ICICI Bank Jet Airways Credit Card changing benefits

ICICI Bank Jet Airways co-branded credit cards were the second bank to launch co-branded credit cards offering JPMiles. HDFC Bank was the first, American Express the third and IndusInd came much later on.

However, most of the other banks have already made some changes which are more the industry norm these days. IndusInd Bank cut down on the number of miles earned on their co-branded credit cards in 2016.  HDFC Bank rolled out changes in October 2017 on many of their cards, including the JetPrivilege co-branded bouquet.

ICICI Bank Jet Airways credit card changes

ICICI Bank is also going to change their co-branded cards earning as well going forward on June 18, 2018. The prominent changes are:

  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards:
    • Amex Lounge Access becomes four times a quarter (16/year) as compared to unlimited right now.
    • Movie bookings BOGO discount goes up from INR 400 to INR 500 2 times a month. You can book events as well and the second ticket will get a discount of INR 500.
    • A complimentary round of golf for every INR 50,000 spent on your card in a calendar month, get up to four rounds per month.
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Cards:
    • Amex Lounge Access becomes three times a quarter (12/year) as compared to 10/annum currently. In this case, the Lounge Access goes up.
    • Movie bookings BOGO discount goes to INR 300 2 times a month.
  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Coral American Express Credit Card:
    • Amex Lounge Access becomes two times a quarter (8/year) as compared to 8/annum currently. Mainly, your trips have to be more spread out rather than now where you could lump them all together.
    • Movie bookings BOGO discount goes to INR 250 2 times a month.

Also, across all cards, the rewards on utilities and insurance category spends will be revised to 1 JPMile on every 100 spent. Fuel transactions will not earn JPMiles.


I don’t see these changes as a net negative for the card personally, but it may work differently for different people. I see this as an attempt to reduce the cost base on the card by limiting lounge visits on the top end card but compensate by adding other benefits. On the other hand, fuel/insurance/utilities have been made non-eligible for points by many banks, and this is no different. At least ICICI Bank is going to give some miles for these purchases as well.  And remember, the free ticket given out more than makes up for the fee that you’d pay for the card.

In fact, there is a great offer right now ongoing on all the Jet Airways ICICI Bank co-branded cards, offering you an additional bonus on top of the usual miles you’d get for signup.

How do you perceive the changes with Jet Airways ICICI Bank co-branded credit cards? Are these deal breakers for you or works just fine?

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  1. Can we get the Visa and Amex variants on one account/single annual fee or do we have to get 2 accounts and pay annual fee twice i.e. once for each variant?
    Their website is so unstable with Google Chrome, can’t even stay on for 2 seconds without refreshing every 2 seconds!

  2. Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards: Amex lounge

    i am little confused do Amex lounge accepts ICICI card?

  3. Does anyone have any insight regarding how various banks treat adding balance to Paytm in transaction? As in, do we get points in any cc?

    Use Paytm a lot.
    And have axis priority, ICICI jet rubyx, SBI IRCTC, HDFC diners, Citi pm.

    Would love to know which one to use to load.

  4. Does CITI PM give points for fuel? I know HDFC YES SBI AMEX INDUSIND and now ICICI don’t give points for fuel
    Was wondering if CITI PM still gives

  5. For the Coral card holders, how is 8 per annum not equal t 8 per year? Or is there some sort of quarterly access control.

    • @747always, what you said and I said “your trips have to be more spread out rather than now where you could lump them all together.”

  6. Not that bad in terms of changes. OTOH, ICICI CC leaves much to be desired. Applied when they had the enhanced miles offer via jet portal, got a call, someone was supposed to pickup the docs, but no one showed up. They keep calling every couple of days to check if docs are collected, promise to send someone, and it’s an endless loop…

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