Deal: Free MakeMyTrip Double Black Membership

MMT Double Black is the paid programme of MakeMyTrip for customers, using which members can get their tickets secured when booked via MakeMyTrip for change in plans. MakeMyTrip Double Black Membership usually costs INR 1,499.

MakeMyTrip Double Black

The programme was established a few years ago, and once you pay up, gets you the following benefits:

  • On your first 2 domestic flight cancellations of Double Black eligible bookings and first 2 domestic hotel cancellations of Double Black eligible bookings, in a membership year, you, as a Double Black Member get a full refund into your MMT My Cash upon cancelling your flight/hotel booking and no cancellation penalty is charged.
  • Money in MMT My Cash can be used in subsequent bookings without any limit per transaction and will never expire. However, the money in My Cash cannot be transferred into the bank account, credit/debit card or any other payment instrument
  • If Double Black Member does not cancel any Double Black eligible booking during membership period, 50% of membership fee paid will be refunded back to MMT My Cash
  • The Program covers all domestic flights (economy class) and all domestic hotels (refundable + non-refundable)

MakeMyTrip is currently offering it on a discount and for free for many credit card holders, which I think is a great way to pick it up.

MakeMyTrip Double Black for INR 999 

MakeMyTrip is currently offering MMT Double Black at a discounted price of INR 999, which means an INR 500 discount, for the customers of American Express, Citibank and HDFC Bank when you sign up using this link.

MakeMyTrip Double Black for FREE 

MakeMyTrip is currently offering MMT Double Black at a full discount of INR 1,499, for the Citi Prestige and Citi Ultima Infinite credit card customers when you sign up using this link. All you need to do is use coupon code CITIPUDB. This promotion is valid until March 6, 2019.

While the programme comes with certain riders of its own, if you don’t have it and you are a frequent user of MakeMyTrip, this is a great opportunity to pick up the membership at a reduced cost for yourself.

Have you used MMT Double Black before? How did it work out for you?


  1. I have MMT Double black policy.And I utilised 2 flight cancel option in the year. Now the policy is end with Nov’2020 only. Further i need to book flight tickets. Possible for Top up my policy? When I try with new account log in which is not accepting double black polity too. Whether it is suspended this options right now? Please clarify

  2. I bought doubleblack about more than 1 year now, renewed it, thinking offer are good about cancellation for flight and hotel bookings. But in present unfortunate COVID scenario I had to cancel my flight ticket which was covered by doubleblack and on cancellation day they said I will get full refund but I received it 10% of my flight cost. So if you are promising full refund then I should get but un reality it did not happen especially when it is required to be of use. I hope makemytrip pays attention to this service and be true to their word

    Jitendra Jain

  3. … apparently a non-Indian (US) Amex card doesn’t work for the Amex discount. Is there a genuine reason so often there seems to be an allergy to foreign credit cards? Earlier today on an Indigo flight I tried to pay for my sandwich with a variety of cards. Not one worked. I don’t live in India, but am back a few times a year, and don’t have an Indian credit card.

    • @Gaurav, just like Indians can’t get the 200$ statement credit every year on airlines, you can’t have the Indian promotions. You got to roll with the punches.

      • When you put it that way, it makes perfect sense. (Incidentally, MMT’s algorithms recognized that I’d paid using an Amex and the app sent me a notification that I could get the 500INR discount. That’s cruel haha.)

        But, why are foreign cards not accepted for purchase at places? Like on board a 6E flight. I’d purchased the ticket on a US Amex from their website! (Actually MMT) – govt. regulations…?

        • No. Just the card network/bank they use for processing payments doesn’t support international cards. Happens in the reverse too all the time. Some machines in the US may take your card, others won’t.

  4. When MMTBLACK DOUBLE BLACK was introduced(back in 2017 I believe) they used to allow cancellations of upto 10 flights. Boy! what a time it was, I saved around 22K in cancellations . However within few months they changed it to 5 cancellations (for new members) and now it is just 2.

    • Yeah. That was definitely worth it.

      I feel MMT can probably introduce more options for membership.

      Like may be I can have 1000 Rs but instead of just booking with my name, any booking can be cancelled “if booked from that account”.

      I book for my family and often feel that’s missing.

      Similarly, another feature could be more cancellations for higher fees.

      Liked the feature of no cancellation bonus, like insurance premium. That makes chances timepass cancellations much less.

      • Or they can charge a little more membership fee and allow more cancellations but instead of waiving off the complete cancellation charge MMT can levy only 10% of the total penalty.

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