Have you signed up for the IHG Accelerate 2016 Promotion?

IHG is in the midst of their first 2016 promotion, IHG Accelerate 2016. The promotion is valid for stays between 1st January and 30th April 2016 and just like last year this year’s promotion is also a customized one.


I’ve written about the IHG Accelerate promotion last year (Maximising hotel promotions is a fun game,!) and I did successfully earn 50,5000 IHG points.

This year I have the opportunity to earn a total of 55,000 bonus points and my offer is:



Considering I do not have too many travel plans in the first quarter this year, I know I will not be able to complete the 6 night stays. Also, at this stage of the promotion I only have the opportunity to earn 13,400 points and considering redemption at the best IHG properties have gone up from 50,000 to 60,000 IHG points , I am going to give this edition of Accelerate a pass.

Bottomline: IHG has known to be generous with their Accelerate offer for new members. I’d be interested to know if IHG has varied the Accelerate 2016 Promotion for new users like it does for existing members which normally they don’t. So, if you are new to IHG and have been offered something different to my promotion last year,  let me know in the comments.

How excited are you about your IHG Accelerate Promotion 2016? Do share your promo in the comments section

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  1. I am a new member who joined to take part in the priceless surprises promotion. My spouse is a frequent business traveler who regularly stays at the crown plaza, and is a low level elite. My accelerate promotion is very lucrative (I can get 500 points just got downloading the app) while his is VERY lackluster. We’ll be using my account during an upcoming long weekend trip to Seattle. During a 4 night stay I’ll earn 14,000 bonus points through accelerate (could have been more if I stayed at a holiday inn), plus the normal points earn, which should put it at around 20,000 once it’s all said and done.

  2. Ahem, you are quite late with this post. Accelerate 2006 has been around for weeks now. If you have nothing to add get out of boardinarea.com and make room for someone who does not hibernate

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