Deal: Get the iPhone XR at INR 40K with your HDFC Bank Credit Card

The iPhone XR was launched in 2018 and is one of the latest iPhones in the market, apart from the iPhone Xs. The iPhone XR, which is available for Apple users in India from October 2018, has now had a very large drop in its India price from today. The new price makes the India price of the iPhone XR is even lesser than the USA price of USD 815 (approximately INR 56,000). I’ve taken the price for New York state for comparison.  iphone xr hdfc

The price of iPhone XR 64 GB variant yesterday on was INR 69,999/-

iPhone XR 64 GB Variant @ Amazon - April 04, 2019

iPhone XR 64 GB Variant @ Amazon – April 04, 2019

With effect from today, April 5, 2019, Apple has reduced the price to INR 59,990 for the iPhone XR. That makes it a direct savings of INR 17,000 as compared to the published price.

                                                              iPhone XR 64 GB Variant @ Amazon - 0030 hrs April 05, 2019

iPhone XR 64 GB Variant @ Amazon – 0030 hrs April 05, 2019

But, you can get it even cheaper. Apple has announced a partnership with HDFC Bank for a further cashback of 10% of the purchase price till June 30, 2019. Here are the T&C:

The limited period exclusive offer price of ₹53,900 is computed on the MRP of iPhone XR (64 GB) as reduced by (a) instant store discount of ₹17,011 and (b)10% cash back offered by HDFC Bank on usage of HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Cards. The instant store discount up to ₹17,011 is available against purchase of new iPhone XR from select Apple Authorised Resellers and stores only. The list of select Apple Authorised Resellers and stores is published at The 10% cashback is applied on the card transaction value, i.e. MRP minus the instant store discount. The offer of 10% cashback is also available on EMI transactions on HDFC Bank Debit and Credit Cards, on 12 and 24 month tenures only. The cash back offer is valid for transactions made using Brand EMI option on Pine Labs terminals. The cash back shall be credited within 120 business days from the last date of the transaction month on a best effort basis to all open and active card members’ accounts only.

However, you still stand to save more if you shop online with your HDFC Bank Credit Cards. Remember, the Smartbuy proposition is alive through April 2019.

So, assuming you hold an HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card or an Infinia, you get a further 33% discount on these prices, although you get it in HDFC Bank Reward points, and these points can be used for travel bookings at INR 1 later.

Variant Price Offline  Online
iPhone XR 64 GB INR 59,900 INR 53,910 INR 40,133
iPhone XR 128 GB INR 64,900 INR 58,410 INR 43,483
iPhone XR 256 GB INR 74,900 INR 67,410 INR 50,183

The offer shall be live only for a limited time and till stocks last. And now you know buying it online is still a better deal than buying it offline. So, if you’ve been waiting to spend that bonus that hits your account in April, this is a sweet deal.

So, if you are on the fence about a new iPhone, this iPhone XR HDFC offer is as sweet as it gets for the moment. 


  1. Still following up with HDFC for cashback after 5 months of purchase. Got iphone xr 128gb back in April 2019 from Reliance digital store in Navi Mumbai using my HDFC debit card. waited for 3 months as that is what was suggested at the time of purchase. Now they tell me it is no where mentioned on your invoice regarding cashback.

  2. I have credit card but I don’t have limit for buying this phone but I can use debit amount from this credit card for buying ,so I will get cash back?
    Still this offer is available for credit card and debit card?

  3. Great article.

    As of April 30 I could do even better. Get the 10% instant discount PLUS the 10x reward.

    I went from smartbuy to flipkart. Flipkart has a 10% instant discount for hdfc cards so 59900 becomes near 54k to pay. On this I will get a 10x reward on infinia cars. So price effectively comes to 38k.

    Ps – as of may 1 smartbuy still is 10x rewards.

  4. Hi Ajay

    I have HDFC Bank World Credit card in association with Jet Airways. Do I get to benefit from this offer ?

  5. just a suggestion you guys can change the table to , Swipe 74,900INR on using smart buy and HDFC diners black card and you will earn {(74900/150)*5}*10(smart buy 10x offers) so around 24,996 Reward Points where one point is equal to 1re , and if you buy the same thing off line you will swipe 74,900rs , get 10% Cashback so that its 7490rs and you will receive 3000 Reward Points at a regular rate where they are equal to 1re as well.

    • Dear,
      I have Diners club international rewardz credit card. How many points do i get for Iphone XR 64GB Red if I buy online (which site) and offline? which is the best to buy online or instore?

      Thanks and Regards,


    Ther HDFC Bank terms & conditions clearly says offer applicable in stores only! No where is there a single line on online offers

    • No Khusalii , they are right we misread it , online we won’t get 10% off, instead we will get 33% off in the form of points which are equal to 1rs.

  7. I think 10% cash back is not available when you buy from amazon / Flipkart please recheck i checked all the t&c’s

  8. Is someone a NRI and hold a Diners black card here? I am and hold one but customer care says diners card is not available for NRIs and with central kyc I think its quite easy to know that a customer is a NRI. Just frightened as I don’t want to loose my diners black. :–)
    Anyone here has experience with how HDFC handles NRI situation for credit card? Do they even check it or close the card?

  9. Just a thought :
    To make it clear to everyone it would be better if you could clarify how you got the 40k price. As per my understanding, you will have to pay 59k online, and you will get a credit of ~20000 points (33%) if you buy it on smart buy with the HDFC diners black. Also buying it online, you don’t get the 10% cashback.

    • This is my understanding too. When one buys online, the 10% cashback is not applicable. The 40k price in this post is false.

    • 10 times rewards are not available through smart buy on amazon exclusive store only on Flipkart store where iPhone price is not discounted . I’m sure bout it and have read the terms.

  10. Hi
    Would you know if this is valid for any other card other than HDFC Black Diners ?
    How do you work out that calculation of using smart buy points ?
    Would love to get this if there was a chance you could help me out. Thanks

    • HDFC Infinia would be the other one.

      As appealing as it sounds, I have decided not to buy an iPhone next. My eyes are set on the P30 Pro releasing next week. I’m tired of Apple’s battery & performance issues

      • Use the iPhone XS Max; larger battery no issues

        Thanks Deepak.. but still unsure about how to actually buy it ? What website can one order ?
        Does one need to have a lot of points saved before doing the purchase ?

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