Hindon Airport will start Civil Operations on October 11, 2019

For many years, the question of decongesting the Delhi Airport has been explored in various shapes and forms. One of the ideas that finally was approved, apart from the reorganisation of the Delhi Airport and increase in capacity, was the use of Hindon Airbase, an Indian Air Force airbase, for passenger flights as well. This idea took off sometime in 2017, and finally, we have a civil airport, the Hindon Airport Ghaziabad terminal ready for operation as of today.

Hindon Airport Ghaziabad

It has been reported by the Times of India, that the new terminal will start operating commercially on October 11, 2019. The first flight will be performed by a charter operator Heritage Aviation, who is performing some scheduled regional service flights using a Beechcraft King Air 350 in their fleet.

Star Air is also planning to launch a flight between Hubli and Delhi at this new airport on November 6, 2019. The airport does not currently have the support of any of the big scheduled operators, but IndiGo does hold rights to some regional flights out of this airport. It serves a different catchment area than the Terminal 1/2/3 of Delhi Airport, and perhaps it would be interesting to see if trunk routes start operating from here. For now, we are not even sure of the airport code of this airport, with different airlines using different codes at the moment (VDX and IDX are on the two airlines websites right now).

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