World of Hyatt 2020 Category Changes coming in March

It is that time of the year when Hotel loyalty programmes are all going to be adjusting their hotel categories, both up and down. We already saw what Marriott Bonvoy has on offer for 2020 with a massive number of hotels changing categories upwards. Now, World of Hyatt has announced its Hotel Category changes for 2020.

For Hyatt, this is not the only change coming. World of Hyatt will follow Marriott Bonvoy into a peak/off-peak pricing model with points on March 22, 2020, as well, which means there will be more than one set of rates to look out for.

World of Hyatt 2020 Category Changes go in effect on March 22, 2020

World of Hyatt’s 2020 Category changes, announced in the past 24 hours, will go live on March 22, 2020. That means if you make a booking before March 22, 2020, you get the old rates. Specifically,

  • Bookings made before March 22, 2020 (8 AM Central Time / 7:30 PM India Time) will be honoured at the early rates. If you make any changes after the cutover to new prices and the property goes up in pricing though, do expect to pay the new rates
  • Bookings made before March 22, 2020 (8 AM Central Time / 7:30 PM India Time) where the property goes down in terms of award rates, you will be refunded the difference in points.

World of Hyatt Pre-March 22, 2020 Redemption Chart

As a reference point, here is the award chart valid through March 22, 2020.

World of Hyatt Redemption Chart March 22, 2020, onwards

Like you can see, no new categories are being added. All that is changing is which hotel will go in which category.

Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty

Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty is moving from Category 1 to 2

World of Hyatt 2020 Category Changes

In 2019, 259 hotels changed categories in an equilibrium. One hundred thirty hotels went up in terms of categories, and 129 went down in terms of categories. This year, 217 hotels will change categories, with 117 hotels going up in pricing and 100 hotels going down in pricing. This is on an expanded base of hotels, where new hotels have been added through Small Luxury Hotels and Two Roads Hospitality association.

Here is a list of all the World of Hyatt Hotels changing categories as of March 22, 2020. From an Indian perspective, three properties are changing prices:

While the Grand Hyatt Mumbai is a great hotel, to me the biggest heartbreaker is the Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty. This was one value gem in the Hyatt system in India at 5,000 points. But you can still book your rooms at this hotel at 5,000 points for over a month. Buy Hyatt points if you don’t have enough here.

Some other changes in this year’s categories, which are interesting are:

Category Upgrade:

  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo (3 to 4)
  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo (6 to 7)
  • Andaz 5th Avenue New York (6 to 7)
  • Park Hyatt Saigon (4 to 5)

Category Downgrade:

  • Park Hyatt Mallorca (6 to 5)
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai (4 to 3)
  • Hyatt Regency Amsterdam (5 to 4)
  • Park Hyatt Hamburg (5 to 4)
  • Park Hyatt Seoul (6 to 5)
  • Grand Hyatt Incheon (3 to 2)

If you have any hotels which are your favourites and currently under category four but moving up, you might want to see if you’re going to use any Cat 1-4 certificates before the prices move up.

What do you make of the Hyatt 2020 category changes? Are there any hotels that stand out to you?

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