Indigo & SpiceJet move to Delhi Airport T2 postponed to 2018

The suspense about who moves to Terminal 2 in Delhi and when continues. First, the airport operator ordered all the carriers to move 30% of their flight operations to Delhi Terminal 2. Then, Indigo responded in the negative and SpiceJet said if everyone moves they will move as well. Apparently, this hangs in the balance now at the altar of the government. But GoAir Delhi originating flights are now moving.This has also been confirmed by the airline now.

GoAir Delhi Terminal 2

GoAir Delhi Terminal 2

However, it seems the stalemate between IndiGo and SpiceJet about who moves continues and has led to a postponement of their transfer of operations to Terminal 2. As per the TOI:

In a major relief to domestic flyers of IndiGo and SpiceJet to and from Delhi, the plan to shift one-third of these two airlines’ flights from Terminal 1 to T2 from October 29 has now been deferred to January 4. Now, all GoAir flights will operate from IGI Airport’s T2 from Sunday, while all domestic operations of IndiGo and SpiceJet will continue from T1 for now.

I don’t see an easy resolution to this issue. The first move is already made by GoAir, which means IndiGo won’t want to move into Terminal 2 since they state the Terminal is smaller than their requirements. SpiceJet already has a pre-condition which states they will move when everyone else will. This also puts a delay in the timeline of Delhi to start with the remodelling of Terminal 1 so that they can work on the futuristic airport project.

But at least for the time being, we will get to see the first move is being made to Terminal 2.  All GoAir flyers get to experience this remodelled Terminal first this weekend.

Does anyone a planned trip on GoAir to Delhi in the coming few days?

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