Etihad offering 25% bonus on Citi Prestige/TY/Ultima/PremierMiles conversion

Etihad is back with a 25% bonus on mileage conversion. They frequently offer a bonus, and last year they offered a conversion bonus for 20% to Citi/Amex holders and then earlier this year they offered a 25% bonus for Amex members. The reason you should love Etihad miles being in India is that you get a discount over JetPrivilege miles to travel with your Etihad miles around India.


Etihad Guest is offering a 25% bonus when you choose to transfer your Citibank to your Etihad Guest account across various markets. The transfer period is between  The following cards qualify:

  • United Arab Emirates: PremierMiles
  • Bahrain: PremierMiles
  • China: PremierMiles
  • Hong Kong: PremierMiles
  • India: PremierMiles, Rewards, Ultima
  • Indonesia: PremierMiles, Citi Rewards, Platinum, Telkomsel, Ultima
  • Malaysia: PremierMiles, Citi Rewards
  • Philippines: PremierMiles, Citi Rewards
  • Singapore: PremierMiles, Citi Rewards
  • United States: Citi ThankYou Premier, Citi Prestige, Citi Chairman
  • Vietnam: PremierMiles

While this list does not state the Citi Prestige India, in my own experience, the last time this promotion was offered, the promotion did get honoured. Not to forget, with the Citi Prestige India, if you transfer 5000 points to convert to 20,000 miles within the first 6 months of the card activation, you also get another 30% bonus from Etihad Guest (6000 bonus miles). You have to make your conversions between March 31 to May 15 2015 to be able to benefit from this promotion.

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  1. I looked at the Etihad Guest — Offers — Miles page again. It says there (before you click to read the details) that the offer is for Citibank UAE PremierMiles card members.

  2. @ Akhil- I have carried out the transaction 4 days ago but the miles are not yet credited. I will have to wait for 7 days more from the date of credit to see if they post bonus or not.
    In the meantime Etihad guest reverted back saying that this promotion is for UAE members only..which is strange… as their offer enlists other countries too!

    • @Akhil- I wrote to Etihad guest. They responded back saying that they were not aware of this bonus on Prestige.They would revert back soon with clarification.

  3. AJ,

    Before I wrote to you yesterday, I logged on to my citibank account. The steps shown in the link do not exist on
    There is grey area for Citi Prestige- Indian Customers. You may get bonus or may not.I would will carry out a trial transaction and see if get the bonus.

  4. Thanks for the pointer for the bonus 25% on Citibank to Etihad miles conversion. However, when I looked up the Etihad site from which you have shown the screenshot, the link is to the site and so does not seem applicable to Indian cards. I looked at the Indian Citibank credit card site, but it does not seem to have a link to this offer. Incidentally, just a few days back I requested a conversion of Premier Miles to Etihad miles by phone. Do you think I will get the 25% bonus miles?

    • @Saurabh please have a look at the details of the various Citi cards which have been listed on the Etihad website. These include Indian cards as well. If your conversion was completed within 31 mar to 15 May this should be possible to get bonus.

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