IndiGo ATR seatmap revealed

IndiGo has now put out a date for their ATR operations and started accepting bookings. This is the part of their plan to start connecting hinterland routes with the mainstay. One of the observations made earlier was about how IndiGo will have seats which would face each other, as compared to being in the same direction. We now have access to the IndiGo ATR Seatmap.

Now that they have started accepting bookings, this has been confirmed. The first set of seats in the front of the aircraft will have 4 seats facing each other.

The seats 1DF/2DF face each other and are being marketed as XL seats, selling for INR 300 each. The rest of the seats at the back of the plane are also selling for a premium because in an ATR you board and deboard from the back of the plane. Of course, all seats are non-reclining on this plane.

Now IndiGo is not the only airline with this setup. Kingfisher used to have similarly facing seats on their ATRs back in the day as well.

I’d fully expect the seat pitch to be 29″ again. How much would you be expecting on IndiGo Regional?


  1. No recline have caused me neck pain after a small nap. Hope they provide some recline. Let’s see what happens.
    I always loved Indigo big flights and hated ATRs. Now more ATR coming into market is going to be annoying to fly.

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