Flying around India? Watch this “Honest Indian Flight” video

I am not one for posting videos on my blog often, but this one kind of hit the nail on its head. This video released yesterday by an Indian bunch of comedians, showcases their take on the Indian air traveller, and hence has its rightful place on this blog. Just be aware, there is a lot of slang and unparliamentary language used here, so do not play this when the kids are around!

What do you think?

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  1. Hi Rajiv,

    I appreciate your feedback. But I am struggling to grip why would this video be such an issue? It is sarcasm, it is dark humor and 1.6 million times viewed already. We are adults, we should be able to separate what is factual from what is contextual. Hey, at a point of time, I have travelled on the cheapest ticket I could find and I have no qualms admitting that. So, if it is a big deal, then why? Yes, miles and points and experiences are majority of this blog, but there is other stuff too which pops up once in a while. For instance, I wonder why no one wrote on my proposal blog post that it was not expected I would talk about personal stuff on this blog.

  2. Ajay, I am posting this comment only because you has sort feedback on your blog before. Also, you end the blog asking what do you think. Otherwise, you are free to post whatever you like and requires no justification.

    For the quality and nature of content I follow your blog for, this does not meet up to those expectations.

  3. Poor taste of content AJ. I’d suggest you take it down, before Kumar turns this into a Newspaper column. Agree with Kumar, that sentiments are often hurt; however most of what’s depicted is actually true. Rude behaviour of crew behind painted faces, Old men staring at female passengers… and most important the mindless Fart.

    Here’s a joke. Why did the Airhostess offer the Fat Indian Frequent flyer, a Wet towel?
    Ans) To wipe his Ass, but then he wiped his face with it ROFL

    • @Jaysheel, I would expect my readership as well to use their brains and not just believe anything they see. And yes, this is now on as well, and maybe many other places. Like I suggested earlier, the communication should be with the producer. I am just a medium.

  4. Ajay, i agree that you have right to post whatever you want. That is why if you notice my comments, i was mainly against the producers of the video. However, one thing you need to understand is that the readers like me who live in US where the parent blog boarding area is famous for, look upon this blog as an ambassador of things happening in Indian airline industry and you do have some moral responsibility at least to add your comments after the post about the ridiculousness of the video. Had it been in YouTube, i wouldn’t have noticed this at all. Only as a reader of this blog, i noticed this. This is applicable to most other readers as well. Hence you may need to exercise caution considering the audience. We may joke amongst our friends about some novice travelers but then not in the public forum like this which is read by other country men too. That would be strictly private affair. Have you never seen this in any other country you have flown to? At least it is not as glaring in reality as depicted in the video as per my travel experience in India. Had the video focussed on general air travellers without using hindi and just indians, no issues at all. Even i wouldnt have bothered. However, this video specifically draws all kinds of references to indian airlines. Had this been taken in some arab nation, the producers could have been caned. It is far more worse in some arab countries than what is shown in the video. Do they have the guts to do that? Just that India has become a comedy country laughed at by foreigners because of stupid videos like this as it is a “democratic” country. We tend to degrade ourselves in front of foreigners. I am throwing caution at you only as a responsible reader and since you had asked as to what the readers think. I have pretty much opened up my heart as to what i think, in the interest of our country. Rest is up to you.

  5. One got to be serious if somebody is fooling around and creating false impressions about our mother country and fellow people just for getting some views in youtube. I can create 1000 such videos humiliating our fellow countrymen but i will not do such a stupid task considering the fact that it is likely to be watched by many “serious” foreigners. There is a difference when it comes to issues like this. It is like walking in a thread or holding a knife. One has to be careful before creating such videos. You think all airlines in the world are great and it is only Indian airlines that has stupid travellers and horrible hosts? And these being touted as humour? Crap. Let these people grow up!

    • @Kumar, I hope would you agree to the fact that air travellers in India are mostly novice travellers and they do behave like this a lot of times. But yes, if you take offense to the video you should appeal to its producers to remove it from YouTube, and I think as my blog, I have a right to post whatever content I think is appropriate for this forum.

  6. I can understand what is your sense of humour, Suyash and who an idiot is. How could you tell if i raise before even taxiing without even knowing me. This video is outright insulting our country airlines and its service providers and you think this humorous and feel i am offended. I am in no way connected to any airline service providers but no airlines or airhostess is going to think or speak in the way the video is trying to project – forget India but just anywhere in the world. There is a scene where a person shoots himself with a gun. May be very funny to you. How could one get a gun inside airline? Is Indian airline security so pathetic? When trying to convey something, one must think about the consequences of what he/she is doing. The person who created the video has no idea of what he is up to and you stupid followers have no clue what you are following. There is mention of tits and ass in the video, calling all passengers assholes etc and you like this video? Yes, may be because you indeed are such a passenger. May God be with you so that you can recover from your horrible sense of humour. You dont know what true humour is. And i just cant follow any absurdity as if it is humour. I think before even i smile. What about millions of foreigners who access this in youtube? What will they think about our airline and airhostess and our people in general? Most of the Indians are far more intelligent than those who are shown flying in airline in that video. In future, think before calling others idiots, as to what your intelligence level is.

  7. This Kumar might be one of those idiots who gets up even while the plane is taxiing post landing, and gets scolded by the air-hostess to sit down. No wonder he got offended by the video rofl.

  8. Sorry. it was not at all funny. Disgusting.
    I respect the blog, but posts like this should not be part of widely read boardingarea.

  9. Relax @Kumar, take a chill pill. Enjoy the humor.

    Absolutely Hilarious!!!! Most of them are same for many parts of the world, but few are only in India. Wish there was translation subtitles for non-Hindi speakers. Thanks AJ.

  10. People like you and those who created this idiotic video are the reason why foreigners think bad about Indians. For those if you who dont know much about India, please ignore the video and its contents. THIS IS NOT WHAT INDIA IS. This is published only for some cheap pass time by some low class indians and Indians are not as bad as being depicted in this video. And don’t give negative publicity about a great country for your clicks. STOP POSTS LIKE THESE.

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