Happy New Year Giveaway!

Hi folks! Here is wishing all of you safe travels and lots of travel in 2015.

Because it is a new year, a lot of things start on a fresh note, and it is great to hear from you all as always! I’m always very appreciative of all the feedback you give me on the blog here, and very interested in helping you make your travel better.

I feel like a small giveaway, so I’ll be happy to start the year to pay one of you in kind for your thoughts.

I’d love to hear two things from all of you:

What was the most interesting thing about travel you learnt from this blog or yourself over the last year?

What are the subjects you’d like me to write about more often?

To qualify for this giveaway, you’d have to be based in India so that I can send you over an INR 500 Gift Voucher or Gift Card. You’ll have to answer both the parts of the question to be able to qualify. I’ll select one winner and connect with them to figure out the logistics of delivering the vouchers.

The Giveaway is open till 2359 IST 02 January 2015.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

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Ajay Awtaney is the Founder and Editor of Live From A Lounge (LFAL), a pioneering digital platform renowned for publishing news and views about aviation, hotels, passenger experience, loyalty programs, travel trends and frequent travel tips for the Global Indian. He is considered the Indian authority on business travel, luxury travel, frequent flyer miles, loyalty credit cards and travel for Indians around the globe. Ajay is a frequent contributor and commentator on the media as well, including ET Now, BBC, CNBC TV18, NDTV, Conde Nast Traveller and many other outlets.

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  1. Well i am late for the give away 🙁

    But still i would like to comment.

    Your blog’s name is significant and matches with what’s inside.

    1. Your experience and tips are very good and helped me save lots of money.

    2. Discussion on Hotels in india would be thing ,i would like to see more often.

    Good work, Happy New Year.

  2. a) helped me figure out the right mileage earning creditcard for myself– I ended up with the Air India Visa Signature card.
    b) would be good to see more female readership on this blog- seems to be dominated by men 🙂 — and for that, perhaps you can come up with some specific blog posts targeted at the woman traveler, perhaps even in conjunction with your fiancée!

  3. 1.Became a much smarter traveler,even though I am not a big official traveler, I am now looking at Travel around the world taking off from my job at 35

    2.Would be fantastic if you can post more on your leisure travels &preparations that you made for the same,right now it is more of official travelers blog,also If you can add tourist places whenever you travel to odd international destination(Almaty let us say) & what you have heard about safety in those places…

  4. 1. Before stumbling across this blog, I used to book my travels without giving any consideration to the airline, miles earned, etc. I would just hop onto a website and buy the cheapest deal or let a booking agent do the needful. Now, lets say because of reading through your blog a bit, I think a lot more about getting the best value for my travels rather than just the cheapest route. It definitely has made my travels more comfortable.

    2. I really value the research you put on identifying the best credit card and airline miles programs for travel, and unbiased (not sponsored) recommendations. Hopefully you can do more of that and that will ensure success of travel friendly bank CC products. Win-win for all.

  5. 1) I actually have learnt everything about miles, points, travel credit cards thanks to this blog only. I took both Citibank PM, SBI AI card after reading this blog and have already taken benefit of redeeming 16 domestic tickets using miles. Earlier during the earlier, I had got transferred to a location further from my hometown which meant traveling by air a necessity and this came at the right time. Thanks a lot for the blog.

    2) If you can also cover hotel points and booking reward rooms in equal proportion as you do for airlines, it would be of great help because whenever one is traveling, apart from flight tickets, hotels also cost significantly.

    Secondly, if you can start a series of a dream RTW trip wherein you can allow active participation from your readers about deciding the itinerary, flights and hotels and other things of the trip and then miles required for booking flight tickets and points required for booking hotel rooms etc.

  6. 1. Your blog has made us smart traveller especially regarding air travel, squeezing out proper juice out of the air miles and credit cards etc.
    2. We must start discussion about value for money hotels also as i see you cover only the top notch hotels at the moment.

  7. Travelling with an airline like Singapore Airlines made me realize how important the soft product is -service. All of us humans need to be treated like humans and not cargo when we fly! The airline that makes you feel welcome will always win. No matter what.

    You can write more about service excellence and how Indian airlines compare with regional ones or those in the rest of the world. What keeps the excellence in service consistent. I’d love to read more about this on your blog!

  8. 1. I learnt about the jet airways credit cards offered by various banks and went ahead and got them for myself.
    2. I think you should also cover topics like utilisation of points/ miles towards non air travel offers or substantial discounts offered on using credit cards for specific purchases. While such info is available on various bank websites, it often gets missed.

  9. Hello Ajay,
    Greetings.. first of all happy new year to you, your family and all the readers of your website. I accidently stumbled upon this website while researching for credit cards and I got the link through FlyerTalk. I must say there are few reviews that REALLY helped me out in narrowing down my choice. And I’ll be really happy if you keep up with the good work. I didn’t know much about the miles rewards that various airlines like Jet Airways and Air India offers, but while searching for these credit cards, I came to know about them and I must say that your website too has contributed a lot on this account. And so I am thankful to you for this.
    What I want to read in future?
    Well… do something that no other website currently in India does, comparative review of credit cards, ofcourse the ones that are really good on a regular basis and keep updating that chart of comparison when the banks updates their policies and changes the values of air miles or reward points. What this will do is that any user who comes to your site, for credit card reviews doesn’t have to find things one by one. Everything will be under one roof and it will have all the updated data on this very post. No need to individually go through tons and tons of online jargon on other untrusted website.
    On a happy note, it’s easier for you to do this coz it is what you have been doing, it’s just you have to bring everything under one roof. Once done, it’ll be pretty easier to update it.

  10. Happy New year AJ!
    1)I learnt that you can Fly cheaper with Miles+money, rather than money alone.Also, Hotel points sometimes are valued more than their cost.

    2)I want to learn about Credit Cards- How to earn/burn points using them & what’s the best card for me.

    3)How to stay at great hotels at decent prices?

  11. Hi Ajay, happy new year!
    1. I have learned many things about travel thanks to this blog and I am proud to say that I have become a much smarter traveler because of your blog. In past 2 years I could upgrade my family members, friends and myself to First/business class on every occasion I wanted to (100% success rate) using Miles thanks to the tips offered on this blog. I have subscribed to your feed and majority of the time I first hear about a travel, hotel, credit card offer here than any other place. I also get to read reviews, tips and tricks (best practices) on using these offers/cards. Some of the good offers I first read about here and used include DoubleTree by Hilton Goa points booking before they upgraded to higher category hotel, Converting PM card to Prestige and doubling the miles, Double dip on Prestige to Etihad conversion, using Etihad miles to fly domestic on Jet Airways, Ixigo 2015 cash back offer, various promotions of the cab services such as Ola and Uber.

    2. I would like to read more about travel best practices, trip reports, travel offers and a better way to distribute awardwallet codes so that your regular readers have a chance of getting them 😉

    I think you are doing a great job and I wish you all the success.

  12. 1) Lounge reviews and credit card review and change infos
    2) Want to know about international redemption on Indian airlines miles especially fuel surcharges, etc. on star alliance tickets using Air india miles.

  13. 1) Your credit card review section was invaluable for me.
    2) Complete your TRs mate ! You have far too many loose threads.

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