How to get a daily discounts on Spicejet!

Spicejet has quietly introduced a new promotional offer on its website a few weeks back using Quick Response codes. Under this promotion, SpiceJet reveals a new QR code on their website every morning, and also sends it around on their Twitter account @FlySpiceJet and their Facebook page. You have to use your smartphones to be able to read these QR codes and get the eventual discount code in the format SGDISxxx. If you don’t have a smartphone, you could use a website like to access the contents of the code.

Once you have the code, you can apply these to any fresh reservations you make till 11 PM on the same night. You need to plonk the code in the Spicycode section on the payment page right before you give your Credit Card details for payment.

This QR code discount is valid per person per flight. So, if you were booking 6 passengers for a return trip, you’d get the discount promised for each passenger for each leg of their reservations. Which means, you could be potentially shaving off up to 10-15% of your ticket price using this QR code.

Want more discounts?

On return travels, SG already offers a round trip discount which is up to 10% discount from the original price of the ticket. You could add the QR code discounts on top of these return ticket discounts, and there you have it, a potential 20-25% savings on your trip costs.

The value of the discounts change daily, so there is no one way to determine what discount is offered which day. For instance, I was getting a discount code for INR 600 off a oneway ticket yesterday, and today, the discount code reads INR 450. So if you find something with a good discount and you feel like booking, just take it rather than waiting for another discount to come your way!

Hit me up with your questions and I’ll be happy to help you with this one!

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  1. no dude .. it was working fine. actually spicejet was not prepared that so many ppl will attack the site and their CC nu and so was the downtime. but they extended the offer after 8:17 till 9 :30 . Even I booked 3 tickets and I really appreciated spicejet for the motive and aim behind such offers. Hats off.

  2. It’s just the fake thing spicejet had done. It’s all for promoting their site nothing much, I have tried several times but during the time given (7am to 8.17am) site was not working more over the buttons to select and continue and all were disabled. I was tracking the site for all most 77 minutes but it didn’t even provide me any navigation to other pages within the site.

    How amazing 7th anniversary celebrations are these….. by making the regular customers a big fool…!!!!

    Spicejet now it’s your turn after King@@@@ …to ramp down from aviation market. Spicejet cheated with customers.

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