  3. From Q&A

    Q. What will happen to my balance & current EMIs on existing Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card?

    A. Your entire outstanding balance and all outstanding EMIs will become due and payable, once Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card is closed

  4. < but I’d look forward to the LFAL reader community’s collective wisdom to tell me how this works out for them.

    It doesn't work for me! Why should I be tracking this instead of them crediting it directly? They do it directly for the current rewards. This is the only credit card for which I pay the annual fee, and this will make me reconsider continuing to hold the card. As-is most of my spends on this card are on international travel, and I don't see myself traveling much at least till the end of 2021!

  5. What’s the difference between Threshold MR points and Bonus MR points?

    For example, if I spend 2 lakhs in a year, do I accumulate 4000 MR (spends – 1 MR per 50Rs) + 5000 MR (Threshold MR) + 5000 MR (Bonus MR) = 14000 MR??

    • Yes, you are right you will get total 14000 MR points which you can now use to buy international flight tickets, earlier it was limited to domestic travel due to the voucher, each point is valued at 30 paisa instead of 25 paisa earlier.

      So the value which you get in end is slight better than the before and you have now option to book international flights and even hotels with MR points.

      • But the Milestone Rewards point were having higher value like in case of SpiceJet voucher or currently in the form of Flipcart voucher.
        can someone please compare the value?

      • I have the Travel Platinum offered lifetime free as a solace for discontinuance of Jet Airways. Similarly ICICI offered me Sapphiro lifetime free for holding ICICI Jet Sapphiro. I think its more on a case to case basis but they’ll not give me another plastic to use as Travel Platinum is already made available.

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