Emirates Laptop Packing in action! #electronicsban

It’s happening. The much discussed laptop ban is finally happening. Emirates was the first airline to give a formal solution to this problem by actually making something work out for everyone. Here is how this will work in action.

Like you can see in the pictures, Emirates is packing every laptop separately, perhaps issuing a receipt as well. You do get your laptop on the other side before you get your bag.

If this is motivated by the American carriers and some sort of hogwash to get the middle east airlines to bleed, don’t worry, I’m sure they would find a way to bring more productivity in the air as well. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention.


  1. Cmon Big Sheikh Al Baker, where are Qatar on this, this is your opportunity to do something constructive for your customers, follow EKs lead and do what they are doing, better still Big Al, go one step further Qatar are all over EK these days in all facets so I am sure you can do better than them this time too

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