Explosions at Brussels Zaventem Airport

Brussels Airport has witnessed supposed terror attacks this morning, with two explosions happening a while ago in the check-in area of the airport. It is suspected that blasts happened in the check-in area near the American Airlines counter, and at least 11 people have been reported dead so far, via The Guardian.

Flights are cancelled and the airport is being evacuated, even as more live bombs have been suspect to be found at the airport.

Brussels airport has been for long my entry and exit point out of Europe, since I used to take the Jet Airways flight out of there with routine frequency. In fact, I was just there at the airport on Friday past. Jet Airways’ has put all their operations at Brussels on hold until further notice.


I will update this report with any useful information as soon as we receive more information.

Update: Jet Airways has cancelled the following flights from Brussels

Jet Airways' flights ops cancelled from Brussels

Jet Airways’ flights ops cancelled from Brussels

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