Hilton changes Status Match requirements with immediate effect

Hilton Honors has been one of the biggest loyalty programmes around the globe, with 94 million members, and one that many people prefer due to unique nuances of the programme itself. Just by having Gold status on Hilton Honors, for instance, you can get complimentary breakfast at most full-service Hilton properties.

In our part of the world, Hilton Gold could mean you get a full buffet breakfast rather than just a pastry and some orange juice. Also, a lot of times you could be upgraded to the Executive Floors as well, which also means you get Executive Lounge Access.

Till a couple of days ago, Hilton used to offer a very liberal Hilton status match, where members were offered Hilton Diamond or Gold, depending on their status in another hotel loyalty programme. From there on, one had to make 4 stays to make Gold or 8 stays to make Diamond for a whole year.

This has changed here on. From now on, when you apply for a Hilton Status Match 2021, you will only be matched to the Hilton Honors Gold tier, for 90 days.

Hilton Status Match 2021

Also, the stay criteria to get Hilton status is going away. If you receive complimentary Hilton Honors Gold status, and wish to extend it, you would need to complete the following number of nights going forward:

  • Stay 10 Nights within 90 Days for Hilton Honors Gold
  • Stay 18 Nights within 90 Days for Hilton Honors Diamond

If you complete the required nights, you will receive status valid through March 2021. You can apply for the status match here.

Of course, this change is for anyone who is in a new status match from today onwards. If you already have a status challenge running with Hilton Hotels, your old terms will be honoured.

To request for a Status Match with Hilton, you need to have equivalent status with one of the following programmes, and you need to share proof of status before you would be bestowed with status, even if temporary.

  • Choice Privileges
  • World of Hyatt
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • Le Club Accor Hotels
  • Best Western Rewards

However, a shortcut still exists with the Hilton partnership with Visa, which will allow you to receive Hilton Gold stay with 2 stays or 4 nights with an eligible Visa Signature or Visa Infinite Credit Card.

Another way to get Hilton Honors Gold status, without having to worry about re-qualification, is to sign up for the American Express Platinum Card, which offers you the Hilton Gold Status for as long as you hold the card.


This is a positive and balanced change, as it takes away the privileges of Diamond without having earned them here on. Of course, the company needs to do more to stoke loyalty in the other side of the world if it wants to expand and do direct business in places such as India, where everyone takes the cashback over directly booking with Hilton at the moment, due to loyalty not being an established pillar in these geographies.

Have you been a Hilton Elite at some point of time? How does this affect your views and usage of Hilton Honors?

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