Easy Hilton Diamond Status through March 2020

In 2016, Hilton Honors introduced a status challenge, replacing the instant Hilton status matches they used to do so far. The status challenge, which was supposed to run through March 2019, has now been extended and members can earn elite status through March 2020.

Hilton status match

Here’s how the Hilton Honors status challenge works:

  • Earning StatusHilton Honors will continue to match your status with other hotel loyalty programs, though this status will be temporary till you don’t get the required number of stays.
  • Retaining Status: To keep your newly matched status, you need to complete four stays for Gold and eight stays for Diamond over the following 90-days period.

For Hilton Honors to match your status, you have to complete this online form. You will have to upload your status proof with another hotel loyalty program and evidence of completed stays within the last 12 months with that hotel chain.

To retain their provisional status only stays count for the status challenge and the total number of nights stayed at Hilton properties during the 90-day period will be overlooked.

The usual requirement for a Hilton Gold tier qualification is 20 stays or 40 nights, and for Diamond, it is 30 stays or 60 nights in a year.

Hilton status matchThe good news is that you can enjoy all the benefits of your provisional Hilton status during the challenge period. That way you get a flavour of the perks and benefits of being a Hilton Gold or Diamond during the challenge to help you decide for yourself if the status is worth retaining. If you complete the stays, you will get to keep this status through March 2020.

hilton status match


As a Hilton Gold in the past, I’ve enjoyed complimentary breakfast and a room upgrade at the Hilton Singapore. Diamond members also get complimentary access to the lounge. If you have a status with another hotel chain, then it’s a good idea to match it.

This is yet another great opportunity to get a Status that matters. Will you participate in the Hilton Honors Status Challenge? 


  1. What do you mean with returned?
    The status match till 2020 is already ongoing for a few months.

    This was my 3rd status match with Hilton …

  2. Ive read that once you do a status match to Hilton, you can’t do another. Any idea if this is (still) the case?

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