Hyatt launches the Hyatt Dining Club for dining rewards

Last week, Hyatt announced the launch of its lifestyle rewards program, the Hyatt Dining Club. It is primarily a dining rewards program that also focuses on hotel stays, spa treatments, meetings, and experiences that are curated by third-party partners.

Hyatt Dining Club is exclusive to Hyatt’s Indian properties. The sign-up for the loyalty program is simple, as it is entirely digital and linked to one mobile number. There are two parts to the program, one is dining, and one is lifestyle related.

The loyalty program comes clubbed with discounts that are common to all of them, which include, a 30% discount on F&B (20% on alcohol) at participating restaurants. A free trial membership (upgradeable) is available, which only offers a one-time 20% discount at the participating restaurants.

The program has five (5) packages to choose from, and you can pick one.

  1. Pamper Me offering 50% off on Spa
  2. Suite Life offering 50% off on hotel stays
  3. Down to Business offering 50% off on booking half day meeting rooms
  4. Food Fanatic offering 50% off on Sunday brunches
  5. Life of the Party offering 50% off on personal social events.

In addition to hotel rewards, Hyatt has also partnered with PVR Cinemas (for four free movie tickets) and Xoxoday (for discounted third-party experiences).

Each package is priced at Rs. 13,500 (inclusive of taxes) annually. Keep in mind that this program is not affiliated with the World of Hyatt program and you won’t earn any WoH points on subscription fee paid.

Let’s look into the Suite Life package, and how you can benefit from this membership.

Suite Life package comes with an exclusive discount of 50% for two nights, and 10% off on daily rates throughout the year. We look at Hyatt’s  Grand Hyatt, Goa and calculate the savings.

A two-night stay at Grand Hyatt, Goa in a standard room will cost you INR 18,000 per night. For a nights stay in the peak season you will cough up around INR 36,000 exclusive of taxes. Therefore by opting for just the Suite Life package and choosing to use it at the right Hyatt hotel in India can help you quickly recover your annual subscription fee of  INR 13,500.

Hyatt has over 100 restaurants across the country, some of which are legends in their own right, for instance, the China House at Grand Hyatt Mumbai and AnnaMaya at Andaz Delhi. So, if you are a frequenter at any Hyatt restaurant, this might be worth your money. Check out the details at


If you’ve got favourite Hyatt Hotels where you’d like to stay and eat then the buying Hyatt Dining Club might make sense. Regarding the 50% offered on buffets, we are still not sure how this will work. For example, Annamaya in Andaz Delhi offers brunch packages all the way from INR 2,300 to a champagne brunch that is priced at INR 5,400 + taxes. The T&Cs don’t specify if brunch packages with alcohol are included in the benefit.

On the other hand, Hyatt Dining Club is only limited to its Indian properties, unlike the Club Marriott which extends to the Asia-Pacific region. Club Marriott also comes clubbed with an array of certificates, which entitles the bearer to F&B, Accommodation, and spa discounts.

Have you purchased the Hyatt Dining Club membership? What are your thoughts about the program?


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