India to provide electronic visa clearance to 40 countries by December 2014

Earlier this year, I wrote about the planning to offer electronic visa clearances to travel to India for passport holders of almost all the countries. Now, the initial plans talked about implementing it in October 2014. However, the government changed about 45 days ago, and it is a respite that this new plan is still on, and implementation details are beginning to roll out in a phase-wise manner.

In the first half of this week, it was decided that by December 2014, at least 40 countries will receive their electronic visas/ travel clearance. While the list of countries has still not been decided, you could expect the regular suspects to be all there, such as USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland and so on.

The word is that in the second phase, the number of countries for which this e-clearance visa would be available, would be 104.

So I seriously hope this stays on track and by December, a lot of people should be able to travel to India without any visa hassles.

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  1. “regular suspects to be all there, such as USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland”

    Yes yes .. USA has to be there … Did you know Russians are considered to be big spenders in India and many guides learnt Russian. When I was in India, even a little kid selling some bangles spoke Russian to my wife.

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