Get complimentary access to Indian lounges with your MasterCard

Update: A 2015 updated list is available Privileges such as lounge access are not just for the frequent flyers with the full-service airlines. Your access to the Oasis of Calm, as I refer to lounges, could also come to you by way of holding a particular credit card, more specifically a MasterCard issued in India. In operation for a few years now, the MasterCard Lounge Access program was recently renewed for another year and is now valid till December 2012. Under this program, all premium MasterCard holders from various banks get free access to the Clipper and Plaza Premium lounges in India on domestic as well as international flights. The unstated fact I can tell you also is that add-on cards also get this benefit, on swiping their cards on the designated Mastercard electronic terminals. I’ve personally used this privilege when flying around on low-cost carriers such as Indigo which do not offer lounge access or status as a part of the flying package. The offer is valid at the following lounges across India: International Airports

  • Mumbai – Clipper lounge – Terminal 2B (Mezzanine Floor)
  • Delhi – Plaza Premium Lounge – Terminal T3 (Fourth Floor)
  • Delhi – Premium Lounge – Terminal T3 (Mezzanine Floor)
  • Kolkata – Clipper lounge (Ground Floor)
  • Chennai – Clipper lounge (First Floor)
  • Hyderabad – Plaza Premium Lounge (E Level)

Domestic Airports:

  • Delhi – Plaza Premium Lounge – Terminal T3 (Mezzanine Floor)
  • Delhi – Plaza Premium Lounge – Terminal T1(D) (First Floor)
  • Kolkata – Top Desk Restaurant and Bar (First Floor)
  • Kolkata – Clipper Lounge-Located in the departure area of the Domestic terminal
  • Hyderabad – Plaza Premium Lounge – Arrival Dom. & Int. – (C Level)
  • Mumbai – Clipper Bar & Restaurant – Terminal 1(A)
  • Hyderabad – Plaza Premium Lounge – Departures Dom. – (E Level)

While I don’t have a complete list of banks offering this program to their members, I for sure know out of experience that the following cards offer this privilege to their members:

  • HSBC Premier
  • Citigold World Debit Card
  • Citibank Titanium/ World MasterCards
  • Axis Bank Titanium MasterCard / Gold Maestro Debit Card
  • HDFC Bank Titanium/World MasterCard/ Titanium Debit Cards
  • Standard Chartered Titanium MasterCard
  • LIC Titanium

If there are other cards which you know of, please leave a note in the comments below and I will add them to the list. You get access to the F&B, internet (complimentary) and all facilities available to the regular visit of the lounge. At the international lounges, this also includes access to the alcohol if that counts as a benefit for you.

How does it work?

  • The Program is available only till 31st December 2012
  • The program is applicable in select Clipper & Plaza Premium Lounges in India
  • Access at the lounge would be given upon successful authorization of the MasterCard card on the electronic terminals placed at the lounges
  • An authorization for an amount (Rs 25/-) will be taken on the card for validation purposes only and it will not be charged to cardholder’s account.
  • Program is open only for card holders carrying a valid MasterCard card issued in India. Only one entry per cardholder will be permitted

Do share your experiences with the MasterCard lounge access program in the past or in the future…   Related Posts:

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  1. I googled for Chennai domestic airport priority pass lounge.
    As I did not find an answer to it, please let me know if Chennai has one and how to get to it, so that I can see what it offers and arrange to pass through Chennai accordingly.

    Plz note that I do see one for International airport, but there is no news on domestic airport.



    • @liz the Priority Pass website will have the update on all the lounges you need in Chennai.

  2. I have a platinum credit card of Axis bank.How I can get a priority pass?
    Please confirm me.

    • I just don’t understand why don’t people understand…. This is a private forum not some “SARKAARI” forum wherein some one is bound to answere you.
      Go learn some ethics to ask question.
      And to answer your question —> go find it out on your own.

  3. At bangalore domestic airport the pause lounge which was accepting Visa card only is closed.
    The newly open plaza lounge is open, which only accept priority pass. No master or Visa card.

  4. Hi Friends,

    Greetings for thee day !

    Standard Chartered Bank is offering complimentary CLIPPER AND LOUNGE ACCESS 4 TIMES PER QUARTER.
    Its a life time free card with priority banking anf preffered banking customers.

    Feel free to call if any query…

  5. I have an HDFC Bank World Master Card, and I found out that though some other Master Cards allow access to the lounge on Mumbai domestic terminal, the HDFC bank card allows access in Mumbai only at the international terminal.

    Can someone tell me if I will be allowed to use the lounge at the international terminal if my flight is to a domestic destination. I am transiting at the international terminal at Mumbai on the way from Trivandrum to Ahmedabad, and both flights are international flights. (I do know that while on transit from an international flight from abroad and going to a domestic destination on an international flight it was possible to use the lounge).

    Thanks a lot.


  6. Hi,

    I haven’t been to a lounge. My credit cards allow me access to domestic and international airports in India and adroad. While surfing i came across lounge usage charges(around $25) in US. Can somebody pls tell if something like this is applicable in India as well while accessing a lounge via a credit card? And also I am more of a boozing person:D are alcoholic drinks or snacks free at such lounges? 🙂 🙂

  7. Hi All
    I am not at all frequent traveller,
    I have a card that gives 8 times a year access to airport lounges worldwide
    Now my only question to all of you is that If i have a valid itinerary from makemytrip etc (and not a valid ETKT) can I still get access to a lounge at T3.
    I just want to see a lounge and I don’t actually have to fly anywhere,My card has good privileges so only question is,to enter a lounge is a boarding pass mandate???

    I hope you all will help me regarding this.

    best regards

    • @Jay, to get airside, you need to cross the security screening which means you need a boarding pass. Also lounges need a copy of your boarding pass as well. So you can’t access the lounge if you don’t fly that day.

      • hi Aj

        I live a very mediocre life.I’ll fly may be once or twice in 5years.
        just wanted to see what a lounge looks like after reading so much about it.seems life does not want so.

        anyway this website is great and I will continue to visit it regularly.
        thank you for replying to my query.


  8. Never ever use HSBC Credit Cards if you want to avail of Free Lounge services – they abruptly cancel this service, then sometimes start at another lounge, then again cancel !! HSBC Platinum Card holders used to get fee access to the Plaza Preemium Lounge, then stopped it, then started it at Mezzani floor Lounge, then stopped it there also !

  9. Hi,

    I have standard chartered platinum master credit card, I have used it in chennai international lounge access. Now I have got information from SCB that effective 1 june 2013 this card will not be accepted for lounge access

    does anyone know that this rule is only for SCB or for all banks issing master cards?

    Like if I get a new card from SBI will I get access how to find out these details?

    Please give your feedback


  10. Just came from singapore travelling to Chennai via Kolkata ,wanted to spend some some time in Clipper lounge in Kolkata Domestic new terminal …..but denied entry as having ANZ Grindlays masterCard….grow up Calcutta

  11. Thanks for the reply. Another question I have is about the add-on card. At least two persons above have confirmed that add-on card is eligible for entry. When I called the Lounge Access program information to confirm if my card is valid (HDFC Bank World card), I asked about the add-on card. The gentleman said that free entry is not permitted for the add-on card. Since I plan to travel with my wife, who has an add-on card bearing the same number, I am not now sure if both of us can get free entry. If not, do you now what it would cost to use the lounge for the accompanying person?

  12. Can one of the experienced travellers help me? I arrive in Delhi T3 by a domestic flight on May 31 in the morning and have almost 12 hrs. to kill for an international flight from T3 at night. Assuming that my HDFC Bank World Master Card allows me access to one of the lounges in Delhi T3, will have access to it some time in the morning, or do I have to wait till after international check-in, immigration and security check? In any case, is there a limit on the time one can spend in the lounge? Thanks in advance.

    • @Saurabh, Though I am not completely sure, but I’d try and use the transit gate to go over to international. if you succeed, then the plaza premium lounge should be accessible. Else you’ll need to be waiting outside. Reason I say not sure is because I’ve never had such a long layover at Delhi so never had the opportunity to try.

  13. Reply to Nipun… you can use the Citibank PremierMiles card to access Plaze Premium at New Delhi apart form any other card which may be eligible. I have used the lounge at T1 as well as T3 on domestice side. Must say that both Lounges are very good ones with good ambience.

    The only thing I would suggest Mastercard authorites to have something at Bangalore airport as well as I travel frequently between Bengaluru and Delhi 🙂 On a serious note, they shall have something at Bengalure as it one of the important cities.

  14. Ok…..i have the answer to my own question. The lounge at CCU (international) is operated by the port authority. They do not accept any credit card for entry. Only priority pass and first/business class. Also, the new terminal is quite a put off. Very small and filthy loos. Small terminal…1 duty free shop…1 snack shop.
    All in all… please avoid reaching the terminal early if you are flying out of Kolkata.

  15. @ Milton- you can call MASTERCARD people at 1800-102-6263 / 022-42006396 give them the first 5 digits of your card to check if the card is eligible or not ;))
    Have a safe n a happy flight 😀

  16. This blog is really helpful. Thanks to all. Can anyone tell me if I can use this facility by any Titanium card (I have CITI and Stan Chart Titanium Master Card)at Hyderabad Domestic Departure area on 26th Apirl 13. Also is it open 24/7 ? Thanks a alot

  17. Does anyone know if the lounge at the new CCU terminal is operational already? Also, can I access the same using my ICICI or SBI Titanium mastercard.


  18. Not only in India, Mastercard gave me the opportunity to access the MasterCard lounge with free WiFi internet as well as I-Pad access in the John F Kennedy Airport in New York. That is how I could spend my 8 hours long stay there.

  19. They will just make a dummy transaction of INR 25/- which will actually not be chargeable (just to verify if the card is working or not).

  20. I have learnt from Master that RBS titanium card is valid in ITC Green, Can someone advice whats the cost I need to pay?

  21. Which card can give access to Plaza Premium T-3, New Delhi on 31st May 2013 and what would be the Cost?


  22. @ Ramesh Patel this is not an official forum which is obliged to answer any and every query…. Please have etiquettes on how to behave and be polite on the public forums….
    Learn to ask questions politely.
    And to answer your question for the movement :- go n find out yourself somewhere else.

  23. @sabyasachi: now see this is the problem when people like you are not patient enough to read the previous posts….
    Read the previous post(to get your reply)…
    Else try calling MasterCard at the numbers mentioned there in n tell them with first five digits of your card n they’ll tell you if or not you have an access on your card and if yes so which lounge will honor the offer….
    Have a happy n a safe flight Cheers :))

  24. I got a Jet Privilege HDFC Platinum Mastercard (credit card) recently,but it was not accepted in Clipper Lounge mastercard programme. Can any one please suggest a valid mastercard which will work in airport lounge programme in India?

  25. Being an HSBC Premier credit card (master card) holder tried accessing Plaza lounge at T3 of IGI T3 Delhi (international) but unfortunately was denied the access coz of the card and the reason provided was that “the MASTERCARD has withdrawn the offer from 7th of November 2012″…..
    Hence Had to let it go….
    Thereafter called the MASTERCARD people at 1800-102-6263 / 022-42006396 and came to know that the Plaza Lounge people were reported misbehaving with the customers and there were many complaints about the Premium Plaza Lounge Staff, hence the offer has been withdrawn from the Plaza Lounge and now has been shifted to the ITC Green Lounge right opposite to the Premium Plaza Lounge with much better services…..

    Hope this information helps 🙂

  26. Hi,

    Does any of the lounges located in Delhi Airport (International & Domestic) allow to access Visa Platinum card holders issued by State Bank of India.

    Your reply will be highly appreciated.


  27. It works with ICICI Titanium credit as well as Debit Card (MASTER only )at Delhi T3 plaza premium. I used it ….works well….

  28. Hi my wife has a Standard Chartered Titanium mastercard. Will she get lounge access at Chennai airport? She has a domestic trip and an international trip( seperate trips) coming up in Dec.

    • I am afraid there is no lounge on terminal 1B anymore. With 8 hours on hand the best to do Is to head to a hotel next door to domestic terminal and kill time there.

  29. hey i am coming from canada and final destination is Chandigarh. i have 8 hours stay at terminal 1b(domestic airport). how can i book clipper lounge? how does it work. i have all Canadian cards but i am ready to pay if needed too.

  30. @Cancer Kumar: Citibank Premier Miles WORKED for me on 10 Oct 2012 at the Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge (T3 domestic).

  31. Thanks for the information friends, used SBI Titanium Gold Master card to get access @ Plaza Premier Langue, T3 Delhi…It worked without any problem

  32. Access to Visa cards are given below.

    With regard to Mastercard the first five digits of your card will decided your access. In India, for confirmation you can call Mastercard at 18001026263 or +91-22-42006396.

    Irrespective of the bank, the first five digits decide if you have access or not.

    Hong Kong Plaza Premium Lounge Travelers Lounge – East Hall & West Hall
    Hyderabad Plaza Premium Lounge Domestic Departures – Near Gate 28
    Hyderabad Plaza Premium Lounge International Departures – Near Gate 32A, Level E
    International Arrivals- Level C
    Johore Plaza Premium Lounge Senai Int’l Airport, 1st Floor, Passenger Terminal Building
    Kuala Lumpur Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT
    Mezzanine Floor, Satellite Building
    Mumbai Carnations Lounge Domestic Terminal 1C
    Mumbai Celebrations Lounge International Terminal 2C
    Muscat Plaza Premium Lounge International Departures
    New Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal T1D
    Domestic Departures – Mezzanine level
    New Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge Terminal 3
    International Departures – Lounge A area & Lounge B area
    Domestic Departures – Mezzanine level
    International Arrivals – Meeters & Greeters area after baggage reclaim
    Domestic Arrivals – Meeters & Greeters area after baggage reclaim
    Singapore Plaza Premium Lounge The Green Market, Terminal 2 (Departures Level)
    Vancouver Plaza Premium Lounge International Departures
    Domestic Departures
    Note: Limited to 20 visits per quarter per card.
    Valid only for PremierMiles VISA cardholders.
    Offer valid till 30th Sep 2012.

  33. There has been changes in airport lounge access of Mastercard. Citibank Mastercard Premiercard will give access to six complimentary visits/calendar quarter from 1 Oct 2012. You can check it up at:

    Mastercard has withdrawn access to Plaza Premium Arrival lounge in Hyderabad and New Delhi from 20 Aug 2012.

    List of Mastercard lounges as on date are given below:

    City Name of the Lounge Terminal Intl/ Domestic Location (Floor) Landmark
    Chennai Clipper Lounge International First Floor Located in Departure Area (Before Security Check) Behind Flemingo Duty Free Shop
    Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge T1 (D) Domestic Departures First Floor Left hand side of Mezzanine Level, after security
    Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge T3 Domestic Departures Mezzanine Follow “Lounges” sign from G/F. Take escalator on your right.
    Delhi Plaza Premium Lounge T3 International Departures Fourth Floor Follow “Lounges B” sign, take the lift to 4th Floor. Near Guardian Pharmacy
    Delhi Premium Lounge T3 International Departures Mezzanine 5 min walk from Security.
    Follow Lounges A sign and take escalator on your left.
    Hyderabad Plaza Premium Lounge NA Domestic Departures E Level
    Hyderabad Plaza Premium Lounge NA International Departures E Level Near Gate 32A
    Kolkata Clipper Lounge International Ground Floor Located in Departure Area (Before Security Check)
    Kolkata Top Desk Restaurant and Bar Domestic First Floor Located in the Departure Area (Before Security Check)
    Kolkata Clipper Lounge Domestic Ground Floor Located in the Departure Area (Before Security Check)
    Mumbai Clipper Lounge 2B International Mezzanine Floor

    Offer valid till 31st Dec, 2012
    From 1st Oct 2012, six Airport Lounge visits/calendar quarter are complimentary for PremierMiles Mastercard Cardholders. For additional visits, please contact the respective airport lounge desk for applicable charges.
    *The program mechanics if changed during the course of the year, will be communicated accordingly.
    Valid only for PremierMiles MasterCard cardholders

  34. SBI Debit cards / credit cards issued by Mastercard are also accepted. Please update. Any mastercard of SBI in the category of Gold card or above are accepted in these lounge

  35. How about Platinum MC issued by issuer in the US or AmEx Gold card. I don’t even mind paying for the access if they will let me use the lounge as I have 5+ hours to kill at Mumbai Airport.

    Anyone knows? Please let me know.

    • @Sam64 a non-indian credit card won’t help. for paid access, you could use the Clipper Lounge if you had a Priority Pass.

  36. Citibank has withdrawn the airport lounge access from its platinum card w.e.f 1st Aug 2012and is now offering it on the Premier Miles Card. The Premier Card is a”Fee” Based Card.

    • @Sunil, Citibank is one of the participating banks in the MasterCard and Visa Lounge programs, so as long as you have an eligible tier of MasterCard or Visa issued in India you would be granted access. Visa Platinum is not in the list, only Signature and Infinite are offered this priviledge

      • @AJ.. I know about the VISA card not being eligible for lounge access. I am talking about CITIBANK PLATINUM MASTER CARD. The access to the lounge will be discontinued from 1st August. I have receieved SMS, as well as Email to this effect.

        I have use my Platinum Master Card Many times….at differnt lounges all over India.. but now it will be a problem…

  37. I have recently got the SBI Spicejet MC and was informed at DEL T3 Premium Plaza that was welcome.

  38. The Citibank Jet Titanium Mastercard (credit card), even if a Mastercard not eligible for lounge access in any aiport. So the list given above should be amended. Can anyone please suggest which Citibank Card eligible for lounge access?

  39. I tried in Hyd and Delhi airports using Citi Jet Platinum Mastercard and it worked well when I was flying non Jet Airways airlines. I am based in BLR and look forward to Plaza opening up in BLR :-).

    • Is there news on plaza opening at BLR? I am usually at the food court when in BLR! No lounge. Could you share the good news?

  40. @hibernatingcrab, it is available on an empty looking lounge in basement of T1A in Mumbai. Add-on cards do get the facility, personal experience. All cards you mention are offering the facility under the Mastercard offer itself

  41. MC has stopped the clipper lounge access at Mumbai domestic airport

    Many ICICI bank cards like the kingfisher co-branded, HDFC titanium card offer the lounge access facility . I am not sure about the facility being extended to add-on card members too

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