Jet Airways now asking for Aadhar during bookings

I’m slightly chaffed with Jet Airways this morning given my flight is 1.15 hours delayed, but still want to report on this nice enhancement they have made to their booking engine, something I envisage all other airlines in India will start emulating sooner or later. The other day, when I was booking up some travel on Jet Airways, I found a new optional field asking for my Aadhar number to be input as well.


Why would anyone now need Aadhar you may ask? From what I know, the intention is to move to a fully biometric system at some point in time, where the airport entry would be granted to Indian residents only on their ability to clear the access to the airport with their finger prints. Like you know, airports in India follow the security model where only passengers are allowed access, usually about 4 hours prior to flight, to the airport premises. Given people right now can generate fake tickets in more than one ways and the security agency has no way to find out about the forgery unless they sit and match each flight detail against the manifest they receive from airlines, this is not a solution.

Hence, enter Aadhar. The database already has the required details, and if your Aadhar number is on your ticket, just against a fingerprint the computer will be able to validate if you are eligible for access to the airport or not and open the gate for you. Airport systems will be able to go through the entire process basis the Aadhar number and make the process faster.

Don’t have an Aadhar? Don’t worry. The full acceptance model is far away as of now. And from what I know right now, there will be access to non-Aadhar holding passengers as well against the regular manual verification process which would slow them down.


I’m impressed with the speed of implementation of this idea which only was publicly floated about 2 months ago. While I know there are people in the other camp who do not like to be forced to use Aadhar due to privacy concerns and they will have the other option, I’m glad that the airlines and airports have been able to find another use case for Aadhar to make life easier.

What do you think of using your Aadhar ID to be able to access the airport? Good idea or bad? Look forward to hearing in the comments.


  1. […] A spokesperson for Jet Airways did confirm that the adding Aadhaar number while checking in is optional and added that the company does not take any biometric information for authentication. However, he did not give information on when Jet Airways started adding Aadhaar as a field for checking into a flight. But it looks like the airline enabled this earlier this year in January from, as indicated by this post from BoardingArea. […]


  1. Stuidiest idea! For sycophant jet airways.Nowhere in world uses id for booking.Passport no is sufficient.
    What about foreign teavellors??
    Uselesslt enthusisatic!!

  2. There is no Indian security. Having a valid ticket is just a way to reduce crowds inside the terminal. How is making sure someone has a valid ticket improving security?
    Like the metal detectors and patdowns, if you do not screen everyone (namely women, if there is only one male guard) then it is useless. Indian security is the stupider version of US TSA

  3. Dear Ajay,
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  4. I am also frustrated with the Jet Airways online format. It does not generate the 6 digit verification code for the mobile handphones, inspite of trying many times. Multiple emails have been sent to them pleading for help. The champions at the call center, will probably, be copy pasting the same standard reply. I am overseas and the alternative is to call into their IVR. I have asked them for any other alternative work around, unfortunately the reply is the same parrot like (copy & paste reply). Worst is they have limited emails to contact them. Can anyone provide me with a valid email address where I can escalate my issues. Thanks.

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