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In 2017, Hilton made some notable changes to Hilton Honors including doing away with the H from Hhonors.  One of the benefits introduced was the ability to extend Hilton Diamond status, which is a great way to recognize a customer’s loyalty to the brand. Here is how to get your Hilton Diamond Extension.

Hilton Diamond Extension

So far, Diamond members – those who have either booked 30 stays, stayed 60 nights, or earned 120,000 Base Points in one year – have typically had to maintain that same level of travel to keep their status year after year. However, with the revamp Hilton introduced the ability to put a pause on your Diamond benefit should a life event keep you from travelling as much as you had in the past.

The Hilton Honors Diamond status extension is now open for 2018 and those members who have been Diamond members for more than three years (the years do not have to be consecutive though) and stayed for a minimum 250 nights or collected 500,000 points since joining the program are  eligible to extend their Diamond status for a one year period.

Hilton Diamond Status extension

To extend your status just submit your extension request on this Hilton page here. All requests for 2018 extension must be submitted by March 28, 2018. Hilton Honors will take up to 5 days to process the extension request.


This is a nice perk that can come in handy if you know you will not qualify for Hilton Diamond status due to any reason. Though keep in mind that this benefit can only be used once in a lifetime so it’s best to be doubly sure before you decide to use the benefit. Do share your experiences with us once you get your extended status.

Are you planning to use this facility to extend your Hilton Diamond status?


  1. Far better to get the new Amex HH CC that has the benefit of Diamond (OK $500 a year AF but theres 2 $250 credits that may work for some) or Amex Asend comes with Gold for $95 AF and MS $40k via supermkts 40k x 6 = 240k in pts more them makes up for the fees MSing

    plus both cards get you 100k bonus if you never had them

    Id save the Get Out of Jail Card for another time when MS might no longer be viable

      • If i didnt have the access to what an American does, then most likely Id be staying elsewhere, with a company that is Europe or Asia based eg Accor as bad as it may be

        Remember this is only a 1 time use, so if a person was planning to leave HH but 1st wanted to use up their pts or know they wont beable to make Diamond otherwise just once, its a nice offer.

        But if going forward the will have to do a number of mattress runs just to qualify,Id run the #s to see if its worth it

        years ago MRing was worth it at times simply for the promo bonuses, nowadays IMO its usually not but in a rare case maybe

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