2000 Free IHG Rewards Club Qualifying Points

A couple of months ago, IHG announced a new tie-up, with Uber, that offered members of the IHG Rewards Club to get their first ride up to $20 free of cost, and while at it, get 2,000 IHG Rewards Club points.

While you can apply the IHG Promo Code and get the discount applied automatically on your first ride in the US, your IHG Rewards Club points come via a voucher which needs to be applied to your account via the IHG website. These vouchers arrive within 6-8 weeks after the first ride is taken into your email account registered with Uber. On the #redcarpettrip, we introduced a friend who had recently moved to the USA to this promotion. He signed up and took his first ride within a few days.

It turns out, the voucher just arrived in the email, and on applying it on the IHG account, it shows up as 2000 Qualifying points as well.


For the uninitiated, while you can use the 2000 points towards a redemption, you can also use these points to come closer to your qualification for IHG Rewards Club. I know some care a lot about IHG points and the program, and others don’t care at all, but this is free qualifying points and a free ride, so anyone who still isn’t on Uber should still take it on!

Have you received your 2000 Qualifying Points IHG Rewards Club voucher from Uber yet?

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  1. Did it take 6-8 weeks for your friend to receive the voucher? If it arrived earlier, how long did it take before he got it?

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