Jet Airways Boeing #737MAX: What to expect?

Jet Airways signed on for the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in 2013 for the first time, confirming their order in 2015. They ordered 75 in one go to replace their existing fleet of aircraft, and then earlier in 2018, they opened their chequebook for another order of 75 aircraft which would be able to grow their operations. In total, 150 Jet Airways 737 MAX aircraft should be in the air over the next 5-7 years.

Ever since then, it has been the magic pill we have been all waiting for. While the average age of a Jet Airways B737 aircraft is 8.5 years as I write this, some of their oldest aircraft have been around on their fleet since 2002, so, maybe a good time to replace them.

The Boeing 737 MAX is the fourth generation of the 737, succeeding the Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG). Like the Airbus A320neo, the Boeing 737 MAX is a re-engined design with more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines, aerodynamic improvisation such as the split-tip winglets and modifications to the airframe. Boeing already sold 4500 of these aircraft and started delivering them last year from their Seattle Delivery Centre.

Every bit the better aircraft than the NG, the 737 MAX promises 15% less fuel burn, which means lower fuel bills and lesser CO2 footprint. But not just that, inspired by the 787, there is a quieter aircraft as well. The 737 MAX 8 will replace the 737-800 variant currently in service. The range for the new aircraft is 3550 miles, which is much better compared to the 2935 miles offered by the 737-800 Next Generation aircraft.

Given everything that is going for the new aircraft, it is no wonder we are excited that Jet Airways is going to be the first Indian operator to get their 737 MAX 8 in the coming month. The first aircraft’s fuselage is at Boeing’s FAL for the MAX in Renton, and it shows up in the video that Boeing sent out to wish Jet Airways on their 25th Birthday.

Okay, here is another picture of the fuselage as it arrived into Renton to get to the Final Assembly Line.

Once done, it should look like this.

The first Boeing 737 MAX for Jet Airways is going to be registered at VT-JXA, and 9W promises that the onboard experience will be changed for the better. In the words of the CEO,

It will have some new shiny stuff on board, a gizmo here a gadget there, but for that you will have to wait till we unveil it.

Given Jet Airways is considering wifi in the sky and already has been beaming out content via JetScreen, I do expect them to put some sort of charging ports on the plane.

The aircraft will have more seats than the current aircraft and will be configured with 162 Economy and 12 Business Class seats. But do not expect flatbeds just because a certain Middle-Eastern airline put them on their MAX! On the other hand, I do hope that those Economy seats do not become so thin that when the airline starts flying these on 5 hour long routes, the butt hurts!


One of the best things that could happen will be that once all these planes start flying, you will see one consistent product on board. Right now, various Jet Airways planes can have a different product, and you don’t know till you arrive on board. The other good thing, which works better for the airline and all of us, is that new routes can open up with the induction of this aircraft.

What is your expectation from Jet Airways new Boeing 737 MAX 8? I’d love to hear…


  1. Reading that this aircraft with be configured C12Y162, my only expectation of 9W’s 737max is that, they should improve legroom in economy, as rest other features, I’m sure 9W’s got that covered.

    9W’s 737max will definitely be an improvement to their current 737s. I just hope it will be a more luxurious version of their current Boeing 737 with Sky interior and JetScreen. Having power ports for charging and wifi will definitely be welcome and appreciated.

    Shall wait and see what they have to offer, definitely exciting!

  2. I think Jet’s 737 max product will be a tight reply to all those people saying jet is bad and vistara is good. If fuel costs go down then their program of cost reduction will be successful.
    Newly added perks like snacks on 90 min flights haven’t been appealing for most. I don’t know why people keep on complaining about it. I prefer it any day to the LCC’s sandwitch for short hops. The quantity might be increased once the MAX comes in. There are many who compare Jet’s meals in early 2000s to today. However one must understand that those were the days when one would be ready to shell out 10000 bucks for a one way Y from BOM to DEL. Same thing can’t be applied today. After all jet is the only FSC which has lived through the worst times of indian aviation and recovered without any subsidies. It’s competitor KF has succumbed to its fate and new competitor vistara is not doing well financially. Jet knows how to run an FSC in India.
    All that said modern features like sky interiors and many new additions by 9W will surely bring back all jet’s lost customers and improve jet’s market share.
    my personal expectations are an inch more seat width in Y, charging sockets in both classes, more overhead storage space , and something unique & special by jet .
    Lets hope for the best!!!

  3. Did you see the latest JP update on check in and credit card holders? At least my HDFC now gives me the option to check in at premiere counters. While that’s great, which cards have this facility? Cause if it’s all of them, then what’s the point?! Premiere check in will become useless for premiere passengers and gold/platinum card holders.

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