Hyatt offering up to 40% Bonus on purchasing points through July 2016

Hyatt Gold Passport has announced a new promotion where they are offering up to 40% bonus on Gold Passport points purchased between July 11 and July 31, 2016.

While this purchase promotion is open for all members, the percentage of bonus differs for individual members. It’s worth checking your email to know your bonus offering. Both Ajay and I received a 35% bonus offer.

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Members can purchase up to a maximum of 55,000 points every year, but in order to receive the full bonus under this offer you need to purchase a minimum of 5,000 points only. A 40% bonus is perhaps the best bonus Hyatt Gold Passport offers on point purchases. If you have elite status with Hyatt and are planning a reward stay then purchasing points makes sense, since it would be some times cheaper to do it as compared to booking a revenue stay.

Also if you are running short of points then again topping off your account under this offer is a good idea.  Though if you are short of points another  great way to make up is book under the cash + points option. We used this option during our stay at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Nepal.

We have stayed in a lot of Hyatt hotels all across and our stay experience has been amazing at most of them. You can read extensively about our experiences with the Indian ones here:


With the new category changes coming into effect from next month, the timing for this offer is just right for you to calculate redemption points required at your preferred properties. You can then make up for the shortage or choose to stack up Gold Passport points for the future. Of course, do check what is the offer that is sent across to you, and then make the decision.

What is the bonus offer email you received? Are you planning to buy points under this promotion?

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