I must be growing too old for this stuff!

Been off the grid for a short while, sorry folks! I just decided to take off to the USA for a last minute trip/mileage run and be here for a bit of the holiday season. And in the prelude to taking off from work, there is also the need to close out lot of things before going away.

I’m writing this post from a hotel room in Los Angeles. And I have been here all of about 12 hours now in the city, but the interesting bit is, I left from my home 2.5 days back. So, it took approximately 28 hours of flying and 20 hours in transit, layovers, and whatever else to get here! Is this the correct route to getting to LA? I’d have loved to come via South America but that would have required extra work on the visa, time which I clearly did not have Winking smile


Everything was going fine last evening, till I got on my plane from JFK-MIA. I checked in my bag from BOM only to JFK, in the hope that once I got into MIA, I could perhaps try and get on another earlier flight from JFK to MIA. Yes, I could have not stuffed a warm jacket or two and clothes for a few days in the rollerboard so I checked bag was the idea. However, the CBP did take their usual time which meant I could not get on the earlier flight.

So, I decided to wait it up in the AA Flagship Lounge at JFK, and then on my JFK-MIA flight. Except, for a 2.45 hour long flight, we waited on the tarmac for 2.25 hours or so, in effect, being on the plane for about 3 hours before we finally pushed back. It almost seemed like American wanted me to taste the delays for which they were going to give me the Double Miles.

My original plan was to catch some rest at MIA at an airport hotel and then start in the morning for the next flight(s). The delay was long enough to mess up the plan, I arrived into my upgraded suite, not bothered if I could enjoy it or not, and all I did was try getting 4 hours of sleep which I was unsuccessful with. And on a 5.5 hour long flight between MIA-LAS, all I got was breakfast served in the first 30 mins of the flight taking off.

So, what is the first thing I do once I get into LA? Get some lunch, and a lot of sleep, taking away my plans for the evening. I guess that is what they call creeping delays! Winking smile 

As I look at adding another digit of 1 to my age later this week on my birthday, I’m guessing I’m getting too old for this. Maybe I should just get a private plane, or maybe Santa is listening, its Christmas and I’ve been nice!

Merry Christmas folks!

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  1. Do you realize you’re filling up the Newsstand on MP with quadruplicates of this post? The “What’s New” page is dominated by it, too.

    • @Oliver those postings are automatic and managed by the BA staff. Something clearly went wrong yesterday. The post itself double posted on BoardingArea homepage. So I hope now that holidays for Xmas are over the BA staff can fix it!

  2. Dear AJ
    Here is my triple offer. Wish U a merry christmas,A Very happy birthday and a Very Happy New Year to you and all the readers of your blog

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