Is the Jet Airways Amex on its way in soon?

Jet Airways ran the “Wheel of Fortune” contest in June, where it asked for your guesses on which were the banks it was going to partner with. The prize for the correct answer was going to be a complimentary first year membership to the bank’s card you picked (it was correct), and later on, modified to become 1,000 JP Miles.

Now, in July 9W announced that it had formed a partnership with three banks: HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and American Express. And while there was a lot of push and shove on how Jet Airways was going to honor the complimentary first year membership, they figured that along the way. The 1,000 JP Miles for HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank winners were posted a while back, as and when the cards were launched. I had So, this afternoon I had a surprise waiting for me in my JP Account, a 1,000 JP Miles. Like I have mentioned before, I voted for the American Express partnership.


Is this an indication that the card is on its way to the market anytime soon? I am waiting and watching, since I sort of have first dibbs on this card. Winking smile What do you guys think…

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  1. But Jet Airways is already in partnership with Amex via ICICI. ICICI is offering Visa as well as Amex cobranded Jet Airways Card!

    • @Gagan, In the ICICI Credit Card, Amex is the payments network, like you see MasterCard or Visa on other credit cards. American Express also has their own propreitory credit cards, which you can check out on … you will find a Jet Airways American Express co-branded credit card soon in the market.

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