IndiGo’s new promotion for Ka-Ching co-brand cards offers extra prizes and higher rewards through May 2022

IndiGo has been on a roll with their Ka-Ching line of credit cards offered to HDFC Bank and Kotak Bank customers. Since the launch of the Kotak co-branded card product in December 2021, the cardmember base has started to grow (HDFC Bank’s product is on MasterCard, and while HDFC Bank is out of the RBI Embargo, MasterCard is not). There are now 300,000 members of the 6E Rewards programme, including across the Kotak Bank Card and HDFC Bank Cards proposition.

IndiGo’s May 2022 promotions

IndiGo has now launched a new promotion that offers rewards and higher 6E Rewards throughout May 2022 for cardmembers spending either on the HDFC Bank or the Kotak Bank Ka-Ching card propositions.

Higher 6E Rewards throughout May 2022

IndiGo 6E Rewards is coming through with the following higher rewards on the 6E Rewards platform for May 2022. While the regular rewards proposition will continue on all cards as per the established card features, here are the higher rewards on select partner brands in May 2022.

Some of the notable merchants which can be used on an ongoing basis are:

  • IndiGo for tickets and other services on board: instead of 5-6% Rewards, throughout May 2022, you get up to 10% Rewards
  • Indian Oil: instead of 3-4% Rewards, throughout May 2022, you get up to 5% Rewards, so 1% more than usual.
  • Accor: In case you do business with Accor Hotels, you will get 5-10% Rewards instead of the normal 3-6% Rewards.

Get Rewards for Spending on IndiGo’s 6E Rewards Credit Cards.

Not just that, IndiGo 6E Rewards is also throwing in prizes for those who are spending a lot of money on their IndiGo 6E Rewards Credit Cards in May 2022. The top spenders will get awards as follows:

The prizes will be fulfilled within 90 days after the promotion’s closure, which means you will get them by August 2022.

Now, if they’d make it a top priority to also credit rewards for the usual spends on the cards in a good rhythm rather than in fits and starts, that would be amazing.


IndiGo’s 6E Rewards team runs various promotions to reward their customers even more, using the 6E Rewards Credit Cards on HDFC Bank and Kotak Bank. In May 2022, everyone gets higher rewards for select merchant spends, and if you become one of the top spenders, you could also get additional rewards in terms of travel vouchers or tickets.

What do you think of the IndiGo 6E Rewards May 2022 Spend and Win promotion?

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  1. I wonder who the target segement of this card is given HDFC allows only one credit card per customer. Are they targeting customers who don’t own any HDFC card but love/fly with Indigo, or those who love Indigo and fly with them so much that they will cancel their less rewarding existing HDFC credit card and apply for this one (which is nothing less than a painful bureaucratic process at HDFC!)

    • If you are a HDFC customer, talk to your personal banker on how to get the second card in HDFC Bank.

      • Yes, but that happens on case to case basis. Not something that HDFC openly advocates. The just plainly deny issuing a second card!

  2. Got this card in dec and had to call multiple times to get my welcome benefits, which itself is a task considering you need to have 3 transactions done in each of the first 3 months and get the benefits in the 4th month, provided indigo got your transaction data from Kotak in time. If not, you just wait. Kotak takes no responsibility on any rewards for the card and Indigo is pathetic at actually fulfilling the rewards. And ofcourse the credit of points, apparently they are trying to make it 1 month, but I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon

    • @Dhaval, And I’ve still not received my benefits. Trying to see how far will they go before sending me the benefits.

  3. Good to know this reward policy of Indigo.
    But, as a foreigner, I would never use this company again, because they have a very strange and foreigner-unfriendly payment policy. If you pay with a foreign credit card, you can’t make any seat reservation. Your seat reservation is automatically canceled and they put you on a so called “watch queue”. Check-in is only possible at the airport at the time of departure: You must present at the airport check-in the credit card with which the ticket was paid, or a signed photo of the said card. Otherwise we can’t board. This is the only company I know which does that. (PS – My experience dates back to the pre-corona time, please don’t hesitate to tell me if the changed their habit recently).

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