Emirates cutting services to America, Asia and Europe

It is funny how the world turns around pretty swift. Earlier this week, I wrote about how Etihad was cutting services in Australia, Asia, and Europe in one go. Now, it has come to light that Emirates is cutting services on three continents as well. It isn’t that Emirates cuts flights is new, but so many in one go is.

Emirates, the world’s biggest long-haul carrier, is cutting the frequency of various services to North America, Europe, and Asia. The USA, UK, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, and Norway seem to be at the receiving end this moment.

Emirates A380

For starters, from July 1, 2018, they are cutting Fort Lauderdale and Orlando operations from daily to five a week. Then, they are also cutting services from Dubai to London Heathrow from six-a-day to five-a-day from April 25 to May 22, and to Munich from three a day to two a day on specific dates in May and June. Oslo goes from seven to six a week in May.

Other reductions planned this year include a change in Dubai to Bangkok frequencies from six-a-day to four- and five-a-day in May and June respectively, and Dubai to Kuala Lumpur reducing from three- to two-per-day. It does not stop there. Phuket services will be cut to 11 (currently 14) per week during May 7-30, 2018.


Per the language used, these should be all temporary cuts. I sure do hope so that more significant cuts are not on their way. Given Emirates is also cutting some service, I hope this is not the sign of times to come

What do you make of these cuts at Emirates?

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  1. Not from July 1st, but already they have cancelled flights to some routes. My trip to Fort Lauderdale is cancelled and the airline has given me alternate days

  2. Good riddance. Emirates lies about service and their free limos don’t show up to take you to from airport (biz class). Food is awful (too spicy). Won’t miss them

  3. This is what happens when u have only a380s for service. They r big. Gas guzzling. An there is trend which changes every month from when & where passengers travels. All airlines cutting down to a380 or retiring them. Bigger airplanes doesnt mean bigger profit. No airline co. is buying a380 anyways. An travellers arent choosing Dubai as there connecting hub anymore. Travellers are having way more options to fly from there home city.

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