Indian airlines offering free cancellation & reschedule on Nepal flights

Like you all know, Nepal was struck with a massive calamity yesterday in the form of an earthquake. In such a situation, the airport had to be shut down for a while, and flight cancellations are being made due to the fact that the airport is required for coordinating relief efforts. Many an Indian airlines have stepped up efforts to help those stuck in Nepal, apart from carrying relief materials for free.

Jet Airways is offering a full refund on confirmed tickets issued for travel from and to Kathmandu between April 25, 2015 to May 1, 2015. Alongside, if you wish to reschedule your plans, there will be no rescheduling charges if your travel is within these dates.

Air India is offering reduced one-way fares for INR 4,700 all inclusive between Kathmandu and Delhi/Kolkata/Varanasi, and operate extra flights from these 3 centres on April 27, 2015. Air India has waived cancellation charges for flights to/from Kathmandu upto May 2, 2015. They will also carry relief material free of charge to Kathmandu.

Spicejet is offering free of charge transport for relief workers and supply on their flights to Kathmandu. Write to for getting this worked out.

Indigo is carrying relief material free of charge to Nepal.

I’m sure there is more information out there which I haven’t seen yet, so if my readers can chime in with any other details they notice about Nepal, please do put it in the comments sections.

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