I must be worth $250 as a JetPrivilege member

Like I wrote yesterday, Jet Airways finally dried the ink on their partnership with Etihad Airways. One fourth of the value of the whole transaction is being generated by the frequent flyer program of Jet Airways, which was spun off into a separate company in December 2012. Etihad is going to pay $150 million for a majority stake in the loyalty program, which I assumed was going to be about 60% at least.

I tried valuing the different membership tiers to arrive at a value of each membership tiers, and this is pure speculation, but do tell me if you think this is in line with valuations you would expect to be a JetPrivilege member.


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  1. I think Plat + Gold makes up a total of 10%.. Like bpbindass said, I expect Blue to be in the range of 50-60% and Blue Plus to be another 20-30%.

  2. Wow! Good post..
    I’m valued at $100 then!

    I tend to agree with Global Traveller..

    I would think 5-10-15-20-50 to be more like it.. Starting with 5% for Jet Plats and 50% for Blue.
    I am sure there would be 000s of inactive JetP accounts

  3. I think you have far too high a proportion of members with elite status in aggregate, and especially the higher status levels.

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