InterMiles: Privileges Gone, Miles are on.

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It has been a few days of writing extensively about nothing else but JetPrivilege Intermiles. I wrote a while ago that JetPrivilege was planning to cut away from its 25-year-old history and start afresh. Amidst some other unpopular decisions, we broke the news ahead of the programme about the transition to new brand identity. Today, the programme has been officially launched, and I can tell you a lot more. First things first, your loyalty is now no longer to an airline, but a website. That website is called

a group of logos on a white background

In a press release, JPPL claims that the company has been on an exciting transformational journey over the last five years to expand from an airline-centric programme to emerging as an everyday travel-and-lifestyle rewards programme as discerning consumers have shifted beyond transactional rewards and cashback. As per the same press release, the number of InterMiles managed is 33 billion over the six months ending October 2019. I am not sure if managed means earn+burn total or miles outstanding at the moment.

JPPL states that the name InterMiles suggests the interchangeable nature of the rewards currency where it can be earned and redeemed across platforms including airlines, hotels, dine, shop, fuel, among others, which is the first and fundamental essential shift from being the loyalty programme of Jet Airways to being a stand-alone loyalty programme. The programme also adopts a red colour which is opposite to the blue colour tones seen for years, to adopt its new independent identity. Also, notice the move from being a privilege benefits programme to being a miles programme.

Fundamental Changes in the InterMiles Loyalty Programme from JetPrivilege

The JetPrivilege loyalty programme, at its core, was a loyalty programme of an airline, meant to provide benefits to the customers of the airline. As the Jet Airways proposition went away, InterMiles has focussed on becoming a travel loyalty programme, providing benefits on largely no-frill carriers in India, where network, price and timings are the usual decision factors. This fundamentally alters the nature of the programme from an airline programme to something else. As for the choice of no-frills carriers, they can’t help it. India is after all 80% a no-frills carrier market.

The best part is, as I will share further, the benefits on no-frill carriers come without those airlines prima-facie chipping in anything into the programme. In this, the programme has started to compete with MakeMyTrip Black rather than let’s say Vistara or Air India’s loyalty programme. What does the programme ask for in return? To be loyal to and its partners, which is very OTA’ish, again.

InterMiles: New Loyalty Programme

The earlier JetPrivilege programme used to give tiers based on the number of miles flown or the number of flights taken with Jet Airways and other airline partners annually. The programme used to look up your 12/18/24 month activity to see if you qualified in any of the three windows and give you the status accordingly.

The new programme now gives you a tier based on the travel and experiences you book with InterMiles as the intermediary or using co-brand spends. The window of evaluating activity is now just 12 and 18 months, doing away with the 24-month window. Activities that count towards earning InterMiles include:

  • Revenue Flights purchased on any airline on
  • Revenue Flights purchased through any booking source, on select Partner Airlines (currently only Etihad Airways), for bookings made in specified booking classes (i.e. ‘RBDs’).
  • Spends and charges incurred on InterMiles co-branded credit, debit and corporate cards as communicated by the Programme from time to time. This includes activities such as enrolment bonus, renewal bonus, spends threshold bonus, and plough back InterMiles.
  • InterMiles accrued by a Corporate under its Account as a part of the Business Rewards+ Programme
  • All other Programme Partner services and benefits booked/purchased through or directly with the Programme Partners (such as dining, car rentals and so on)
  • All InterMiles purchased under the Buy InterMiles option on
  • All Bonus activities linked to Qualifying Activities, including but not limited to Tier Bonus and Cabin Bonus.

InterMiles: New Tiers, Benefits & Qualification Criteria

The more InterMiles tries to change, the more it also wants to remain the same. That is why, the core set of benefits of this new programme still drive towards giving facilities to members such as Jet Airways used to do earlier, even if the programme has to pay for these to the service providers. At the core, there are five tiers:

  • InterMiles
  • Red: Earn 10,000/13,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Silver: Earn 15,000/20,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Gold: Earn 40,000/55,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months
  • Platinum: Earn 80,000/110,000 Qualifying InterMiles in 12 Months/18 Months

In many terms, InterMiles tries to compensate for the same things it tries to cut away from, benefits at the airport and on-board an aircraft. But unlike earlier where you could use your JPMiles and Upgrade Vouchers to upgrade domestically as well as internationally, everything is now just domestic. Here is a brief snapshot of the benefits.

a screenshot of a credit card

In this, InterMiles uses some of the ideas of the past, from their Jet Airways days. The elite bonuses remain the same as the days of JetPrivilege, also the attempt to provide a meal, lounge access and seat selection to their members. However, while it was unlimited free earlier, you now get credits for each of these in your account, allowing you to use these benefits a finite number of times a year.

Here are the benefits explained:

  • Complimentary Lounge Access will be provided four times a year to Platinum Members and two times a year to Gold Members. You need to book your flight with to avail the benefit. The list of lounges is expansive but only available inside India. You can book lounges at the origin airport as well as transit airport (if the transit is over 90 minutes), but not at the destination airport.
  • Complimentary Seat Select benefit offers a wavier on seat select charge when booking either a Revenue Flight or an Award flight on On attainment of a tier, Members will be issued with benefit credits as per their tier entitlement (1 For Red/Silver, 2 for Gold, 4 for Platinum). Members need to be logged-in into their InterMiles Account to utilise this benefit while booking their flights, and can’t use them later. The benefit can be utilised by the Member for any passenger (self or any other passenger not necessarily an InterMiles Member). Each credit of this benefit can be utilised only for flights within India and on a per passenger per segment basis. This benefit must be utilised on bookings with travel date within the validity of the benefit.
  • Complimentary Meals on Flights: This benefit waives meal charge when booking either a Revenue Flights or an Award flight on On attainment of a tier, members will be issued with benefit credits as per their tier entitlement (1 For Silver, 2 for Gold, 4 for Platinum). Again, members need to be logged-in into their InterMiles Account to utilise this benefit while booking their flights only. The benefit can be utilised by the Member for any passenger (self or any other passenger not necessarily an InterMiles Member). Each credit of this benefit can be utilised only for flights within India and on a per passenger per segment basis. This benefit must be utilised on bookings with travel date within the validity of the benefit.
  • Elite Tier Bonus InterMiles will be earned on Etihad flights and Revenue Flights, Hotel stays, Shopping, restaurant table reservations and tours and activities booked through Platinum Tier members will earn 75%, Gold 50% and Silver 25% of the base miles earned. Earlier, activities such as hotel stays and table reservations and so on only earned miles to spend, and not tier miles.
  • 50% Cancellation waiver on Award Flights: This benefit is only extended to Platinum Members. It allows you to get 50% of your miles back when you cancel an award flight four times in one membership period. To avail the benefit, you need to cancel at least 72 hours before departure. This benefit can only be used on non-refundable award flights. However, the convenience fee will not be refunded to the Member on the utilisation of this benefit.
  • Discount on Excess Baggage: This is an optional benefit, and the member has to choose to get this benefit into their account if they want it. Available to Gold and Platinum members. Depending on the airline, Gold members will get one upfront discount/waiver of INR 375 on excess baggage, and Platinum members will get two vouchers of INR 750 for excess baggage.
  • Complimentary Fuel: Again, an optional benefit, which needs to opt-in. Gold Members get 2,000 InterMiles on opt-in, and Platinum members get 5,000 InterMiles on opt-in, which they can use only towards fuel redemption at IOCL petrol pumps. Essentially, one could get free fuel worth up to INR 1,250 with this benefit.
  • Discount on Hotel Booking: A third optional benefit, which allows you to get a discount on a hotel stay if you were to opt-in. Gold members will get an INR 1,000 discount on INR 8,000 hotel stay (or over), and Platinum members will get an INR 2,000 discount on INR 12,000 hotel stay(or over).
  • Etihad Airways benefits continue to be offered to Silver/Gold/Platinum members.

Credit Card Partnerships

The credit card partnerships all remain, at least for now. ICICI Bank and IndusInd Bank have already renamed their Jet Airways co-branded cards as InterMiles cards, for instance. American Express and HDFC Bank still have not, as of November 14, 2019. The new programme replaces the Jet Airways discounts with discounts on Etihad Airways tickets (10% for J and 5% for Y, booked via intermiles website), and a higher number of miles for Etihad Airways bookings made via the intermiles website. Platinum members continue to get the cards for free.

There are no longer any free ticket benefits on these cards, but there is an offer to get miles back on international redemptions via I am not sure if this is a one-off offer or will be ongoing at the moment.

Flights earning and redemption

JPPL continues to confuse us with how do they decide which trip will get how many miles. For instance, have a look at this screengrab below, where the same price on the same day gets you different intermiles.

a screen shot of a flight schedule

In terms of redeeming miles, JPPL has removed their slabs, and just clubbed it into two chunks: Standard Flights and Flexi Flights. The standard flights look like the baseline option and the Flexi flights, are well, just a name to get higher miles for the same route.

For instance, have a look at the following ask for a Delhi-Mumbai redemption, where the baseline miles cost 8,000 InterMiles instead of earlier 8,500 JPMiles. The second section of Flexi Flights says you get Flexi Flights at 15,000 InterMiles onwards, and the redemption goes up to 35,000 InterMiles.

a white and blue rectangular box with black text

Same thing for all the other routes I checked. All the flights continue to be non-refundable, and you cannot cancel or change these flights at all.

The Core Changes

With the programme moving away from the hands of an airline, to a website which is mainly akin to an OTA, the programme tries very hard to keep a sense of familiarity and change at the same time. Like I said earlier, this is more about miles than privileges. Then, the change starts from cosmetic ones such as colour and name. It tries to remain more of the same by trying to re-invent the same benefits one had on Jet Airways, but on no-frill carriers. However, due to cost aspects, these benefits are limited and not unlimited.

The most significant setback, however, is that you are forced to plan much for things which were a given in the earlier programme. For instance, let’s say I was planning to head to Delhi from Mumbai for a meeting. Later, I’ve decided I’d attend a friend’s wedding over the weekend as well, and will now need excess baggage. Also, while I was planning for the trip, I was going to eat lunch before getting on the flight. Now, I need to decide weeks or days in advance if I’d like to use my meal benefit on the plane. Also, does it mean I get a sandwich or a cookie jar, we don’t know. I think JPPL needs to add more functionality here than what is currently offered to amend bookings later, in which they need a stronger partner such as Cleartrip or MakeMyTrip than which is presently powering their backend. Last but not the least, while the miles were changed over to InterMiles, the upgrade vouchers outstanding have disappeared.

Overall, I think an honest attempt from JPPL, but there needs to be a lot more to make this work.

What do you make of the new avatar of JetPrivilege, now called InterMiles?

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  1. Hi,
    Is Gold status on IM give ETIHAD GOLD status? As long as you continue to be Intermiles Gold?

    And miles transfer to intermiles count towards tier retention?


    • not so sure about question no.1

      On q no.2 – i transferred some expiring reward points to intermiles to find out whether it counted towards tier retention

      and the answer is YES – 15,000 miles needed from nov 2019 to nov 2020 for retention of silver tier and 40,000 miles needed for gold tier.
      the converted points to miles reflected in statement will be considered for tier retention

      the miles and added bonus 25% for silver tier – are for tier retention if u use any jetprivilege services as well such as / dine / hotel booking / etc

  2. Whow!
    So could we book Indigo’s XL or Air India Front row seats or any other airlines extra leg room seat for 0 INR using our status?

  3. Has anyone tried the Intermiles Platinum status benefit viz. the lounge access at Ethihad abu dhabi, the excess baggage allowance on etihad etc. ?

  4. is there any award chart i can find for intermiles somewhere ?
    also which card is good to go along with infinia(for 10x only) to earn these miles?

    • You already have infinia, which probably is one of the best ones out there?

      I guess outside that, you would need to wait for cobranded card details. HDFC diners jet used to be a good one previously, now, not sure.

      Would suggest to wait for sometime before deciding to see how many cobranded cards are announced with their benefits.

  5. Ajay

    I have 26000 citi prestige points. I mostly travel domestic so I’m tempted to transfer to intermiles and redeem it for domestic travel. Do you recommend this

    • only if conversion of points to miles are considered for tier retention or tier upgrade or so.
      which i highly doubt.

      spends on cobranded cards will be considered for the eligible miles for retention of tier or upgrade

      i have sent an email to memberservices but so far there is no ticket number generated nor any response from them

      I also have around 43,000 prestige points and waiting for redemption on singapore airlines business class singapore to USA on A350

  6. First of all great post Ajay !

    While they have made an honest attempt . I wish they would have taken the premier miles route where the value of the miles is fixed .

    Say I book a 10k ticket I don’t know how many miles I will earn . I have to come to the site and check .

    Then the number of miles earned I do not know what value I would be able to draw out of it . It keeps varying .

    They are still selling the miles at Rs 1.13 ( including 30% bonus ) while the best value one can draw out of it is 0.50 ish Rs per mile .

    Just give the miles some value , give a miles + cash option when booking and things will be simpler .

    Even with MMT black we know what value we earn when we book a flight or a hotel .

    All in all I will only book through them if I am travelling low cost and I have exhausted by smartbuy quota .

  7. Hi Ajay,

    You mentioned that transactions on Co Branded Credit Cards count as activity. Does this mean that your miles never expire?

  8. Hi Ajay,

    Can we still redeem the miles for Amazon gift cards from intermiles, in case I don’t intend to buy air tickets?

    Please clarify.

  9. We used to have 5000 mile options (though terrible value but it was available in jetprivilege until 3 days back) for short trips like MAA-COK. Looks like everything starts from 8000 miles now…

  10. Can i use my JP numBer to claim mikes on trips flown with partner airlines – like it used to be earlier. Im flying cathay next week and wondwring if ill get miles on intermiles for the trip. Can anyone guide me?

  11. I checked BOM-CAIRO return and there are some sweet deals. Etihad return flight for 65k miles where the ticket is costing 45k.

    BOM-BKK return – 60k
    BOM-SING return – 65k

  12. Any idea if the cap of 60,000 miles per year on the ICICI Sapphiro co-branded card is specific to the card (i.e if you have both the visa and the amex variant you get 60,000+60,000=1,20,000 in a year) or specific to the intermiles account (meaning it is 60,000 combined).

  13. No redemptions available. I had checked 2 days ago (when it was still JP Miles) from DEL-BOM sector for travel date Dec 4 2019. Many Reward flights were available. Now just in 2 days, no reward flights at all for the same sector on the same date of Dec 4 2019.

  14. one of the best things to happen to get loyalty miles when we fly on low frills airlines

    whats the harm in getting some loyalty IM when we book Airasia / indigo and spicejet

    with Airindia FR loyalty programme not that much attractive (according to me) and all booking low frills airlines left right and center , I would definitely go in for IM programme

    need to do 15,000 IM in one year to retain my silver or 40,000 IM to upgrade to GOLD

    whether to get a cobranded card or not is an economics topic and i would suggest Ajay to do a calculation whether one should get a cobranded card or not ?

  15. Hi Ajay,

    Firstly, this is truly commendable analysis especially when this is just a few hours old and was keenly awaited. Thank you again for this level of detailing.

    I did not fully comprehended the following extract from Credit Cars Partnerships:

    “There are no longer any free ticket benefits on these cards, but there is an offer to get miles back on international redemptions via I am not sure if this is a one-off offer or will be ongoing at the moment”.

    Please can you elaborate, how exactly does one get miles back?

    • previously co branded credit cards used to give us one free promo code every year on joining and renewal on jet airways flights.

      Now when you book on credit cards via , there is an offergoing on of getting 10 or 20 or 30% miles as cashback whenyou book via cards for these flights.

  16. Doesn’t seem like international flights are available for redemption (tried out a few city pairs / dates AMS-LHR, AMS-CDG, SFO-LAX) only to be told no flights.

    Is redemption limited to/from India?

    • check the dates again. atleast twwo to 6 months away.

      i checked for bom-singapore / bom – lhr and del-hkg , del – lhr and got all redemption options

      bom- singapore redemptions start at 32,500 one way on indigo or air india on standard redemption + 2700 as convenience fees + 75 intermiles for travel insurance purchased while booking as well

      while 64445 miles for bom – sin on singapore airways + cash

      • I was referencing purely international flights – i.e. flights between two international destinations, not to or from India.

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