Hey Hyatt, thank you for putting my safety at risk!

Fire safety plans are those things at the back of your hotel door that you just expect to see almost intuitively. It is like the safety demo on planes, that you don’t raise your head to see anymore, but peep when they are pointing towards your nearest exit doors.

Emergency Evacuation Plan at Sheraton Kuwait

Emergency Evacuation Plan at Sheraton Kuwait

So, over the years, it has been my habbit to check for them. I don’t check for the germs on the bed or dead bodies under my bed, but I do look behind the door to know about the floor plan.

I just arrived at the Hyatt Regency Chandigarh for the long weekend. We figured we go to Goa every year, so maybe go to another place this year. But more on that another time.

So as a part of walking in, I almost intuitively looked behind the door as I settled in, and guess what I did not see, a Fire Evacuation Plan.

Missing Fire Safety Plan at Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

Missing Fire Safety Plan at Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

It is almost a given to see this in a hotel for me now. I mean this is the stuff that helped me figure out life when I was on the god knows which high floor of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and the fire alarm went off at 3 am in the morning. No, I was not awake and playing on the slot machines, but fast asleep after a long day at work. So I hated having to evacuate in my pajamas.

I’ve already tweeted to Hyatt Concierge, and also tried reaching out to the hotel management, but no response in over an hour. I’m just going to maybe say my prayers tonight.

Hey Hyatt, I know you killed the Hyatt Gold Passport program to slash costs of keeping elite members. But don’t cut down on the basics, pretty please?

And readers, do you look out for the Evacuation Plan as well, or is it just another nuance in the room to be overlooked?

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  1. I almost never comment on this blog either, but for all you people calling the blogger entitled should know that each floor needs to have a Fire Safety Plans by law. Make an informed decision before name-calling someone, there is no difference between all of you and internet trolls (that I’m sure all of you loath)


    The clause is on page 106 on the document provided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

  2. I’ve resisted so many times commenting on your smug sounding, entitled posts and your wife telling us how amazing you are to always travel in first class with her. How you are outraged when kids are in a lounge etc

    Ajay would you consider you perhaps come across as pompous and self important? I know you think you are a “huge deal” but Check the exits, spare us your outrage.

    • @Andy, thank you for your kind comments. I really think I am a huge deal at 90 kgs/180 pounds. Yeah. So, I was saying that shall I wait till there is a fire safety incident, which would be very unfortunate by the way. I’ve lived through a fire evacuation, and it was not a drill. And, I stayed at the HRLondon-Churchill just a shade before the explosion there. So, I think it is a big deal. Even if you don’t think so.

  3. Hey Ajay, I just completed a 5 night stay at Hyatt Pune, same situation there no fire evacuation plans on the doors other than the one I saw in The Garden Suite. But I found some thing very interesting on the door in my room, human excreta skid marks on the door! (I have pictures) I was furious that the health and safety standards of an international chain like Hyatt would be so appalling. Threatened them that I’ll send the pictures to Hyatt Corporate in the States, they then upgraded me to the garden suite.

    In case you want to contact me please do so.

  4. Well the hotel must be owned by the minister (do you know who I am? *or* do you know who this hotel belongs to?) or else you can sue them for not following building/hotel safety codes.

    Regardless of what the other comments and commentators say, safety and evacuation signage is mandatory to have for a hotel property.

    If one has to pay extra for late check-out or that extra coffee after breakfast is over, the hotel sure as hell should pay for not having mandatory signages.

  5. i loved that hotel aside from the sad lounge … fantastic breakfast, eager-to-please staff, lovely rooms (globalist suite upgrade). we stayed there a couple of months ago and also noticed the lack of a fire evacuation map but just assumed it was an india thing. glad to hear you reached out to them

  6. Come on, stop being so silly… as others have said, walk out, spend a few seconds and notice the exits.

    I hate self entitled bloggers, please don’t be one.

  7. So why don’t you walk out into the hall and look for the stairs instead of playing victim? You are in India, not Indiana.

  8. Your an idiot. If it’s that big a deal for you take two minutes and walk down the hallways and figure out where the stairs are. I’m sure your next post will be just gave me XX points bc I whined and was to lazy to walk down the hall.

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