Emirates Premium Economy coming on A380s

Emirates has been talking for a while about installing a Premium Economy on their long-haul products. This change of heart has come as customer preferences change and people around the world are not splurging on the pointy end as much as Emirates may have desired.

Now, the Premium Economy cabin has been in discussion since 2016, but for the first time, Sir Tim Clark has confirmed that they have figured out how to bring Premium Economy to their planes.

Air Canada Premium Economy

Listen to this exciting podcast which talks about Emirates’ latest plans, which includes plans about integration with FlyDubai, the commercial success of their JV with Qantas, the installing the new First Class Suites on their A380, how the 787 fits into their plans, and Premium Economy Cabin.

Sir Clark says that the airline has now been able to figure out their Premium Economy product, including the specs and where it will be located on the plane. Emirates has ordered 36 A380s, including 16 options this year, so these new Premium Economy seats are going to be first incorporated on the new aircraft coming into service 2020 onwards.

While he does not sketch a picture out for us, he does promise that coming from Emirates, it will be Special!

What do you make out of the new move from Emirates to launch Premium Economy going forward?

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