Is this how flight dreams break on a middle seat?

Sigh, and sorry for the cheesy title if it looked like one. I’m resurfacing from about 40 hours of hibernation now that I am in Delhi and I landed here for being with family over the long weekend.

I was flying in the afternoon, since I needed to be in Delhi by the evening, and I had run a quick day at work, because I needed to firm up some things at office rather than work from home. Missed lunch in the hullabaloo that ensued, and arrived at the airport early. Still, my time management sucked, since I wanted to try out two new lounges at the Mumbai Airport for you guys, and I only had time for one now.

Anyways, I discovered this new lounge in Mumbai’s Terminal 1, the domestic area, and I was totally floored with the service, the food and my almost private lounge. Anyone want to guess where is this on Terminal 1? There are enough clues left in there, but don’t go by the American Express napkin holder since that is not the giveaway clue. Winking smile

photo 1

photo 1 (1)

Anyways, being brave enough after this lunch and getting some work done at the airport, I headed to my flight on Air India, where I was flying the economy cabin. Why not try it out, i said to myself, because I could maybe get over my fear for them. Though I was more wary after my visit to their Mumbai office a couple of days back. And look what seat I got stuck on with their A321?

photo 2

And their ‘hi-tea’ service, known as snack service on other airlines, put me off just by the looks of it. That sandwich was like the way you can buy on the roadside in Mumbai, and those fried pakodas, err, there was a big blot of oil below them I forgot to take a picture of.

photo 2 (1)

There go my dreams of going back to Air India again, the relic it is! Trip reports will come up later.

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  1. For brief domestic flights (and almost ANY country) the rule is to sit down, buckle up and shut up for the duration. Anything beyond that is a Big Plus and not often seen. I think you were lucky to see as much ‘fluff’ as you did. While driving or a train may not be a good option in India, in most of Europe and North Amerika, I’d prefer to drive or train for trips under ~400-500 miles.

    • @Cook, I think you’re comparing the wrong markets with here. Indian full-service carriers do serve hot meals on planes still, and so to compare this with North America and Europe, is not the done thing. Additionally, if you are comparing a 700 mile trip with 400 miles of train ride, then again you’re not getting it right. Plus, hey, I paid for a full-service flight over a low-cost option, so I deserve decent food there.

  2. At least you got IFE for such a short flight. I had to endure 4.5 hours of domestic flights with no IFE and no wireless with US Airways, Delta and United on different occasions. I haven’t flown American in a while but I think they are also lagging well behind other carriers equipping their flights with IFE systems.

    regarding food, at least you are getting something. Delta gives peanuts. United does not even do that, just soda.

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