HDFC Bank upto 16% cashback on International Credit Card spends

HDFC Bank renewed its list of 10x partners. In their attempt to keep the HDFC Bank Diners Club card holder happy, they added the international spend program in September 2017, where one could get HDFC Diners 10X points for International Spend through December 31, 2018. The international spend promotion was not renewed after the end of December 2018, which had me look for other ways to get 10X points on International spends with HDFC Bank.  Now, we have a new way to bulk up on some bonus points from your international spends.

We recently saw American Express offering Marriott Vouchers to their customersCitibank is offering a waiver on the forex charges for customersKotak Credit Card offers 5% cashback on forex transactions.

2500 bonus points on International Credit Card Spends

Much on the lines of the  HDFC Bank 5X Rewards points Fivetastic promotion, now, there is another promotion valid on all HDFC Bank Credit Cards for International Spends. It is valid on all personal HDFC Bank Credit Cards which issue Reward Points and not those which issue JPMiles or other currencies.

The new HDFC Bank International Spends promotion is valid between May 1 and June 30, 2019. Through June 30, HDFC Bank is offering its card members the opportunity to earn 2,500 bonus Reward Points, and you need to spend INR 15,000 at Point of Sale terminals outside the country to get the bonus points. The points come in by September 2019, and you need to pay in a foreign currency to be able to get your points.

Value of the International Spends Promotion

  • HDFC Bank Diners Rewardz: You earn INR 750 worth of points, so 5% cashback.
  • HDFC Bank Diners Premium / Club Miles / Regalia: You earn INR 1250 worth of points, so 8.33% cashback.
  • HDFC Bank Diners Black/Infinia: You earn INR 2500 worth of points, so 16.67% cashback.

Of course, HDFC Bank has a lot many more credit cards as well, which have this feature and you will have to compute the value of your RoI as well.

Again, these are promotions for points earning cards and not valid for miles earning cards such as those with JetPrivilege. You need to make transactions over INR 150 to be eligible for the points in the first place.


I’m glad that HDFC Bank continues to keep its customers happy. So, if you are on an international trip, here is the place to direct some of your spends on. What are your thoughts on the promotion?

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  1. @Ajay
    Is there 5X or 10X promotions for international transactions(Online/POS) going on HDFC or Yes Bank or Amex or Citi Credit cards?

  2. Hi..I just received my Infinia card a couple of days back. I am traveling to Dubai next week and planning to buy an Apple Watch from the Dubai duty free. Will I get 2500 points here?

  3. One question if there was no 10X offer on hdfc diner black credit card which one would you suggest to get btwn diners black credit card or citi prestige credit card ?

    • Discarding 10X, if one is very well versed in miles game and is able to take advantage of points transfer to partner airlines, Citi prestige would make sense.

      Also Citi prestige from what I understood and heard is way better “Luxury experience”

      Else anyday in terms of value and points on spends, HDFC diners black. Especially as enough 5X partners too.

      P.S- I personally feel better to compare Amex Plat with Citi Prestige as more than their points, the value is in their service, experience and perks.

  4. Would card swipes at Hotels count towards this Ajay?

    I did read the terms and conditions, just wanted to understand if PoS includes hotel stay swipes (not paid online)

    • Yeah, I want to know this as well. Do pay at hotel swipes count towards this promotion? Also is there a capping on maximum points you can earn on one card?

      • 2500 points maximum.

        Assuming Hotel swipe will count as it would be a PoS swipe. Though need to ensure payment is in foreign exchange if any hotel offers facility to pay in INR

        • Thanks Priyansh.

          In that case wouldn’t itmake more sense to load up the Regalia forex with 1000 USD using Regalia credit card and earn 5000 points (actual is 18000+ but capped) under this promotion & also benefit from zero cross currency charges?? Under this promotion Get 10X Reward points on loading/reloading ForexPlus card through HDFC Bank Credit Card 30th June 2019

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